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Should we celebrate Halloween

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Started: 10/27/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that we should celebrate Halloween because it is something that everyone enjoys.


Firstly, although I'm a Christian I won't be using Christian arguments against it.

Ok, on to the debate.

Most people think Halloween lore is about when creatures from the "evil" world comes to our world. I have even heard that it the "Devil's Birthday". Although its comes from religion and is supposedly tied to the pagan festival,"Samhein"

Although Halloween may not really be bad, the point is that is usually seen as when the "evil" comes into the world.

Now, I understand that grown ups probably will not see anything in it, neither teenagers, but young toddlers are also exposed to it. They won't understand its more of a joke. They don't understand that its just a fun night. They may start associating "evil" with candy and fun. Maybe a bit confused as to why are the supposedly "evil" things welcomed.

Now, you and I both know that the things are not really evil. They are just jokes and fun, but toddlers don't. They also know "evil" as stealing, violence so on. So, they see this "evil" as fun or maybe they become a bit confused.

Also, what about rituals and sacrifices. Impressionable young people start to see it as something that is not viewed as wrong by society although this is probably not as big.

My point is that is controversial. Toddlers will have trouble really understanding it and its not that hard to replace it with something that is also fun.
Debate Round No. 1


Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate it is the only time to dress up as you fave character


Yes, but it can easily be changed to something that is not as dark, but still allows you to dress up as your fav character. Plus most of the time people tend to dress up as scary, not as their fav character.

I still think Halloween does 'cause harm to toddlers and the "dark" part of it can easily be taken away and just turn it into a dress up, eat sweets and prank people day. Why do we need to keep the religious and pagan ties?
Debate Round No. 2


hcd1997 forfeited this round.


I don't know why my opponent forfeited, but I hope it is nothing serious.

Well, since my opponent forfeited I think I'll keep to my arguments with some small additions.

There is no reason why we should keep halloween with all its pagan and religious ties. Although I guess I can understand why people like the "evil" and "scary" themes I don't see why we can't just turn it into a day to scare or prank people. The whole "demons from the other" world can just be left.

It would still be essentially the same expect with a different name and it won't confuse toddlers.

Of course I don't think halloween it this great threat to society, but I think we should just drop the pagan stuff. I mean some people so believe in "magic" and have dark magic "cults" where people do actually get hurt. Like it is now halloween make these things seem a little more acceptable. It makes children more eager to try it out, just in case they are a wizard.

Also, dropping the pagan ties we allow children from religious families to join in in the fun. I know some of them do, but halloween is against most religions and I know atheists will say that if "dumb religious people" don't want to join in we don't need to change it for them, but those children did not chose in which families they were born into and it just causes conflict for them.

In conclusion, I think we should not celebrate halloween and that we can just create a new holiday which is essentially the same without the pagan and religious ties. It will still be fun and religious children can join in too without having to deal with conflict from their families.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by hcd1997 2 years ago
don't be to hard on your self
Posted by Amy_IceFyre 2 years ago
Great...not votes. Another debate I'll most likely draw.
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