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Should we be aloud too wear hats in school as in appropriate hats no GANG HATS OKKK

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Started: 2/6/2015 Category: Fashion
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I think we should be able to but also a little we shouldn't because you could get distracted and not do your work instead just play with your hat but you would get a chance to express yourself


Hats are not worn in schools for a similar reason that you wear pants. It is societal norm to not wear hats indoors, it is a societal norm to wear pants in public. It’s a part of basic etiquette. [1]

Why should we care about etiquette? It sounds Victorian. Regardless of the potential unhip nature of some rule of etiquette, etiquette is essential to any civilization. The basic behavior that is accepted in social situations can mean the difference between success and failure in almost every aspect of life.

Pushing norms of society, being avant garde, can be described as a positive attempt to express yourself. Wearing a hat may express some facet of your personality, or some artistic expression. What separates Andy Warhol’s sometimes anti-social behavior and a student wearing baseball cap other than arrogance? Even Andy Warhol knew when to wear pants.

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Posted by airmax1227 2 years ago
7 point vote by PolitcsMaster for Pro removed. RFD: "k"
Posted by garyharryjoe 2 years ago
As im Jewish i believe that we should be allowed to wear hats as i always wear my kippa.
Posted by TBR 2 years ago
@m8 - Currently number of open debates about uniforms in school, five.

Is this the primary concern of H.S. students today?
Posted by m8 2 years ago
I think not because it's one thing entirely if you're wearing hats, but wearing hats and being 'aloud' is too far. If you're being 'aloud' (I assume this means talking ;D) then it disrupts the learning opportunities of other students.

An interesting statistic for you all: The amount of debates I've seen in the past month where people use 'aloud' instead of 'allowed' in the title is 3. The amount where it was about school is 3. The amount where the person who said it appears to be less than 18 years old is three.

You've just enjoyed: 'Statistics with your m8, m8'
Posted by TBR 2 years ago
Reference missing from post.

Hats Off! The Who-What-When-Where of the Hat
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