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Should we have to speak two fluent languages?

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Started: 9/18/2016 Category: Education
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Should we have to learn two fluent languages?
I think not.
People of the world have free will.
Learning a language should be for fun, not like homework!!!


I affirm.

Resolved: Should we have to speak two fluent languages?

Since I'm in the affirmative side, I will have to agree with the topic. We should have to speak two fluent languages.

1.) We should have to speak two fluent languages because it helps make more friends easily. For example, if your new to an area and your only language is Spanish, then it will be hard to make friends. (suppose the area you moved into only knows English)

2.) It makes your brain sharp. According to a 2012 piece by The New York Times, both languages are constantly active in a bilingual brain, even when you're only using one language at a time. Because of this, your brain is steadily flexing its muscles because it's constantly resolving conflict.

Rebuttal: My opponent says that people of the world have freewill and learning a language should be for fun, not like homework. Well, we don't have as much freewill when we are kids. If kids have freewill, then they will be doing a lot of immature things. My opponent also states that learning a language should be fun, not like homework. It's not our decision to have homework, but it's our teacher's decision. Homework helps kids understand the lesson and prepare them for tests to really see if they know about the topic.
Debate Round No. 1


My next point is that Learning a language is very hard, and can take up to years. This is because there are thousands of words in the dictionary. Imagine reciting the dictionary. How boring is that? Well, it's even harder and more boring in another language!!!
Learning another language can take up to years. Since we already know another language, our brain automatically goes back to our original language, which makes it harder to learn another one.
Rebuttal: My opponent says that it helps make friends easier. However, you may never move away from your home town!


First of all, my opponent doesn't have proof about her statement. Secondly, I made two contention about my topic and she only made a rebuttal for only one of them. Third, some of her statements are opinions. For example my opponent states it's even harder and more boring in another language. That is an opinion. Also, my opponent states "since we already know another language, our brain automatically goes back to our original language, which makes it harder to learn another one." That is FALSE information. Your brain doesn't go back to the original language automatically. It takes time and time not automatically.

Now, my next point will be learning a language will pay off at the end. When a person is searching for a job, companies are hiring people that knows another language. For example, if you know both English and Spanish, and companies are looking for people that knows both English and Spanish, they will want to hire you.

(My rebuttal was already made in the first paragraph)
Debate Round No. 2


Some people do not have time to learn another language, because they are too busy juggling their lives, work, and family (if they have one). People choose to learn another language for certain benefits, but other people might not need those.
Also, my statement was not false.


My opponent didn't give evidence on why the statement is not false. (Where is the proof?) Nor, did she giver evidence on any of her arguments that she made. With that being said I win. ( That is my rebuttal)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Stripyfrog8 11 months ago
What is it then?
Posted by Cheerios 1 year ago
@Stripyfrog8 Actually I do have evidence for my statements.
Posted by psif 1 year ago
"Should we have to speak two fluent languages?"

And who would enforce this "should"? The "should" really takes "the wind out of the sails". It isn't easy to learn a language. Perhaps rephrasing it to "Should humanity / humans learn a unified language?"
Why can "we" not simply have one language? And if we did, what should it be? Most of us will not concede to learning Cantonese Chinese due to its complexity.
Posted by Stripyfrog8 1 year ago
You cannot just say that "You have no evidence so I win". That is just stupid. You have to actually have a point. Plus, YOU have no evidence that your statement is actually correct. BOOM!
Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
Should everyone wear a hat?
Posted by phatso_86 1 year ago
This an illogical debate. How about we also debate:
"should I put on my left sock then right, or right then left? Which SHOULD we do first?"

perhaps the issue is the question itself. "WOULD IT BE BETTER if we speak two or more languages?"
Posted by Zaephou 1 year ago
You cannot learn a language if you are not interested in it. But you should learn a language.
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