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Should we stop Non Veg. & become Vegetarian?

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Started: 8/21/2013 Category: Health
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Good Day to All!!

Well this is one of the common discussion going around since long..

First Round can be of Acceptance & If Pro would like to Take BOP(Burden of Proof) & build his case He can go ahead or else I would defend my case.

I have let lose the Limit of text to express yourself better but please be precise (don't be emotional) use simple English to reach all readers.


1] The Pro should be a wise learned person and rational thinker.

2] Evidence can be any logical statement, researches or Proven Facts.

3] Illustrating Examples is allowed.

4] Be Precise and to the point.

5] Both can Establish Their Own Cases [Please Sensible]

VOTERS: Please be logical and true while voting I seriously want to establish the fact of the argument being right or wrong.

Moreover You have to state valid reason for Your Honored Vote.


Purpose: Well the purpose of my previous, this and oncoming debates will always be to learn and seek knowledge and establish the right facts for the people out there and to make people understand the difference between Rational & Irrational Thoughts.



Yes,i will argue with you.i will take the burrden of prov if vegeterian becomes vegan if not you can have the burden of pro.
Answer my question by giving me the burden of prof or taking it.
Good luck!
And my english is not the best so i apologize
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Readers .. Well what we see from the comments is Pro is willing to produce BOP.. so here i will let him to estiblish his case and then I shall respond..

Over to Pro!


Good luck!
First reason: meat production is destroying the planet.
Word hunger:There are always more people on earth even today if every nation on earth with have an American or French diet we would need 3 Earths to conserve the American diet and 2 for the French .All men can not life with first word diet earth isn"t big enough.if we woud all give up meat today word hunger would be satisfied .
Why for producing one animal protein you need 3 plant proteins.
Why well the cow has to eat to gain energie and grow if the cow would transform all its protein into body mass he would die because a cow has to preserve the body mass .
So we have to plant fields for feed the livestock.One animal protein has the same value as a plant protein.
If we would take all the fiels used for food production for lifestock for planting plants we would end word hunger.
Climate warming :Farm animal are the cause of 18% of word warming,If we woul change cows lor legumes we would reduce this 18% by 99%.
Second reason :We are hypocrites with the animals.
(reason in the video 101 raisons to be vegan)
Reason 3:We do not assume the dead of the animal we have created a distance in our mind from the meat product and the animal .That is why people who eat meat coud not do the killing by theme self .(also explained further in the videos)
Raeson 4:our love for meat is a culturel thing not you remember when you where little at dinner .<> most of people when they were little didn"t want to eat meat they were forced by they parents.
Reason 5 :we do not need meat to life .(videos)
Reason 6:we are all related with animals a chimp has 98%commun dna with us and fruit flies have 50% in common with humans so we shoud not eat animals that are so closely related to us (argument does not applie to peopol that do not belief in evolution .)if we are all releted we shoul not eat them.
Reason6 :animal products are un-healthy.(video)
Reason 7 :if reason 1-6 are true that mans we do not need animal products.if we don not need it than moral command us to stop the killing.every second in u.s 300 animals get slaughterd.
Debate Round No. 2


Hello Everyone. In the name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.

I think Pro have Missed the Rule#4 by posting the videos each of not less then 70 minutes..

Before I continue to Rebuttal I would Like to Establish My Part of the Case.


1) Teeth

I would like to start from the basic scientific facts which everyone knows ..

So if we analyze we can easily understand that..

The Mother Nature has blessed Herbivore with Teeth (incisors & Molars)& Canine are absent! Why? Specifically for Eating Greens,

on the other hand

Carnivore are given Incisors as well as Canine Teeth for Stabbing and Tearing Flesh!

Now as the Diagram states..

We Humans are Omnivores by Nature!

that is ..

We have (incisors & Molars) & as well as Canine teeth

Nature has not created anything without purpose.. even mere eyelashes on our eyelids have some purpose if we are to eat only Veg Food then why are we given the pointed teeth?

There must be some purpose for giving us the teeth which are from both the type of animals.. i.e. .. so that we can eat verity of Food! .. including Flesh and Greens..

Which is my first proof that we can eat Non Veg Food.

