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Should violent videogames be banned?

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Started: 4/23/2013 Category: Technology
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First off, I am a gamer myself. I play Call of Duty, Battlefield, ect.. and i don't retaliate towardsw others in reality. It is for entertainment and to relieve yourself of anger.


Video games r 2 scary for r minds. Eventually they will cause us to think they b reality and will cause global pandemic. Ppl wll be shootin each other and there excuse b it was in da video game.
Debate Round No. 1


I disagree with you. Since some people could most likely not read your debate due to your lack of grammar, I will make up for it.

First off, the definition of pandemic:
An outbreak of such a disease.
A pandemic has nothing to do with this topic, therefor that part of your debate is invalid.
I recently did a report on this, and I stated many facts in the paper I have wrote.
NUMBER 1) It is a way to relieve stress, anger, and other negative emotions.
These games are not a cause for death in the World. If anything, they are a way to dismiss those negative thoughts you may have.
NUMBER 2) If a child resorts to murder, take into consideration the environment they live in.
Their are some kids that do murder and play those games, but so do 200 million other kids and more. If the child is living in an unstable environment with no parental guidance, they are bound to break loose of reality and do something violent.
NUMBER 3) Think about the parents.
Some of these kids murder as a result of the parents encouragement or negative attitudes. Yes they play all these games, but you can't see what thy are like from your television, all you see is another player and possibly their personality if they have a microphone on.

In conclusion, violent videogames are nothing to worry over; if you monitor your kids and limit the amount they play so they don't waste their whole day on these games and others, then everything will be okay. Thank you for accepting my debate.


Dude talk b cheap. U dont know a thing u b talking about. Most parents aint gunna watch they kids play video games, and da kids will sneak 2 play them anyways. Videos games dont relieve stress, they b stressin ppl out bad. PPl be gettin so in2 them dat they go nuts. Kids b easily influenced now a days, so they b doing exactly what in da game. DONT EVA CORECT ME AGAIN.
Debate Round No. 2


Unfortunantely for you, I do know what I am talking about unlike you. I have supported my opinion with facts, links, and details.
And once again, yes I will correct you because it seems you don't know the meaning of grammar.

And I'm sorry to admit that in my mind, I have won. I have explained my reasoning unlike you have.

These types of games have no control over kids. And if they did, I would agree with you. But they DON'T. They are a way to relieve stress due to the fact that shooting people or punching other people would not encourage you to go and murder. Instead, it would get rid of your stress.

Well, I think I am done here.
Vote jake9710


Video game b killa breh. Kids b 2 upsessed wid them, and will not fucus on dare skol work. Ventually dis will lead to nobody be smart no more, and every body be desperate since no jobs. They will be resorting 2 dare video games and will see mass killin. they then will be a thnkin it be ok to kill since it in da game they be a playin. Yo aruguments cant compare to my inteligence, as i got this debate in da bag.

Breh here be da facts

Vote 4 me brehs as i be Kicker_Swag
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't answer any of Con's arguments, did not adjust his spelling, and was generally hostile throughout, not to mention Pro didn't provide any sources while Con did.