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Should we have a worldwide purge?

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Started: 3/27/2016 Category: Society
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Hello everyone looking at this debate! My name is Carlos aka (TheKingDebater) and today the opponent and I will be talking about if there should ever be a worldwide purge.This purge shall take the whole night so, about 12 hours. I (TheKingDebater) am talking against the motion as my opponent is talking for the motion. For the next couple of rounds I will be describing my points,rebuttals to my opponent's points and finally, finish off with an ending paragraph. I look forward to this debate and I hope it will be a good and interesting one. Wish the best of luck to my opponent!


Seeing as you didn't say I couldn't, I'm going to launch right in.

I do however want one extra thing added. There will be safe zones where purge law will not apply.

Point 1: A worldwide purge will have a positive impact
Subpoint A: Gangs
Unfortunately, gangs exist. There are very few things that hold these gangs back. One of the things that keeps them from killing each other outright is the law. Should the law be waived temporarily, gang violence would go up. People who would kill each other at other times in life will kill each other this night. This means that after this night, gangs will slink back and lick their wounds, leading to decreased gang violence temporarily, if not permanently.
Subpoint B: Population Control
There are a lot of people in the world. While it'd be a shame to see them go, if they go, a lot of problems related to this, such as stage five of the demographic transition, would be avoided.
Subpoint C: Boredom
The number one reason people commit crimes is boredom. If it all happened at once, then a lot of people who would do it out of boredom would cease their wishes. Sometimes horror is an effective remedy for bad behavior.
Subpoint D: Concentration
If we can concentrate most crime into a 12 hour period that is well monitored, it is likely that a number of suspects for previous crimes would be identified. In addition to this, crime will likely see a low afterwards due to societal pressure. This means that whatever crime that comes afterwards will be easier to combat.

Point 2: Crime Will Happen Anyways
Crime is a thing. It happens. Whether it happens in a 12 hour period or spread out, it will always happen. There are just numerous upsides to having be concentrated in a 12 hour period.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks Grovenshar for posting your subpoints now I will start with my main points.

When a purge occurs no special services will be running and everything, and I mean everything will be illegal. From stealing to murdering and total destruction. People will go crazy between these 12 hours they will kill themselves, damage others property and do other retarded stuff. Who knows what they do they can even blow up the USA if they want. Billions worth of money will be damaged and stolen. Do you want that, waking up the next day with a totally different surroundings like it has been torn up? You'll only see that if you are lucky to survive those 12 hours. And after those 12 hours do you think that everything will just suddenly....stop? HELL NO, people will continue to commit crimes until the special services come. But even if those special services come they won't be able to stop all those people killing, they will get killed before they even have a chance to even put the sirens on.Lots of people will die probably only 1 forth will die (1.3 billion) but how about if some in those 1 forth are your family? No one will be safe or secure not even after that 12-hour mark. Even if you do survive will you ever feel safe again? This experience will not only affect you physically but also mentally. After only 12 hours, WWIII starts. Do you want that?


You are right, in it of the fact that this will be a massive event. That is why I intended to scale it down by creating safe zones. While they would be likely to be violated to a certain extent, the damage there would be controllable. That will make this entire event smaller in scope. The one point that remains is the idea that crime won't decrease afterwards.

If a worldwide purge were to occur. I would expect a large decrease in violent crime. This is mostly due to the fact that the violent criminals, who would've killed others without the purge, will likely kill each other. We would see a decrease in the number of violent criminals, and, therefore, a decrease in violent crime. Of course there will be crime afterwards, but it will be significantly less destructive and much easier to deal with than pre-purge crime. Another effect of the purge would be a change in the social stigma towards crime. If you and your friends favorite bar gets smashed up, are you going to approve of that behavior? Of course you won't! You will actively discourage such activity. Therefore, there may be a spike in crime afterwards, but there will also be a general decline that will be far below pre-purge numbers.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent stated that when making this 12 hour period where we can do all sorts of crimes people will stop doing crimes the rest of the year. I totally disagree with that.
First of all, crimes happen all the time, even after that 12 hour period. Let's say that one day (far before the purge) a person was being really bad with you and being a pain in the butt, will you wait the whole year to kill him(just saying)? Oh course not (if you're that mad) you will kill them in that day.
Second of all, by doing a purge people will think that you are promoting violence. To make a purge the government agrees to have a day where all crime is legal,so that means they say its ok for crimes to happen pretty much. This will strongly promote crimes even outside the purge and the people doing it will think that the government is ok with it.
Lastly, it is not ok for children to see crimes when they are younger. When the purge occurs it's likely that the children of the world would 1)See a murder or 2) Be a victim of murder. This is the worst thing that can happen to a child. If they ever have this experience when they are that young they have the highest possibility to be a murder when they grow up.

We don't want to have more murders do we? Then not having a purge is the best choice.


First off, I never said that it would stop all crime, I said that it would decrease crime. I have already provided evidence that it will decrease crime significantly. Crime will definitely happen. I'm not denying that.

As for the morality of the issue, I can declare it moral. The purge will lead to a decrease in violent crime. This means that the chances of children seeing or being the victims of violent crime goes down. While the purge would lead to a day where crime would be almost unavoidable, running wild with this fact actually has no relevance due to the inclusion of safe zones. I will say it again. During the purge, safe zones will be created. Places like the pentagon, the whitehouse, and other landmarks would be under this designation. This would provide a safe place for these children to go.
Debate Round No. 3


Before I conclude I would like to point out that there will never be a 'safe zone' for the purge. For example in world war 1 and 2 were there any 'safe zones' where the war was taking place? So let's think the safe zone like hospitals in war. The soldiers weren't allowed to destroy it but they would still do it. They would kill and explode the hospital even if it was a 'safe zone'. The purge is a war, and a war doesn't have any'Do not go there' places so no one will be ever safe in a purge. Thanks everyone for reading our debate for this week, and I hope that you will choose wisely who to vote for. I believe that the opponent and I have given strong reasons why to vote for us and I look forward to the voting period. Remember that the purge is a war, do you really want to start WWIII?


Before I conclude, I want to talk about these safe zones a little bit more. My opponent has made a purge equivalent to a war, which it is not. It will involve a lot of fighting, but it will be amateur and uncoordinated. These safe zones will work because they will be protected by trained military. They will be safe.

This is why I win:
1) A purge will lead to a tangible decrease in crime.
2) A purge will not lead to the strong negative my opponent has pointed to.

Thank you for debating with me. I hope that all of you who are voting on the debate appreciate it.
Debate Round No. 4
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