2) Veg v/s Non-Veg Nutritious

We know the Non-Veg food is rich in protein and Human body requires 23 amino acids..
out of which 8 are not produced in our body.. it should be given by external diet and which are called essential amino acids

these 8 amino acids are not present all together in a single Vegetarian Food..

but these 8 amino acids along with many other essential proteins & fibers we can have all together in Non-Veg Food..

Hence Makes The Non-Veg Food More Nutritious..

3) The digestive system

The digestive system of the human being as compare to Herbivores animals which can only digest Vegetarian Food and On the Other hand Carnivores Animals like lions etc. they can only digest Flesh Food They can not digest Vegetarian Food.

Where as the Digestive system of Humans is comprised of Small & Big Intestine and we are the creatures which can digest Veg food as well as non veg food.

If we were to eat Non veg only then we must have been given a Non Veg Digestive System only.. why are we given a digestive system which can be more then Veg Food.
[Lesser Manufacturing Cost :P]

4) Religious Views

There is not a single Major Religion which Prohibits or Bans the Consummation of Animals Including Christaintiy,Islam & Hinduism etc.

Some more points.

  • Some People say We should not kill the animals because they feel pain but Plants do not..but today's scientific facts prove that plants do feel pain and they do cry but as humans are limited and only can hear frequency is usually between 20 to 20,000 Hz thus we are not able to hear then but laboratory experiments lay down the fact that plants do feel pain.

  • If we only eat non veg then geographical places like Antarctica, on average, is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all the continents. there is no plantaition there and difficult to survive.

  • This is the opinion of Jean Carper the best seller Author of book--"your miracle brain". The composition of stone age diet has been fully understood by analysis of Coproliths or fossilized stools. Spears/bones remain, fruits, vegetables perish--- which is a proof that primitive man was Non-Veg.

  • There is not a single Govt. which has banned the non-Veg Food on the face of eat.


One animal protein has the same value as a plant protein. -- false statement

I could not find time to see the whole of the videos but as far as being Hypocrite with Animals is Concerned

We should not be hypocrite with Plants also they have life they have

(The solution is never to give up plants and greens but the fact is nature has created animals and plants for us .. nature created some animals to eat and some to be eaten .. )

as far as Reason #4 it is not at all like that but a personal choice not a nature.

Reason 5 does not holds its value in the areas like desert where camels are eaten.. at extreme cold and hot environments like Antarctica or Sahara deserts.

for Reason 6 : Even animals eat animals.. its not only human even there are plants that eat animals





Milk isn"t good for the body or is it natural to drink it.neither is it more efficient.
Facts to support my theory:
-75% of people is lactose intolerant .3 out of 4 people are lactose intolerant.3 out of 4 people suffer from diarrhea,stomach ache,gassine,bloathing,ear infection,excess mucus when they drink milk.
Number one cause of children allergies word wide ?Milk
-No other animal drinks milk after being an adult. the only milk you need is the one from you mother when you were a baby.if you are not a baby you do not need milk.

-No other animal drinks the milk of an other animal.cows do not produce milk for us cows produce milk for us they produce milk for their baby. Why cows milk?Why not drink chimp milk? I now,Disgusting right ?but we have allot more in commun with a chimp than we have with a cow.why do we drink chimp milk?because it isn"t natural to drink the milk of an other specis at all.cows milk has growth hormones meant for an animal that is going to weigh 2000 pounds.a baby on average weighs 7 pounds on birth a calf weighs 90 pounds ath birth.why put something that is meant for a 2000 pound animal into a kid do you think that is normal?(mostpeople in this site sem to be American but could I use the metric systeme because I am not very familiar with pounds.)

-milk is an innaficient way to get calcium:
Want a prof countries how consume the most milk:
-United states
What are the countries with highest rates of osteoporosis:
-United states
Why I will explain that later .
But first who is the healthiest milk ore the plant milks ?
Plant milks :soya milk,rice milk,coco milk ,oaf milk and hempf milk

Milk:150 milligrams per calcium per half glass in the cows milk and has cholesterol.milk has animal products wich weaken the bones but I will explain that later on and cholesterol witch if you remember any cholesterol added to your body is un-healthy.Milk has 9.93 grammes of protein .
Soya milk:9 grames of protein slightly less then cows milk,no cholesterol,fiber what milk does not have.
Who do you think is healthier more on why milk is inferior then soya milk later.

