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Should we be allowed to clone

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Started: 1/10/2017 Category: Science
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No, we shouldn't be able to clone because it devalues human lives. If you clone yourself then you are just a copy there is nothing special about you. The success rate of cloning is very low and it is very expensive. If I was to have a pet that died then why would I spend $100,000 to get an exact clone of the dog when I can buy like 4 dogs for that price? We might even develop a new disease from forming new genes. People who are cloned maybe viewed differently or viewed as a lesser citizen then a regular human being. When we clone it is playing God because when we die we shouldn't be brought back into something else! This can cause in breeding because we will have the same genotypes which means we are reproducing among themselves which later can lead to extinction. Cloning will be abused and it will all go wrong. It makes individuality disappear because we all will be the same. This is one of many things we can do that we shouldn't do!


I think that we should NOT have the right to clone! Even though it may seem pretty cool that cloning is already out there, it may seem pretty to those who don't want to clone. For instance, what if anything goes wrong in the method? Could people in the society incidentally get killed? Or could it be deliberate? The thing is, that cloning is already out there! You may not apprehend it because people or critters look the same as cherished ones or beloved creatures! Something may go wrong in the making and in a second the feeling of the person or creature could change (Clones don't have emotions! They are like robots!) and maybe someday clones will overtake our atmosphere! It may seem pretty absurd what I am transcribing, but I can assure you to be in my faction! To say that cloning is immoral and that we should discover an innovative way to help people exist longer with natural resources and 'human' elements! For one, there are health perils going into this manner! There are also emotional risks and there could be undiscovered consequences. There could be a mutation of a human's body and a canine's head! It could happen! Another reason that cloning is dangerous is because there will be too many people on earth! Clones can not depart unless killed. The administration would not have enough funds to maintain all of these people! Another large reason to not consider cloning is because clones do not care about religion! Consider it or not, we all have a religion even if you think that you don't! If you were a clone, you could probably not have children! They can not make a clone have the same parts as a natural human being! Clones are manufactured! The whole process messes with our ecosystem! These are the reasons that cloning should not follow! Accept it or not! Cloning certainly does exist, and its pretty frightening!
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