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Should there be mandatory voting?

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Started: 3/30/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that there should be mandatory voting, because the younger generation does not care about voting. This is harmful, because it allows elections to behind closed doors and destroys our democracy.
Round 1- acceptance
Round 2- Arguments
Round 3- Rebuttals
Round 4- Defense


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


As Americans, Democracy has served us well. Democracy has been under attack not by power-hungry capitalists, but by our own people.

People are not voting- An average of 36% of voters came out to vote for congress having republicans dominating congress and the senate. The 2014 mid terms have been the lowest turnout of voting since WWII. If 36% of our population decided to vote, ignoring the other 74% of the American people, than their is a big problem with our democracy. Why is this a problem?
1. People aren't sharing there democratic opinions on what needs to be happening and makes this country run by 36% of the population.
2. Barack Obama should came in with a democratic congress and a democratic senate. Usually a president has the congress and the senate behind him, so he can start passing bills that will improve our society. It didn't happen. For the last 8 years, the president and the congress have just been debating over what to do with the country when they should be focusing on leading the country.

What most people think- If this is a normal democracy, than usually the government would be doing what the people want. What do the other 74% think on all of these issues. According to gallup poll, 76% of Americans agree on an increase of the minimum wage. Though since only 36% of Americans have voted, the 76% do not get to have an increase, therefore leading to unhappy, unstable people.


Arcanas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I respectfully pass


Thank you Pro.

No voting should not be compulsory It is an individual's choice whether they wish to vote or not vote in an election of any kind. Maybe they don't like the candidates given, maybe they don't care about the issues being voted on. There could be any number of reasons why they don't wish to vote, and it should not be forced upon them to do so if they don't wish to. Freedom and obligation don't go together. You're either free or you're not, and if you're forced to do something, anything, you're not free.

That's on top of the fact it totally illegitimizes the entire voting process. Which would you rather have at the ballots deciding an important election? Someone who wanted to be there and had an interest in the outcome, or someone who could care less but is forced to vote anyway? The answer should be obvious. Want a fair, honest election? Leave it to the hands of those who actually care about it, not those that do not.

So no voting should not be compulsory, it takes away the freedom of the people, and can change the outcomes of elections for the worse.

Thank you for reading, and good luck!
Debate Round No. 3


Thank You Con for responding.

My opponent makes the argument that when you force people into voting, than your country is not free. He uses the rhetoric Freedom and Obligation does not go together.
1.1.5 million Mexicans were deported to Mexico based on what 36% of the population and Hough when the 74% thought different. According to CBS News, 18,000 innocent children were deported back to Mexico. A decision made by only 36% of our population.Tuesday morning.

At 11:03 a.m., six teenagers - three girls, three boys - line up at the gate, accompanied by a Mexican Consulate official.

"Where are you from?" the Mexican immigration official asks each one after calling off their names.

Paola Riveras' face is puffy and red from crying.

Three hours ago, the 16-year-old had jumped into the long line of Mexicans waiting to go to school, work or shop in California. When it was her turn to stop before the U.S. immigration agent, she panicked and kept walking.
This is all thanks to the 36% of our population.
2.Living Wage- According to a Gallup poll-76% of our population agrees on an increase of the minimum wage. But 36% of our population voted against what the majority thought was right. The idea that 40% of our brothers and sisters are going to be ruled by wages that cannot properly feed their families because of the 36%.

In Conclusion, I urge for you to think about the well-being of the people in America. I urge you the think about the left over 64% that do not share their opinions. I urge you think about the 18,000 innocent kids who could be your brother or sister deported at the hand of the 36%. I urge that if you have a job that crushes you with unfair wages, you should vote pro. If I haven't convinced you to vote for Pro, consider this
1. If the Republicans launch a bill to put slavery of the Mexicans, they can do it. If you are planning to vote for a Democrat next election, he or she will do nothing. The congress and senate are dominated by conservatives that will continue to say no. Democracy has been hijacked by the 36%, and thanks to to them 18,000 children will continue to suffer. Minimum wage will crush you and the people that surround you. Families will not have enough time for kids. Upbringing will be horrible for families. But the majority of the American people do not want this. The majority want increases, the majority want equality for the innocent children. Vote pro if you want to see a future in where a family will not be crushed at the hands of the 36%.


My opponent hasn't really answered my contentions. He gives statistics but doesn't actually explain why they are relevant to the debate. He then uses an emotional appeal and asks us to think about people getting deported etc, but again doesn't connect it to how that logically justifies forcing everyone to vote. My argument about how it violates our freedom has not been fully rebutted or even contested in anyway and thus I essentially win the debate. He also argues that Republicans can vote slavery in, but there are amendments in the constitution to prevent this. In addition it would cause an uproar in America and everyone would want to vote. Like I said earlier people choose not to vote because they do not have interest in the topics, but virtually everyone has interest in slavery.

In conclusion, my opponent makes an emotional appeal fallacy and doesn't make a logical appeal, rather he makes an emotional appeal fallacy.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ariesx 3 years ago
That I think is the problem with what our society is facing. There are millions of people in America who have the thought process that my vote is not going to matter. It is dangerous that only 36% of Americans are getting to decide on what should happen in America. That is ignoring the other 64%'s opinions. If people are going to keep coming out and voting for the president, and leaving the other 36% to vote for congress than that is not going to give the president full power to act. You will not get what the president that you elected promised for. You will just allow for more bickering and debating over legislation to happen.
Posted by duckfan33 3 years ago
If 36% voted then 64% didn't, not 74%. In 2008 President Obama did have a Senate and House both with a democrat majority. That did not change until 2011 after the 2010 mid term elections saw the House switch to a republican majority. No president since Jimmy Carter has had their party control both the House and Senate for the entire duration of their presidency. There are different term lengths election cycles etc... not to mention the separation of powers that are all part of the checks and balances that are part of our constitution. To answer the question in this debate no there should not be mandatory voting requirements. It is easy to vote, easy to register to vote, get an absentee ballot. If you really care what the minimum wage is then go vote. That can change what you want changed, unlike voting in a Gallup poll.
Posted by ComradeNickie 3 years ago
I am 21, I turned 18 weeks before the 2012 election and chose not to vote. I will also not be voting in this 2016 presidential election. I choose not to vote because of the Electoral College existing If my vote is just to persuade some guy I do not know to vote for the guy I voted for then why bother. If it was one vote one person I would go out and register tomorrow. As for mandatory voting, heck no. I don't think people should be forced to vote.
Posted by G-g-ghost 3 years ago
I think you should have to take a test b4 you vote.
If you fail the test you don't get to vote.
The test could be 20-50 political questions of semi-recent discuss/debate and the outcome.
And if you pass the test it dosnt matter your age

Becuse sadly the majorty of the human population are mindless followers/morons
And do what there told instead of thinking for them selfs and you shouldn't get to shape the outcome of something you know nothing about..
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro did not explain his news story very well. Con refuted Pro's argument about 36% with the rights argument, showing how it would cause an uproar if we implemented this. Con also showed how Americans don't care about certain issues which was a really effective rebuttal to Pro's argument.