Meat isn"t healthy or natural for humans
-colesterol any cholesterol that isn"t produced by the human body is un-healthy cholesterol.
By eating meat you add un-healthy cholesterol to your body.
-Our digestive system (this is a point to my case and a rebuttal to my opponents argument number 3:the digestive system.)Do you ever have tried to eat meat without cooking it?If you have you were probelly sick.why because our bodie wasn"t made for eating you ever have seen a tiger,a lion our a bear cock their meat before eating it?No and you now why because their digestive system was made for.
-mean have zero hunting instincts: Mean are omnivorous :imagine you put a baby in a crib and next to the baby you put a baby chick and an apple .who do you think is the animal going to play with and how do you think is the baby going to put in his mounth.the baby is going to play with the chick and put the apple in his month.If he does the opposite and eats the chick and plays with the apple what would you think?A demon baby would you let that baby play with your baby if you have one?Probally not and why is it acceptebel to eat meat when you are an adult but incaceptebal when you are a baby and you don"t now any better?omnivorous and carnivorous animals show hunting instincts when their humans?no,Humans have zero hunting instincts.
-Humans have any thing in their anatomy that indicate that indicates that we are omnivorous?
No,no claws,no teeth that indicates that we are omnivorous(argument and rebuttal of reason 1) We have canine teeth for eathing fruits.Has any of you tried to eat an apple without canin teath?You can try because you still have your canines teeth ?Well, it has proven to be difficult .
Canine teeth is a reminder that humans lived in threes in Africa and only eated fruits and leaves,not a sign of we been omnivorous by natur only a link to our former live in threes .
Our teeth are done for eating fruit,vegtebals and legumes.
Humans are biologically herbivorous
Facial musclesReduced to allow wide mouth gapeReducedWell-developedWell-developed
Jaw typeAngle not expandedAngle not expandedExpanded angleExpanded angle
Jaw joint locationOn same plane as molar teethOn same plane as molar teethAbove the plane of the molarsAbove the plane of the molars
Jaw motionShearing; minimal side-to-side motionShearing; minimal side-to-side motionNo shear; good side-to-side, front-to-backNo shear; good side-to-side, front-to-back
Major jaw musclesTemporalisTemporalisMasseter and ptergoidsMasseter and pterygoids
Mouth opening vs. head sizeLargeLargeSmallSmall
Teeth: IncisorsShort and pointedShort and pointedBroad, flattened and spade-shapedBroad, flattened and spade-shaped
Teeth: CaninesLong, sharp, and curvedLong, sharp and curvedDull and short or long (for defense), or noneShort and blunted
Teeth: MolarsSharp, jagged and blade-shapedSharp blades and/or flattenedFlattened with cusps vs. complex surfaceFlattened with nodular cusps
ChewingNone; swallows food wholeSwallows food whole and/or simple crushingExtensive chewing necessaryExtensive chewing necessary
SalivaNo digestive enzymesNo digestive enzymesCarbohydrate digesting enzymesCarbohydrate digesting enzymes
Stomach typeSimpleSimpleSimple or multiple chambersSimple
Stomach acidity with food in stomachX04; pH 1X04; pH 1pH 4-5pH 4-5
Length of small intestine3-6 times body length4-6 times body length10-12+ times body length10-11 times body length*
ColonSimple, short, and smoothSimple, short, and smoothLong, complex; may be sacculatedLong, sacculated
LiverCan detoxify vitamin ACan detoxify vitamin ACannot detoxify vitamin ACannot detoxify vitamin A
KidneyExtremely concentrated urineExtremely concentrated urineModerately concentrated urineModerately concentrated urine
NailsSharp clawsSharp clawsFlattened nails or blunt hoovesFlattened nails
From The Comparative Anatomy of Eating, by Milton R. Mills, M.D. * "Body length" measured from neck to anus, as with the other animals
The details are in Mills' paper. The rest of this article covers mostly angles not in that paper.

