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Should there be private run prison?

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Started: 9/29/2013 Category: Society
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Hello, everybody. I would like to say that it is good idea to provitization private prison. however, we do not have in our country. So this is good project because some several reasons. Firstly, everybody knows that in public prisons, they are using drugs, rape each other, some high criminals. however, we can stop this situation if we create the private prison. it also good way to make money.
Secondly, it is about innocent people and elegent people who did economic crimes such as curapption. Actually, they are elegant people so they should not sit with prisoners who are maniac, rapist, killer and so on. During the soviet union, a lot of smart people sitting in the prison but they are writing the book, history and so on.
Thridly, it is about religious. If we make a group of religion in the prison, we can support the prisoners because the any relagion teach us to became more honest, friendly and so on.
To sum up, if we can create the private prison, we can stop any situation in the prison. An addition,


I have been an inmate in both private, and public prisons. I can tell you from experience that private prisons are more, not less susceptible to corruption, violence, rape, and a myriad of other evils. In the following round I will give specific examples.

I would like to first address your poorly worded religious argument. You said: "it is about religious. If we make a group of religion in the prison, we can support the prisoners because the any relagion [sic] teach us to became more honest, friendly and so on."

First, not all religions teach you to be honest and friendly. In Islam it is okay to lie to protect the faith, and in Satanism there is no friendliness requirement.

Second, whose religion gets top billing in these prisons. This sounds like it would be grossly violative of the First Amendment, and repugnant to freedom-loving people of good will.
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Well, I was going to post some personal stories but seeing as my opponent has clearly given up this debate...
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