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Should there be surveillance Cameras in School?

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Started: 3/31/2016 Category: Education
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People will do whatever they want if they feel like nobody's watching them and they won't care about doing the wrong deed as long as no one has seen them.
When truth be told people don't care if what they're doing is wrong or not the only thing they really care about is whether they'll get caught or not.
But school cameras will sort of be like a watch to make sure kids do what they're supposed to and not just random stuff.


I'm going to get one thing out of the way. When you say that "people don't care if what they're doing is wrong or not the only thing they really care about is whether they'll get caught or not.", you are wrong. People do care about what they do, otherwise there would be no worries about being caught. On some intrinsic level, people really do care what happens. What really happens is that different people have different ideas of what is right and wrong. That is where confusion stems, and why these cameras are being debated.

Moving on to the next part of the debate. Kids always have, and always will, break the rules in school. It may be something as small as bringing a knife to school, or it could be big like two people having sex in the bathroom. So, how do we stop these rule breaks? Not with cameras. I can tell you that.

Out of all the rules that kids will break, how many of them will be capable of being caught on camera? Not to many. Sure, you'll see some things happen, minor rules infractions (kissing in the hallway), but for the actually worrying issues (i.e. sex in the bathroom [or anywhere else], bringing a gun, smoking weed, etc...) you won't find any of them on the footage. Why? Because nobody is dumb enough to get caught on camera for that. There will always be a safe zone, the bathroom.

Therefore, we can conclude that cameras may be effective in a few isolated scenarios, but, as a general principle, they are going to be an expensive waste of money, time, and computer memory/physical space.
Debate Round No. 1


Kids always have, and always will, break the rules in school. " That statement is true however cameras will limit the amount of times that it does happen in school. As a matter of fact statistics show that schools without cameras have a higher percentage of bullying, vandalism, theft, and assaults 28% than schools with cameras 7%.

Your second point states that the bathroom is where most of the action happens well the answer for that is pretty simple why not place a camera in the bathroom. And before you start saying it's an invasion of privacy just know that the cameras aren't going to be checked every single second and the person watching them doesn't really care what you're doing (like picking your nose) as long as it's not wrong.

After giving my rebuttals I want to move on to my next point which is that schools need cameras to see who's coming in and out of the school, and whose coming on school property and if there even supposed to be there. This can come very helpful in a 'code red' or a as so you know who is coming in the school and where they are located. Also giving proof of who the perpetrator is to the police so they can bring justice.

Therefore, I can conclude that we need cameras in school as it is a very useful tool.


I'm going to break this into three sections: privacy, effect, and non-student crime.

Do you have a source for those statistics? Whether or not you do, for the sake of argument, I will except them as if they were true for this hypothetical scenario only. There have always been ways to keep people from doing bad things. Over time, these things (locks, surveillance, etc...) have been avoided. One example would be Internet filters in school. People may have had issues bypassing them at first, but they have managed to get past them now. As I have already mentioned, bathrooms are one way to bypass cameras. No matter what, cameras will not get put into bathrooms. It just won't happen.

Cameras being placed in the bathrooms is an invasion of privacy. When you say that "the cameras aren't going to be checked every single second and the person watching them doesn't really care what you're doing...[,] as long as it's not wrong", you make a statement that destroys the purpose of these cameras. If they aren't being checked constantly, than how do you know that they are changing people's behavior? If they are placed in these bathrooms, then they will invade the privacy of people without an actual effect.

Non-Student Crime:
Once again, this is irrelevant. This is one situation in a thousand. The money spent on cameras could be better spent somewhere else, like the police department.
Debate Round No. 2


When you say cameras will never be put in a bathroom that statement is false as in my school there are cameras put in there and also in many other school, which also makes the schools an overall safer environment.

Cameras do not invade privacy there only purpose in the bathroom is to keep people safe and to give evidence when needed. Cameras are helpful tool and when you say to spend it on the police department, not that you are saying to take away the money of the school the money that the school gets and spend it somewhere else like the police department. Why should the money meant for the school be used somewhere other than the school.

As I have said before school should be a safe place and cameras ensure safety, as it gives evidence and safety.


If cameras are used for evidence only, than how do schools know to check the cameras in the bathroom. What I am saying is that schools are definitely having an open door for the invasion of privacy. If they aren't going to check the footage regularly, there is no point. Nobody is going to report these rule breaks to the administration and tell them that it went down in the bathroom. So, if a school did find evidence in the bathroom, than they were looking at the footage first for other reasons. Whatever the case, there is no reason to put cameras into the bathroom.

What I meant for the point on money is that cameras are an expensive waste. A better place for money that is being used for security should be the police department. However, given the current state of schools budgets, we shouldn't spend this money on cameras, we should instead spend it on textbooks, teachers, equipment, and/or building upgrades. There is little to no reason to actually spend money on cameras. A better thing that could be done is to make camera props and put them up around the school. The effect on the student body will be the same, but the cost will be much lower.
Debate Round No. 3


"A better thing that could be done is to make camera props and put them up around the school. " that would not serve any purpose as the students will find out that they are fake eventually and the fact that it just maybe DOESNT RECORD ANYTHING serving no purpose. You can't use it for evidence and it won't serve a purpose any more


Pro's Solution to School Rule Breaks:
1) Place cameras everywhere in the school
2) Profit

Why it Doesn't Work:
As I have mentioned before, the only way it can actually be effective is by invading the privacy of individuals, which is a problem itself. Essentially, by putting these cameras in place, we are actually increasing the number of issues, just in a different section of the school. If we avoid the invasion of privacy, than we have an ineffective system. It may decrease the amount of petty rule breaks, but not the major rule breaks.

Keep in mind, this costs a large amount. It can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 depending on the size of the school.

Con's Solution to School Rule Breaks:
1)Place fake cameras around the school

Why it Works:
As long as the students don't know what's going on, they will act as if the cameras were real. Eventually it will be discovered that they're fake if students are actively vandalizing them. Otherwise, there will be no understanding of the security system in the relevant student body. Therefore, we can conclude that this is an effective measure that costs less and has few, if any, downsides.

Question for Pro:
Is there any source that you can cite that proves that these cameras provide evidence without invading student privacy?

Placebo Effect:

Cost of Cameras:
Debate Round No. 4


Nabiha forfeited this round.


Seeing as this has been forfeited, I am going to assume that that is concession.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DiegoJuan403 2 years ago
Isn't there cameras at school already
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