-We do not need animal proteins?How is gonna prof my point?the gorilla will. Gorillas have nearly the same DNA as human beings, which means that our body chemistry and theirs is almost exactly alike. Gorillas also have almost the same digestive system that we have. So how can gorillas grow up to be so big and strong without eating any meat (other than a few termites), any dairy products, any eggs, or any fish? Gorillas are terrific weight-lifters, but human beings excel at long-distance running. Obviously, the gorilla's leafy diet provides enough protein to build strong muscle, as long as the gorilla gets enough calories, but the food is so low in calories that the gorillas have to spend all day eating. Like most leaf-eaters, they have to conserve their energy. In contrast, human beings can get enough energy from eating starchy staples, such as grains or starchy vegetables, to work all day, or to run marathons. That's why most human civilizations throughout world history have based their diet on some starchy staple, such as rice or wheat or corn or potatoes or sweet potatoes. Even our DNA tells us that human beings are starch eaters. Human beings have several extra copies of the gene for the starch-digesting enzyme.would you say to a gorilla sorry but you need milk,eggs and meat or fish to be strong?
-meat isn"t good for your health becausse most of the meat produced in the U.S. is full of to keep the cows healthi they get antibiotics allot of them.70% of antibiotics produced in the U.S. are feed to farm animals and this isn"t good .these antibiotics stay in the meat and milk of the animal .the human body after years of being bombarded with antibiotics build an imunity what isn"t good people died because they had an infection and the antibiotics did not work on them.
Refute my opponents argument but plants do not have all the amino acids:
Plant Foods Have a Complete Amino Acid Composition
1.The McDougall Program, Santa Rosa, CA 95404,
William Rose and his colleagues completed research by the spring of 1952 that determined the human requirements for the 8 essential amino acids.2 They set as the "minimum amino acid requirement" the largest amount required by any single subject and then they doubled these values to make the "recommended amino acid requirement," which was also considered a "definitely safe intake." By calculating the amount of each essential amino acid provided by unprocessed complex carbohydrates (starches and vegetables)3 and comparing these values with those determined by Rose,1 the results show that any single one or combination of these plant foods provides amino acid intakes in excess of the recommended requirements. Therefore, a careful look at the founding scientific research and some simple math prove it is impossible to design an amino acid"deficient diet based on the amounts of unprocessed starches and vegetables sufficient to meet the calorie needs of humans. Furthermore, mixing foods to make a complementary amino acid composition is unnecessary.4

Are animal protein the best way to get Amino Acids?
No because animal protein is high on sulfer when you put that in your body your body becomes acidic but your body isn"t meant to be acidic is meant to be what does the body do they start releasing calcium from the bones so more cow milk you drink then weaker you bones get.(this argument is also valid why milk is unhealthy,do you remember I will explain that later?)
Eggs: there are 8 minutes until the dead line so more on thast later.
Word hunger and pollution: my opponent
Debate Round No. 3


Well I Think The PRO is Mistaken .. The Topic Under discussion was not MILK but .. Veg/Non Veg!!

Please note that PRO's whole post is unreadable and not at all in order I am hardly able to understand still I have tried to make a reply..

  • My Adversary has not followed the Rule#4 Again (Instead of Veg/Non-Veg He has gone to Milk)
  • And His Response is all about Milk which was not the Topic under debate
  • He has not provided any Valid Source of Information.



Commonly known facts

  1. 1.Milk is an excellent source of calcium and other essential nutrients.
  2. 2.There are many modified milks available.
  3. 3.Lactose intolerance is caused by an inability to digest milk sugars, but most people can tolerate small amounts of milk.
  4. 4.Flavoured milks (reduced fat varieties, for children over two years) are preferable to soft drinks and fruit drinks.



-75% of people is lactose intolerant

3 out of 4 people are lactose intolerant

Wrong Information Provided

Total percentage of people who are lactose intolerant


3 out of 4 people suffer from diarrhea,stomach ache,gassine,bloating,ear infection,excess mucus when they drink milk.

Milk and mucous
Many people in Australia believe that nasal stuffiness is related, in part, to how much milk you drink. However, there is no scientific basis to this theory. Milk doesn’t encourage extra mucous production.

