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Should uniforms be at schools

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Started: 5/18/2015 Category: Fashion
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While most kids are getting bullied for what their wearing,school uniforms are not going to solve any bullying problems. Some kids don't want to wear the same thing as their bully or their friend or maybe the meanest girl in school. This goes for all the students that agree with me.


Dress-code has been adopted by many schools all over the country, and that's for a reason. Quote: "Traditionally favored by private and parochial institutions, school uniforms are being adopted by US public schools in increasing numbers. Almost one in five US public schools required students to wear uniforms during the 2011-2012 school year, up from one in eight in 2003-2004. Mandatory uniform policies in public schools are found more commonly in high-poverty areas." Pro/ the biggest reason is to create a education friendly environment, free of distractions that may come with differing clothing. Honestly, if you put children in clothes that they are not interested in, they are likely not to pay attention to them. If you allow them to flow along with the trends, well, they become immersed partially in that among other things they would naturally be interested in that already distract them from learning. Education is vital to the success of the nation, and honestly the US is not doing well in that division right now. The US now ranks 36th in word education. This is honestly pathetic. I don't mean to sound pessimistic in our nation, but its true. We cannot afford to impede learning any more than we are already allowing. Some schools are allowing phones! PHONES! seriously. But back to dress-code.

To your point of bullying. It is very much clothes involved. Bully's hate being hypocrites. If I am a bully, am I going to make offensive fun of the person who is wearing basically the same thing as me? No. That's a guaranteed way to have things blow up in your face, and if i were bullied by someone that stupid, i would be laughing rather than backing down.

You could argue that uniforms "detract form a students personality", but that is nonsense. If you spend that much time focusing on how you appear to people, i guarantee that you don't spend time on education, which we should all realize has significant impacts on life.

This is my first debate, and i thank you for presenting this opportunity for me to put you down! :D
Debate Round No. 1


The dress code does apply for most schools,but if kids were to wear school uniforms without being able to wear say"a pin" or have a sticker on kids are actually start rebelling if they show their own sense of fashion,plus the cost of school uniforms is very expensive so in conclusion school uniforms are not my type of way to go for schools.


First of all, I can confirm that 90% of uniform items are cheaper than standard clothes that a child might wear at a public school. as far as the sticker, why should children (like I said) be able to distract themselves from learning with commodities as such when education is already a problem in our nation, directly shown in the fact that we are forced to export jobs one because it is cheap labor and two we don't have enough local employees to fill high requirement jobs because school is so often disregarded as a child in today's new generations. Why should you care so much about dress-code if you claim to care so much about education. School is not fashion show, rather a learning environment. when we ease to view it as such, we begin to struggle (as we already have).

To be fair, it's not really the dress-code's fault for these "rebellions". it is more the staff, because the allow the students to slip by rather than conforming to the rules. the way to solve this is staying conformed to the dress-code. If you teach the students that infractions are intolerable, then they are less likely to spend time in finding ways to slip by. These attempts are also distractions. All in all, a dress code creates a work-friendly environment and eliminates bullying.

The end

although we still have one more round

Accept your defeat..... :I
Debate Round No. 2


just because kids wear school uniforms doesn't mean their gonna get bullied on their clothes they can still get bullied,for glasses,hair,shoes,and if their poor or not so school uniforms will only solve one problem.Kids could also have growth sperts and their parents don't have the money to buy another one or wash


dakaltenberger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kylekaikiki 2 years ago
Pro has a good argument, but I would debate Con personally.
Posted by CommunistDog 2 years ago
The dress code, even without school uniforms, usually gets ignored. Girls wear short shorts. Boys wear hats when it is "strictly" forbidden. At least with the concept of uniforms, people will be forced to wear appropriate clothing.
Posted by crazyness 2 years ago
No offense, but I am more on pro's side. He/She has a lot more information for now about why uniforms are good and I actually agree with whoever the pro is. I would like to see how this debate ends.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited the final round, which is generally considered unacceptable conduct in all debate settings. Thus, I penalize Pro for this breach of standard norms of debate conduct via. forfeiture by awarding the conduct point to the negative side. It's a pity that Pro had to forfeit the final round, as I was interested in their rebuttal. Thus, I award the opposition the conduct point. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.