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Should there be anymore pokemon fighters in smash?

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Started: 5/16/2015 Category: Games
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There should be more Pokemon fighters in smash. Some people have this idea where there will be no more because there are already 6 fighters, which means 6 pokemon in your party. Very dumb. Jigglypuff is the last to unlock in the 3ds version, and Mewtwo is a downloadable fighter. That theory is bombed so bad. Anyways, fans have been begging for Pichu. It's not a Pokemon that comes in a pokeball, so it's a sign for future fighters. and what about trainer?


It currently isn't a big deal for pokemon to be added; however, it will become a problem in later Smashes due the simple factor if dev time and resources.

In the Wii U version, 15 characters were added coming to a total of 49. Let's assume that only ten are added to the next Smash (being referred to as Smash2) and another ten after that (referred to as Smash3). This presents a challenge for Nintendo due to its lackluster amount of IP. Even in the U version, we're seeing the Wii Fit Trainer, Dark Pit, and Miis.

This means that the devs will have three options: release variants from current IP (eg. Paper Mario), add third party characters, or pull from lesser known IP (eg. XenoBlade, Animal Crossing, etc.), but the third option will cease to be viable eventually.

This brings us to the focus of my argument, the first option. What is the only IP that Ninetendo can pull from indefinitely? Pokemon. Assuming everything continues as it has been, all of Nintendo's current IP will eventually be sucked dry ("sucked dry" defined as creating redundant characters like making a Koopa Tropper a playable character) save for Pokemon and third parties. Yes it's possible to create new IP, but it's a risky thing to do on a regular basis. Nintendo hasn't exactly been creative in the past few decades anyways.

So, eventually, the only new characters will be pokemon or third parties meaning that Smash10 might have 10 new pokemon characters.

This eventuality will destroy the variety of Smash games as the roster will be filled with Pokemon.
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeits by Pro, so conduct to Con. Con refuted all of Pro's arguments from the 1st round, and noted that adding more Pokemon would ruin the game's variety, as there would be too many Pokemon. Pro forfeited the rest of the debate, so these arguments remained standing throughout the debate, so arguments to Con.