I would like to state Actual Facts & Fallacies about Milk

Milk contains many different nutrients

Milk and milk products contain a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate and are a very important source of essential nutrients including:

  • Calcium
  • Riboflavin
  • Phosphorous
  • Vitamins A, D and B12
  • Pantothenic acid.

Milk products also contain ‘high quality proteins’ that are well suited to human needs. Milk proteins increase the value of poorer quality cereal and vegetable proteins in the diet by providing the amino acids these proteins lack.

Milk and health conditions

Australians tend to restrict dairy foods when they try to lose weight, believing them to be fattening. Dairy foods contain saturated fats, which have been associated with increased blood cholesterol levels. However, dairy foods (particularly low-fat products) are not a threat to good health if consumed in moderation as part of a well-balanced nutritious diet.

Some research findings include:

  • Osteoporosis – if milk and milk products are removed from the diet, it can lead to an inadequate intake of calcium. This is of particular concern for women and the elderly, who have high calcium needs. Calcium deficiency may lead to disorders like osteoporosis (a disease characterised by bone loss).
  • Colon cancer – some studies have found that people who regularly eat dairy products have a reduced risk of developing colon cancer.
  • Blood pressure – research in the US found that a high intake of fruits and vegetables, combined with low-fat dairy foods, will lower blood pressure more than fruits and vegetables alone.
  • Type 2 diabetes – a 10-year study of 3,000 overweight adults found that consuming milk and other milk products instead of refined sugars and carbohydrates may protect overweight young adults from developing type 2 diabetes.

Milk and tooth decay

Milk and milk products are thought to protect against tooth decay. Eating cheese and other dairy products:

  • Reduces oral acidity (which causes decay)
  • Stimulates saliva flow
  • Decreases plaque formation
  • Decreases the incidence of dental caries (tooth decay).

Milk and milk products are highly nutritious, so people who suffer from lactose intolerance should not give them up entirely. You can still consume milk in moderate quantities. You can also buy lactose-free milk.


-No other animal drinks the milk of an other animal.cows do not produce milk for us cows produce milk for us they produce milk for their baby. Why cows milk?Why not drink chimp milk?

If another species had the intelligence to obtain the milk from another animal, they might do it too. The fact is that humans are able to milk other animals. Still please consider the following pictures.

The fact is… A Cow Gives Milks and Its young ones only need it for few month after that it is all waste which instead of giving any advantage it harms the animal and milking a cow is not a harm to it but an effort to give it a longer life..

As for meat you can see the video for people eating MEAT all body builders take meat..

In India Those who worship cows are found eating cow to build muscles faster..

Men have same hunting instants as animals the difference is we are now living in urban areas and are not exposed to these requirements .. following my supporting evidence is following link .. in 5000 BC people were found eating raw meat … in Africa and other far areas people eat raw meat

There are many kinds of fishes which people eat uncooked see the following

People eat raw meat for body building and many other purposes.. the fact is raw meat is not liked by humans thus they add spices and make it tasty!!!..

as far as gorilla is concerned we can Chimpanzees and their bonobo cousins are known to hunt and eat other mammals, including monkeys. (See "'Loving' Bonobos Seen Killing, Eating Other Primates.")


Pro's all information is mere plagrizm from some unlettered website which contains false information and twisting and turning... due to copy pasting all the data has gone left to right and right to left..

what ever Pro says its baseless without any evidence and is not at all making any sense.. moreover its hardest ever to read it .. I am not able to read it whole because i do not understand what is written..

i would like to ask the voters to please consider the proven facts which i have given with evidence.. not to go by just copy pasting..

