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Should we have Black history month

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Started: 12/14/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I don't believe that there should be a black history month, I fell that it only makes race conflict worse. First, they tell us not to judge people by their skin color, then they tell us we have to learn about a person because their black. I don't know about you but that screams "hypocrite" to me. I say that if we want to live in a society where skin color doesn't matter, we shouldn't devote a whole month to any race. Plus, by making a whole month solely devoted to black Americans kind of gives the feeling to some that our country thinks that blacks are more important than any other race. Anyway, its not like we don't learn about other famous black people anyway, we learn about Harriet Tubman when we learn about slavery (but not the Civil War itself might I add), and we learn about Martin Luther King Jr. stopping segregation in the U.S. (but not how the cold war stopped us having a nuclear war with Russia) Overall, I think that these topics are important, but not important enough to have a whole month dedicated to a certain race.


I see where you are coming from but you forgot all the horrible things African Americans went through. White people were taught that African Americans were evil and soulless, white people also associated African Americans with drugs so they could throw them in jail no questions asked. Black history month is meant for African Americans to celebrate their achievements, It isn't meant to be racist.
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Posted by moneyman400 1 year ago
Yes, because i feel that black citizens do not get the justice they deserve and when it comes down to a "accidental" murder nobody is giving a consequence....
Posted by TheCon 1 year ago
My apologies, I forgot to link the source-
Posted by TheCon 1 year ago
Doxy when debating its best to stay subjective, and stray from objective wording such as "no questions asked". First off who are these people associating black people with drugs? And if you are pertaining to a social stereotype might I add, is a stereo type really something just "made up" or is there some truth behind it? If not, where did the idea start? Because according to this peer reviewed article citing data from the FBI criminal records shows crime rates are higher with black people. I am not racist, its realism. You cant really beat statistics. I am not saying as a general whole that people of color are bad, I am saying more commit crimes according to data posted from a credible source.
Posted by XxFoxlordxX 1 year ago
Pro, Would a White History Month be racist? Also, why do people still bring up the things that happen many years ago? Jews don't whine and complain that they've been slaughtered for millennium.
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