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Should video games and movies rated R18+ (Australian) be illegal to play if you are under 18?

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Started: 3/3/2014 Category: Games
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In this debate, I shall set out the conduct in which to argue.
Video Games: Any game that is played on a computer or game console(PlayStation, Xbox)

R18+ (Australian): The rating in Australia which currently prohibits purchase of movies or video games if under 18 years of age.

Movies: Any length of video, in all types. (DVD, CD, documentary, etc.)

illegal: Prohibited under law.

Now that the topic has been fully explained, the order.
1st Round: Acceptence ONLY. Arguments will be disregarded and will not be counted by the audience or by me.
2nd Round: Arguments, Con rebuttal.
3rd Round: Rebuttal of 2nd Round, Arguments
4th Round: Concluding Statements ONLY.

I believe that R18+ video games and movies should be illegal to watch or play if you are under 18.


Thank you for your challenge.
I accept your debate of R18+ games being illegal not only for children under this age to buy, but also unable to play as it is against the law.
I agree with the definition and I accept my role as the negative opponent.

*P.S. Let's start ASAP!*
Debate Round No. 1


My first point. The content in R18+ games and movies are unsuitable for minors
There are reasons a R18+ rating has been made during 2013. Excessive, explicit gore, sex, violence and drugs abound in games and movies rated R18+.
Take Grand Theft Auto V for instance. Strip clubs, uncensored swearing, drugs, sex. The very idea of stealing and killing is promoted as 'good' and you get money for it.
I personally know ten twelve-year-olds who own the game, and play it regularly.
Games and movies with this sort of content are not meant to be played by children. Remember that idea that violent video games make violent kids. True for these games and movies, and it desensitises them to gore and crime, and may cause them to try drugs and alcohol later in life.
Steering away from 'physical' content, my second point will deal with themes.

The themes in some games are extremely dark, such as DayZ. Your first kill in such a hyper-realistic simulation may be troubling. This effect lessens as your playing experience continues, but it stays there all the same. DayZ lingers with stories of treachery and betrayal, for which you may do. The act of betraying someone, whether shooting them in the back of the head, whether they know, or whether you do it indirectly, (C4) it remains dark as an abyss. Rust is another example. You are the only way of killing another well-armed survivor. Animals can't do it, only you can. Would you do it in real life, if DayZ or Rust was real?

I hope you say your arguments well, and enjoy the debate.


TheMattPulveriser forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I cant do a rebuttal since he has not posted a second round.
The very definition of R18 is 'not suitable for kids'. That's what the 18 means. And the fact that minors can't purchase it.
It is prohibited by law the purchase of R18 games by minors. Lenience could be true for mature 16-17 years, but 12 years is ridicolous.
By definition, R18+ is not for kids

To my second point. The current R18+ system is too lax to really prohibit kids playing them. Parents, eager to make their kids happy, buy GTA V without much thought. I remember going into the local EB games back before the R18+, and little kids trying to buy or pestering their parents to buy Call of Duty and other MA15+ games. As I said earlier in Round 2, I personally know ten twelve-year-olds who own GTA V. Only the very illegalization of minors playing R18+ games can truly stop kids from getting their hands on it. Perhaps it should be handled similarly to guns, endless forms and so on.

Enjoy your Second/ Third round, you can put them into one round to make up for your forfeiture, which I know that was because you were too busy.


TheMattPulveriser forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


SuperiorIntelligence forfeited this round.


TheMattPulveriser forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by SuperiorIntelligence 3 years ago
For those who wonder why Con forfeited the second round, he has told me in real life that he was too busy to complete that round, and I know that it is true.
So, as im a nice person, I'm allowing him to place his second round in the third round, BUT HE MUST PUT HIS THIRD ROUND IN TOO.
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