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Should women get paid equally as men?

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Started: 12/18/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes. Women are exact equals to men. Women get paid 81.8 percent on average of what men get paid.


Why shouldn't we get equally paid were both humans, men don't always do better than women at work. I mean look at Emilie Chatelet.
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Posted by DeletedUser 2 years ago
Yes of course.
Posted by DoughBoii 2 years ago
The "Wage Gap" between Women and Men is a myth.
If Women were being paid less at a company than Men for the same amount of work then Companies would be hiring Women exclusively.
The reason Men as a total around the United States make more than Women is due to multiple factors..
Women and Men choose different career options.
Men will get degree's in Business and Women will get degree's in Dance, Liberal Arts, and Gender Studies.
Men work jobs that have low amounts of women working.. Construction, Law Enforcement, Software Engineering.. Ect
Lots of Women are stay at home moms.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Women are not better than men. Anyone who says otherwise is either a cuck or a cockless male tranny slag.

-Women suffer from emotional instability.
-Women suffer from menstrual cramps.
-Women are weak.
-Most women need make-up to look half decent.
-Women complain about EVERYTHING.
-Women have the biological urge to birth a child, this means on average they earn less money!
-Women typically have a higher body fat percentage and gain weight easier. While men gain muscle easier.

-Women have awkwardly placed lumps of fat-sacks placed on their chest which do no benefit the female in anyway (although I once saw a woman on Youtube crush a watermelon with one of her giant tits.)
Posted by DeepFriedOrange 2 years ago
Everyone gets paid equally, you are talking about a earning's gap. While we all do get the same wage, men most of the time tend to stay overtime to finish more work, and women tend to take breaks more often. Overall, we have the same salary, but people work differently, which means they get different amounts of pay depending on how many days you turn up and work.
Posted by MercedesK 2 years ago
All women should get paid equally
Posted by kyky33 2 years ago
Women are supeior to men, and that is shown in many ways. One, we're more mature. Two, we are smarter. Three, we totally rule!
Posted by wagwan_pifffting 2 years ago
Actually, in my opinion, women are different then men. They are superior. We out here. #respectwomen
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Gender fluid? So you're a wannabe girl? No, you're just gay as f*ck.
Posted by Millsal974 2 years ago
Actually, im gender fluid so get your sh*t straight before i slap you with my actual hand.
Posted by EvilPyro736 2 years ago
If the title was "Do Women get Paid as Much as Men" and you where con, I would accept. But I agree to the current title but not the 2nd part of your argument.
Sorry if that was confusing.
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