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Should you be able to choose the gender of your child?

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Started: 11/1/2013 Category: Health
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Parents can now choose the gender of their babies with new technology called PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) to have a male or female embryo implanted into the mother. In Australia, this isn't legal so the couple would have to fly to California and spend no lest than $30,000 to have the child"s gender selected. Is this right ethically? Should a mother be able to choose the gender of their child or should they leave it to fate?


I would like to thank Con for initiating this debate. While I won't say parents necessarily should select the gender of their child (clearly there's nothing wrong with allowing nature to decide), I will say that I see nothing ethically wrong with doing so if they want to.

This, of course, is assuming the process used to select the gender does not involve any additional risks to the birthing process, or the physical health of either the child to be or the mother. If this assumption is mistaken, then I should not have taken this debate, and will concede.

As it stands, I only have one argument in support of my stance, as follows:

P1: If a couple has a preference in gender for the child they plan on having, and they have a child of that gender, they will be happier.

P2: The happier a couple is, the more capable they will be to provide a positive environment in which raise a child.

P3: It is beneficial for a child to be raised in a positive environment.

P4: It is morally right for parents to provide their child with as many benefits as they possibly can, and to increase the likelihood of providing those benefits.

Conclusion: If a couple has a preference in gender for the child they plan on having, it is moral for them to select that gender.

I think that's straightforward enough that I needn't go into more detail, so I will leave that as my only argument for now.

Honestly, I can not think of any reason why this practice would be considered unethical (again, assuming there are no additional risks), so I am quite looking forward to Cons response.
Debate Round No. 1


nicola_mac forfeited this round.


Rather disappointed, as I was hoping for a solid debate.

Researching PGD has shown me there certainly are moral grounds to question the process, however I still cannot think of any in which to question choosing the gender, as long as the process used to do so is deemed ethical, even if that means it should be done in some other manner.

The grounds for questioning PGD itself would be the same as for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), as IVF is a part of PGD. To my knowledge, the main ethical concern with IVF is of embryonic loss.

Should my opponent make an argument in the next round, I will address the issue then. But, as it stands, I'd prefer not to debate against myself, so I will extend my argument from the previous round, and hope my opponent provides a response.
Debate Round No. 2


nicola_mac forfeited this round.


My opponent was unable to continue the debate as she didn't have access to the internet when she needed it. She offered her apologies so I would ask that voters not hold it against her and just let the debate end as a tie.

If anybody would like to debate me on this subject, feel free to challenge me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 2-D 3 years ago
I agree with Satan's arguments and Con's profile photo.
Posted by mrsatan 3 years ago
I hadn't done much research on the matter when I posted my initial argument, but researching it has not changed my stance. If anything, its made me more sure of my stance, but I'll leave my arguments for the debate itself.
Posted by MrLiberal 3 years ago
It is unnatural and unethical. If somebody was meant to be a boy, they shall remain a boy. Poeple aren't supposed to have control over everything. Some things need to be spontaneous and unexpected. Let people be who they were meant to be. Con, without a doubt.
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