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Should we ban Donald Trump from the UK?

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Started: 12/16/2015 Category: Politics
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What if he becomes president? Should we ban the most powerful leader in the world from the UK and become enemies?



We should ban Trump from the UK because he has suggested banning Muslims from entering the United States. This includes Muslim heads of state. There are a lot of world leaders, heads of state/government, business leaders, foreign legislators, thinkers, scientists, and anyone else that would enter the US to improve relations between their countries, or the world as a whole. None of these leaders would be allowed in.

That's not to say the UK shouldn't be willing to maintain relations with the US and uphold current arrangements, it just means President Trump wouldn't be allowed in person. The US would send a delegate or hold the meeting somewhere outside of the UK.
Debate Round No. 1


I think that he should not be banned for saying one thing that yes was offensive but many people say very bad things even worse than that and they are not banned. He does have freedom of speech and thought and should not be banned for saying that


Things that "many people" do should not be an excuse for the president. The president is expected to conduct himself/herself at a higher level than the average person. Lots of people abuse drugs and alcohol, shoplift, litter, use hateful remarks, cheat, etc. That does not mean it should be okay for a president to do these things.

Freedom of speech only applies to protecting Trump from legal repercussions in his own country, It doesn't mean that other countries can't condemn his actions or ideas..

And it was not just ONE thing, it's been many things. Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the US, keep track of those already in the US, and even consider retribution for terror attacks by killing innocent family members of terrorists.

The US constitution does not protect hate speech that threatens individuals or groups, and as soon as that line is crossed, he won't even have legal protection in his own country for violence he inspires. The UK would be better off keeping the nonsense and hatred outside their borders.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: PRO has stronger rebuttals regarding free speech and President Trump being held to a higher standard. The UK should keep his type of speech inciting hate outside their borders