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Should we be able to keep Pit Bulls?

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Started: 8/26/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Yes, Pit Bulls should be allowed in the homes. Just like any other animal, they're family. I've grown up around them my entire life. I love them dearly. They are great gaurd dogs and awesome cuddle buddies too. Why judge who they are? They don't judge who we are or where we came from. Yeah, they fight for the fame and money...But really, that's not they're fault. The owners the one who has done this to them. Again, stop with the judgmentaly bs. I'm so sick and tired of people who cannot accept for what a Pit Bull is. I'm not judgmental, but when it comes to my animals, i will 100% hate you for wanting to be rude towards them. Like, I've said multiple times, STOP judging them! Man, if they did absolutely nothing to you, why be like that to them? I love Pits, and even if they had done something to me, I'd still love them.


Thank you for creating this debate. As a dog lover its a subject that interests me greatly.

The term pit bull is an extremely wide term that can be used to refer to a variety of breeds that are a mix between bull dogs and terriers. For the sake of my arguments I will be using a classic example: an American Pit Bull Terrier.

The American Pit Bull Terrier (hereby referred to as 'The Pit Bull") is banned a number of countries around the world, including my country of residence. This dog is the way it is today because of its breeding to perform a particular task. This task is fighting. Its perfectly designed for this - its an extremely powerful dog for its size and when it bites its jaw locks. This mean that those people that have been unlucky enough to be bitten by one of these dogs cannot escape - the dog has to be killed in order for its jaw to be released.

You will argue that, despite this breed being breed to fight, that not all these dogs are dangerous. This is certainly true. However, what is the benefit to society of keeping these animals in our homes above other types of dogs? You have mentioned that they are good guard dogs and 'cuddle buddies' but there are many dogs, that have not been breed to fight, that would serve this function equally as well.

The question "Should we be able to keep Pit Bulls in our home" poses a difficult questions of what would happen if we weren't. I don't advocate the destruction of any dog. Therefore, it would have to be the case that these dogs are removed form the home and put into the care of facilities that will care for these dogs for the remaining of their life. Furthermore, it should be illegal for such dogs to be purchased and those that do purchase them after the enactment of such a ban should be required to pay a fine equal to the upkeep of the dog in the specialist facility. These measures are not ideal but it would be hoped that within a few years there would be very few cases of The Pit Bull within that country.
Debate Round No. 1


For one, no they do not have lock jaws. Yes, they have a great grip, but no lock jaws. Another thing is that they should not be taken out of the homes. Like, for example, if you know what you're doing and able to take care of the dog, you should be able to take care of them. Especially if you have a lisence for the dog, they shouldn't just be taken away like that. Now if the dog is a fighting dog, yes, I personally would want that dog out of that household. They're just dogs, there should be no such thing as illegal animals. Yeah, people also keep tigers and other wild animals around in their homes. That's their choice, if they want a wild animal, so what. I wouldn't mind having a Pit Bull around with me. I love them to death, and would never treat them like you do, sir... ^^^^ yes, you!


Firstly, my opponent is right in that it can be argued that no dog has a locking jaw(1). It is agreed that the pit bulls have a 'great grip'. This grip is so great that the Pit Bull Rescue Centre that pit bull owners should always carry a stick with the purpose of prising open the jaw (2).

Note that my opponent has yet the dispute the fact that a pit bull is an inherently danger dog due to its breeding nor that there are other breeds of dog that are less dangerous but still fulfil the positive functions of being a good guard dog and 'cuddle buddy'.

My opponent is of the view that any people should be able to keep whatever dangerous animal in their house. Tigers are given as an example. I can sympathise with the view that people should generally be allowed to assume a risk if they understand the risk fully. However, there are two major problems in applying in this principle to keeping pit bulls:

1) The average dog owners does not understand the risks they assume when buying a dangerous dog, and therefore are not able to freely assume that risk.
2) The choice to own a dangerous dog does not only present a risk to the owner. It also presents a risk to their children, neighbours and other dogs. These people are not able to assume the risk.

In conclusion, it should not be lawful to keep dangerous animals in the home, including pit bulls.

Debate Round No. 2


1) People actually do understand the risks of owning this breed. If they didn't understand, then why would you own such a breed?

2) Again, as long as they introduce the dog to their children correctly and introduce them when the dog is young enough, there will not be such a problem. I personally know kids who grew up around Pit Bulls and nothing has ever happened to them.

You also keep repeating yourself on everything here. If you want to win, please say something else other than the same old stuff...Thank you.

Lastly, if you don't know what you're doing with your Pit Bull, then yes, they shouldn't be able to keep this breed in their homes. But like I've said before, I've grown up around them and nothing has ever happened to me. I know parents who bring this breed around their young children, and the dog has actually grown on the children. Yes, children can be rambunctious. Puppies are too. And as long as the dog is introduced correctly, I'm 100% positive nothing will happen to your child.

So, please, come up with something a littel better than the same thing you keep saying in all the other arguments. It'd be much appreciated. Pit Bulls are just like any other dog, and should be treated like you would to any other dog you may have in your home. They're just as great as another breed on the planet.


To conclude:

I have presented arguments that a pit bull is a dangerous dog. This argument my opponent has not disputed. In fact it is clear from her arguments that she recognises there are at least some risks to owning a pit bull beyond that of other dog breeds. In her second round argument she states that all dangerous animals should be allowed to be kept in the house (including pit bulls in this) and also states that owners understand the 'risks' when they owning 'this breed'. Although I have not agreed with her arguments, I do agree with the underlying assumption that there is a risk from these dogs

She has presented that a pit bull are save beyond her own personal experience. She states that as she has grown up with a pit bull and his not been killed by it therefore pit bulls are safe. This logic is flawed. If a child grows up playing with knifes and does not hurt themselves, this does not mean children should be allowed to play with knives. It rather means that this child was fortunate.

Note also that throughout the debate she has not disadvantage to choosing another, less dangerous, dog breed to live in your family.

Vote with legislatures around the world that have already banned this dangerous dog. Keep in your homes one of the hundreds of different breeds that are not recognised as 'dangerous dogs'. Dogs that have not been bred to fight.

Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Justicemarie22 2 years ago
I agree that pitbulls are very wonderful animals and that is should not be illegal to have them.... But if they are a fighting dog I would take them out of the house hold
Posted by Ver 4 years ago
I agree, defend the breed!!!!!
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