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Should there be more P.E. in the school day?

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Started: 12/14/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes it should


Thanks for the debate Pro.
Gosh it seems like this topic just keeps coming up, pardon the pun.
Anyway, let's have ourselves a debate about P.E. in the school day.


Even though P.E. may be completely reasonable outside of school, it serves as a rather intense distraction in the school day.
I get it.
You want students to finish things quickly in school...isn't there another, more mature way?
It's difficult for a student to focus during P.E. because their attention is certainly elsewhere; they're clearly finishing other things.

While a method employed by some during P.E. is to mentally attempt difficult arithmetic, this cannot serve as an academic endeavor in the school day, because it is literally meant to be a distraction and, obviously, it's very short lived.

Are we supposed to designate an entire classroom to P.E.?
Not with my tax dollars.

I agree that allowing more P.E. in school may encourage attendance, but it comes at the expense of diverting students' attention from the subject being taught in the class, unless of course you're discussing P.E. in health class.

How do teachers teach with all of that P.E. going on?
I argue that P.E. in school distracts teachers too.

Imagine you're a classroom teacher calling on a student to answer some thought-provoking question in the middle of their P.E.
This would likely give you great shock and instant repulsion, to the extent that you, as the teacher, are now no longer focused on the content of your lesson, rather on the activity occurring before you; public P.E. is difficult to ignore.

More P.E. in school would mean more distraction for students and teachers.


Other than the physiological and anatomical concepts that necessarily underpin P.E., students aren't retaining much academic knowledge by participating.

Though the motions typically associated with P.E. are highly stimulating, they're very repetitive and don't offer much in the way of educational enrichment; they just make students finish faster, not better.

Students aren't learning anything from grunting and working their bodies during P.E., they're just enjoying the moment and losing control; shall our students not learn some discipline?

How do we assess the educational retention of a student after P.E.?

"Hey Johnny, what did you learn from P.E.?"

"I should slow down."

"Now you're college and career ready...good thing we have more P.E. in schools!"


The activities associated with P.E. leave our students sweaty and sticky, and, with only 5 minutes allowed between classes, students returning from P.E. are likely not showering or changing their clothes; they will inevitably bring some P.E. with them to class.

This is not only's unsanitary and poses a risk to other students who may also be repulsed by such residue.
Bacteria, blood borne pathogens, and even STDs can show up after P.E.
We must maintain a safe and sanitary environment for our students.

Just think.
Would you want to learn in an environment that not only violates interpersonal boundaries, but leaves you susceptible to diseases?
We're not educating students on the Las Vegas strip.


When it comes to P.E., the result is almost clear.
It's messy, distracting, noneducational, and unsanitary; it would be foolish to have more P.E. in the school day.
What could we expect from more P.E. in schools?
More teenage births, STDs, infirmities, distraction, and a decline in overall retention.

Oh yeah, and Pro failed to supply definitions for the debate, so I will.


should - used to indicate obligation.

more - a greater or additional amount.

P.E. - Premature Ejaculation

premature ejaculation - ejaculation of semen during sexual intercourse before or immediately after penetration.

school day - a day on which classes are held in a primary or secondary school.
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Posted by MagicAintReal 1 year ago
Yeah, why would anyone want *more* P.E. in school?
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
Seriously, MagicAintReal? That's your definition?
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