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Should there be a gap year between 8th and 9th grade?

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Started: 1/5/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 6 months ago Status: Debating Period
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As a 11th grader, I can honestly say that if there were a gap year, the stress would have been lifted up. During that gap year you can be advised to explore the world and go outside, instead of being locked up in a class with a pencil and paper. It is proven that you can learn more useful things by traveling than by school. It is also proven that people that took a gap year for college were also a lot happier than others.


I personally disagree.

high school is supposed to prepare you for college. a gap year between 8th and 9th will not prepare you at all. it will make going back to school a lot harder. you're saying it will reduce stress when i think the opposite. it will add on to your stress as you aren't fully adjusted too high school.
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Posted by Debating_Horse 6 months ago
13 but in 11th grade? Jesus Christ.
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