Good Day



Constents by pro:
By showing these images of animals drinking other animals milk pro has consented:
-milk is only natural for new-born and babies
Something I would add to these images:The setting of these cute animal scenes are in house or in man maid places in natur such a scenario is highly unlikely.These animals drink the milk of the other animals because of the alternative that is dead .Do you see the mother of the animals how are drinking the milk of an other animal no.If she woud be there the babies of her specis would drink her milk.Why woud they do that because of the simple fact that is the healthiest choise for them proving that drinking the milk of your own specis is always the best choise .
My opponent has also consented that humans do not eat meat by natur with his statement:The fact is raw meat is not liked by humans so theyadd spices for make them them tasty!!!...
Why is raw meat not tasty?things are not tasty because in natur they woud be poison .
Proving that meat is not natural for humans .Do bears cock their meat no there digestive system is made for eating raw meat our is not we are only abel to eat raw meat keep fresh in a fridge and we are highly probable to get sick from the action.
My opponent has not made any objectios that our teeth are not made for eating flesh that our bodie is the one of an herbivour.
My opponent has not debated that the colesteroll that enters our bodie with meat is un-healthy.
My opponent has not argued againts my argument from my first round with an argument that meat production is the biggest cause of environmental warming and that meat production is the cause of word opponent has tried to justificate why we need to do this,but my opponent has not argued that this is not true.
My opponent has not argued that we can get our amini acids from vegtebels.
My opponent has not argued against my statement that milk weakens the bones.
My opponent has not argued against my statement that soya milk is supiriour to cows milk in fiber and equal in calcium.
Rebttals (after a long list of my opponents consents)
-my opponent states that milk is a wonderfull source of calcium I do not argue with that but my opponent also states that taking milk away from the diet is bad for the health but he doesn"t specifie if these people how stoped to drink milk drinked any milk suppliant like soyas milk.What woud explain why they got un-healthy.
-my opponents states that even vegetarians drink milk ,than my opponent states that I failed to understand the topic of the debate .we aggred in the comments that we woud change the terms of the debate to non-vegan vs vegan food.but I guess she has forgotten.
-my opponent states that all builder eat meat false visit carlsdotcom on youtube for prov .
-fish people eat raw fish.It is true sushi is even my favourit dish but the fish must be really fresh not like in other omnivourous animals .and fish has to much protein like over the limit fulled with proteins .fish is not healthy it conteins to much protein.what is not healthy and if we coud get our protein without killing animals why eat fish.if you saw my videos you now the dangereous levels of mercury in fish.
My opponents states :people have found eating raw meat in 5000 b.c. what is nonsense if you are a creationist .but my opponent does not include if they were healthy doing that .
Ex:people have been found committen suicide since 5000 b.c. it muss be healthy.
Add to my case :
Eggs humans can not eat raw eggs without getting sick proving that it is not a natural behivoiur in humans .
Conclusion : after my opponents consents and ignoring some of my other arguments ,after she admitted not to wash my video sources completely after she assumed I copy pasted my last argument I am happy that it is finelly over .you shoud watch the viedeos to vote our debate most of my sources are in there
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by gorant 4 years ago
Leandro have great points. everyone should become vegetarian immediatly.

Excellent dabate by leandro. Great job done. Keep up the great work. i couldn't get a chance to vote for you. But surely next time. eagerly waiting to cast my vot for your next debate. Thanks..
Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
to me it seems biased voting.
no body voted coz some one cant give justification of giving vote to person they want to see winning.
well it clearly seems con was so great in this debate.
but yet see.
i read it now.
other wise u would have seen,
Posted by leandro.sanchez 5 years ago
Well you did a lot of consents ;)
Posted by LoopsEye 5 years ago
I did not asked anybody to vote me on that Pro :) I believe My Arguments in Debate are Pretty Enough to Present my stance though there is much more to say..
Posted by leandro.sanchez 5 years ago
Well you have the right to comment but people shoud not base their vote on t.hat
Posted by LoopsEye 5 years ago
It was a comment Pro.
Posted by leandro.sanchez 5 years ago
you shoud not post arguments in the comments.
Posted by LoopsEye 5 years ago
I would appriciate your vote also :)
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
Great use of pictures. You should post this on the vote request forum.
Posted by LoopsEye 5 years ago
Humans are able to grow strong without meat, but we need the right protein supplements in other foods, because evolutionary speaking we have depended on meat for protein a lot more than gorillas: Gorillas have just adapted to make use of proteins within plants a lot better.

Next to this gorillas are herbivores, which means they can synthesize most amino acids themselves. Humans are in need of essential amino acids, amino acids we cannot synthesize our selves and we get those (mostly) from meat (or specific plants that also carry them). Without an intake of essential amino acids, we die.
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Reasons for voting decision: I enjoyed this debate. Good coverage of the round. I was more persuaded by Pro, though he could've been more precise (rule 4) and more grammatical.