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Should transgenderism be accepted by society?

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Started: 10/14/2016 Category: Society
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The topic of this debate is whether or not society should accept transgenderism. I am not arguing for a government ban on transgenderism; only if transgender behaviors should be encouraged by society. I will be arguing that transgenderism is a mental illness and should not be accepted by society, while my opponent can argue for whatever he/she wants as long as their stance is pro-transgender. Here are some terms that need to be defined:

Transgender - Noting or relating to a person whose gender identity does not correspond to that persons biological sex assigned at birth.

Society - A highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnished protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members.

Accept - To accommodate or reconcile oneself to.

Please provide sources for your information. First round is acceptance. May the best debater win!



I will take on this debate
I am arguing that transgenderism is NOT a mental "illness".A mental illness/disorder is something that someone can't deal with, that stops them functioning in society. Something you take medication for, or go to counseling for. Transgenderism is not something that stops someone from functioning. It is a medically recognized condition, Like same-sex attraction. Trangender people have this condition, but it doesn't stop them from functioning in society. Therefore, Society should accept them.
Debate Round No. 1


Before I begin, I would like to give my thanks to ShadowOfDarkness for accepting my challenge. I look forward to a fair and mature discussion on the topic of transgenderism, and I will make sure to keep giving out my arguments at a reasonable pace, rather than waiting until I have three hours left to post it, like I have in other debates.

According to the medical community, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a mental illness in which someone finds a trait or two about themselves and only ever thinks negative thoughts about it. Though everybody experiences a little bit of this on a regular basis (thinking your nose is ugly, thinking you look fat, etc.), people with BDD can never stop thinking about their trait. The negative trait can be anything, from your hair to your face, even your genitals. And people with BDD who do not seek therapy to overcome their illness most often try to "fix" the part they dislike about themselves, and use methods including (but not limited to) dressing in different ways than normal, changing their hairstyle or putting on makeup, or getting surgery to try to cover up or change their negative trait. [1] And in case you haven't figured out where I'm going with this, BDD is extraordinarily similar to transgenderism. The belief that there is something wrong with you (your eyes to your biological sex) even though there really isn't is, as defined by modern medical science, a mental illness that individuals should seek therapy for. Unless, of course, you throw in a little bit of leftist perversion in there; then it stops being a medical problem and starts being something you were born with and something to give in to. And it is this kind of perversion that seeps its way not only into our media, but also into our medical community, which has led society as a whole to believe that transgenderism is something you should embrace, rather than fix.

However, there is some pushback against the transgender movement, including from a former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Univeristy, Paul McHugh. He has come out saying that transgenderism is a mental illness, that accepting it in society encourages said mental illness, and has cited studies from both Vanderbuilt Univeristy and London Portman Clinic showing that 70-80% of children who experienced the feeling that they were born into the wrong body had that feeling disappear almost immediately. [2] As for the people who did not have their feelings disappear, many transgender people experience regret after completing the transition and/or coming out. Walt Heyer, founder of and the author of Paper Genders, has dedicated the last few years of his life to shining a light on the 20% of transgenders who regret getting gender reassignment surgery; the 20% of people who recovered from their mental illness when it was too late. [3] Even transgender superstar Caitlyn Jenner is regretting his coming out and wishes to be Bruce again. He reportedly paced around his room one night whispering, "What have I done to myself?" But the Kardashian family, instead of trying to help him out of his condition, contacted a therapist who lied to him and told him to keep staying as a woman, even though he already wants to de-transition back to Bruce within the next couple of years. [4]

And here's where things get blatantly obvious. The transgender attempted suicide rate is completely absurd, as evidenced by a study by UCLA, which shows that transgender individuals in their prime experience a 52% attempted suicide rate. Gender-reassignment surgery doesn't help with suicide, either. People who do not want MTF (male-to-female) surgery have a 31% attempted suicided rate, and those who want MTF surgery some day or have already gone through it have a 43% attempted suicide rate. Likewise, people who do not want FTM (female-to-male) surgery have a 40% attempted suicide rate, while those who want FTM surgery some day or have already gone through it have a 49% attempted suicide rate. Though the argument could be made that the suicide rate is so high due to societal oppression, 42% of people who say that they are always identified publicly as transgender by other people have attempted suicide, while 36% of people who have never, not even once, been identified publicly as transgender by other people have still attempted suicide. [5] If half the transgender population in their middle age has attempted suicide, suicide rates are still high despite any surgery, and even those who have never had strangers be able to tell that they are transgender still have that kind of attempted suicide rate, then there is no other reason for these alarming numbers other than mental illness. The only attempted suicided rate in recorded comparable to transgenders in the modern day had belonged to Jews living under Nazi Germany, when they and their neighbors were being hunted and killed for believing something others didn't like. Scream oppression all you want, but transgenders don't experience that kind of horror in Wetsern society, and their attempted suicide rate is still incredibly going and incredibly dangerous.

This brings my beginning argument to a close. I have proven that transgenderism is a mental illness because the transgender mindset is identical to the mindset of BDD, people who experience it can and do regret it (overcome it), and the suicide rate is only explainable by mental illness. This is why society should not accept transgenderism. This is not, however, to say that we should disrespect transgender individuals, but we should focus more on helping people over once their disorder, rather than give in to it. I look forward to my opponent's arguments.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Flameslinger 1 year ago
Looks like the glitch struck. Although I didn't ever hear about this glitch before.
Posted by ThisIsMyUsername333 1 year ago
I would like to strongly urge ShadowOfDarkness to post an argument soon. If you are forfeiting thus round, just type "I forfeit this round" instead of not posting anything, because this will trigger the infamous forfeit glitch and instead of just skipping a round, the entire debate freezes and nobody can post any more arguments.
Posted by straightup.gong 1 year ago
Most people who are transgender do have gender dysphoria. Because of that I believe that they should be accepted even more. They already feel out of place in their own bodies, they don't need to feel out of place in the world. Although, if a person transitions, they may no longer feel dysphoria but even then no one should intentionally make them feel uncomfortable and/or unwanted. To me, it's a matter of respect for anyone as a person.
Posted by ThisIsMyUsername333 1 year ago
My thanks go to ShadowOfDarkness for accepting the challenge. I'll probably post my argument when I get back from school, if not tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a great debate!
Posted by trutru17 1 year ago
Well people should be accepted no matter what,I accept transgender,lesbian,bisexual,theres nothing wrong with none of that,everyone should be treated equally.
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