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Should they make a ww2 from a German soldiers point of view

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Started: 6/5/2015 Category: Games
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It will tell the story of the axis and along with it add a twist to the video games. I will teach a different story. Every World War Two video game is based off of killing German soldiers.


Hello, I accept your challenge.

First off I would like to question what you mean "Should they make a ww2 from a German soldiers point of view" Does this mean that society should be actively producing media and films that shows that how the Germans (not neccessarily the axis) lived or do you mean that there should be more video games which actively show you playing as a Nazi?

Please also reply with what "they" means.
Debate Round No. 1


not all german soldiers were Nazis some were forced to join such as young men. and a coomon mistake people make is the german army (the Wehrmacht) were not Nazis they part of the military the Nazi ss were Nazis they were part of the government. and they should make a video game from a german soldiers point of view it gets annoying to see the enemy always as the germans why cant we have the enemy as the French or the polish



I shall analyze your points and make some new ones in this round.

"Not all German Soldiers were Nazis" Although not all German Soldiers were Nazis, they still acted on behalf of Hitlers orders and as so still comitted the atrocities the SS commited.

"Why can't we have the enemy as the French or Polish" The French and Polish were defeated in a short time and many mainstream games include German points of view (although not as prominent as the main characters) The French were defeated within a year of the declaration of war ( and the Polish almost a mere 6 months (

In many Video games the player is stereotypically the "good guy" defeating the "bad guy" and as such many people feel the same way about it in real life.

Also in many Video Games, games developers want to cram as much amount of content into a game in a short amount of time and the games would not sell very well because of petitions and others from local populations because they are concerned about their children playing as "Nazis" in games. The Games would also not be interesting as the player would inevitably know that their side would be defeated unless the game was an alternate-history in which the Axis won, which would mean they wouldn't be as inclined to play compared to a game such as Call of Duty, where the player is learning a new storyline and not a historical one.
Debate Round No. 2


waffenss forfeited this round.


Phaedra forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro failed to do their burden of proof. He only stated that they should make a game from their point of view and that it is annoying (subjectively). Therefore, I give my best arguments points to Con.