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Silent Hill; Room of an Angel

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Started: 3/19/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
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We both agree that the song is about me and my mom. For those that don't know the song here is a link:

My position is that it's about when I leave to see my dad. faraecho disagrees. I will allow her to explain her position, before I explain mine all the way.


This song is about emorose and her mother. Emorose has says that it is like them for antoher reason that I disagree with. I think that this song displays emorose's reaction to her mother's death. Emorose has no love for the woman that will not let her see her father, keeps her practically as a hostage, and uses her as a twenty four hour babysitter. She greatly dislikes her (like the line the in the song that says: It was always you that I despised).
The beggining of the song goes as the following: You lie, silent there before me, your tears, they mean nothing to me.
Is Emorose's mother was lying dead before her, she would not do anything to help her, despite her mother's tears. She would let her die and not shed tears for her mother after her death. I believe that Emorose would wonder if her mother would remember her as the 'good little daughter' or the vile, nasty, and vicious creature that wouldn't help her, and it would be then that she would give some sympathy to her mother. Such as visiting her grave and putting flowers there. (Like the lines of the song that says: here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye). However, emorose would never tell her mother that she was sorry and that she misses her mother after she died. She would live happily with her father and soon forget about the hateful woman.
Debate Round No. 1


I disagree on how it relates.

The chorus: "here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye, it was always you that i despised, i don't feel enough for you to cry, oh well, here's a lullaby to close your eyes. goodbye...."

That is when I say good bye to her when I go to dad's. She tries to make it so hard on me to leave that I wont. I am so used to that that I don't cry when saying goodbye. She always plays songs about me leaving the whole time and calls them her lullaby songs.
She is almost always what I want a break from when I leave, therefore, despised.
The rest goes:

"You lie silent there before me."
That is when she is quite on our trip to the airport. When I'm leaving to visit my dad. She always sits in front of me, and is really quite.

"Your tears they mean nothing to me."
I am unaffected by her crying when I leave.

"The wind, howling at the window."
Is when the plane takes off, and you can hear all the noise at first, of the wind, and all that.

"The love, you never gave to me I give to you, really don't desearve it."
Even though she tries to make me feel guilty 24/7 I try to make her happy, and do my best for her. But she is never grateful.

"But now ther is nothing you can do."
No amount of guilt will change my mind.

"So sleep, in your only memory of me, my dearest mother."
More challanging to exlpain. But, her memory of me would be mean, nasty, and rude. A "Hateful little brat" as she loves to call me.

"So insignificant. Sleeping tormant deep inside of me."
I am her least favorite of her children, the least significant. A pain is always in me to know that.

"Are you hiding away, lost under a sewer?"
When it rains and I'm flying it's kinda like that.

"Or maybe flying high in the clouds?"
When she flew with me when I was young.

"Perhaps your happy without me."
She doesn't really like me, so she probably would be.

"So many seeds have been sownin the feild, and who could sprout up so blessedly if I had died?"
Many siblings, I always seem to be their problem. If I died in a crash, they could be so much happier.

"I would never have felt sad at all."
If I had died, I would have been thinkink about happier times, rather than thinking of misery.

"You will never hear me say I'm sorry."
For leaving.

"Where, is the light?"
Are my feelings really right? How can I tell?

"Wonder if it's weeping somewhere."
I wonder if my conscience is trying to tell me I made the wrong choice, that I should feel bad, and apoligize.

That is how I believe the song is about me.


I believe that the song has a deeper meaning than Emorose is willing to admit. She has enough feeling to be modest about my reasoning. But she shouldn't be quiet.

Her mother is a vile woman that only wants her daughter as a babysitter, and a personal non-paid housekeeper of her slowly rotting house. She has no reason to be ashamed to think that the song is about her feelings toward her mother's death.

" You lie, silent there before me. " This could have a double meaning. Emorose has often been lied to, and when caught she will either be silent with no response or come back with a lame excuse. The other meaning is Emorose seeing her mother dead, on the floor.

" Your tears, they mean nothing to me. " This describes Emorose remembering and seeing her mother alive. Her mother would cry occasionally as she stressed to get her daughter to do her evil bidding, and Emorose wouldn't feel even the slightest twang of emotion. Just like she wouldn't feel anything at the moment of her mother's death.

" The wind, howling at the window. " This describes the welling up of emotions inside Emorose's mind before she made a decision of what to do with those feeling.

" The love you never gave, I give to you, really don't deserve it. " Emorose's mom doesn't love her, and she tries to do as much as she can even though she does not deserve it. So it is a relief for that woman to be gone.

" But now, there's nothing you can do. " Emorose would be glad that her mother couldn't yell at her for expressing her own opinions now that she's dead.

" So sleep, in your only memory of me, my dearest mother! " Emorose would want her mom to possibly remember a happier time when there wasn't the yelling and pain.

" Here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye, it was always you that I despised. I don't feel enough for you to cry, oh well, here's a lullaby to close your eyes. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. " I can imagine the Emorose would break down and eventually go to her mother's grave and talk to her about what life was like for her. Sometimes I can imagine Emorose singing a lullaby to the grave.

" So insignificant, sleeping dormant deep inside of me. " That would be her mother's feelings tword's Emorose's feeling (so insignificant), making Emorose's real feelings unused and pent up. In the event of the mother's death, Emorose's emotions would no longer be dormant.

" Are you hiding away, lost under the sewer? " I presume Emorose would be trying to get away from the memory of her mother, but it would keep coming back. " Maybe flying high, in the clouds. " And Emorose's conscious would get to her.

" Perhaps your happy without me. " Emorose would finally decide that in whatever afterlife, if ther is one, her mother may be in, that she would be happy without her daughter.

" So many seeds have been sown in the field. " I agree that this phrase describes her sibligns.

" And who could sprout up so blessedly, if I had died. " Emorose would start to wonder how her mother's death effected her siblings's lives. She would also possibly debate about what would've happened to them if she, herself, had died.

" I would have never, felt sad at all. " Emorose's conscious would tackle at her heart.

" You will not hear me say, I'm sorry. " This phrase depicts a small fight between Emorose and her conscious.

" Where is the light? Wonder if it's weeping somewhere. " Emorose would wonder if the pain of her mother's death would go away, along with the memory, and she would be free to see the light.

And then the song ends with a repetition of the chorus (here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye, it was always you that I despised, I don't feel enough for you to cry, oh well, here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye). I imagine that this would be Emorose talking with her mother in a distant graveyard.
Debate Round No. 2


wrong I feel deep emotion everytime she does something. lol I would not sing, and (my hand is twitching so I am hun-n-pecking, but i might not uppercase or something, it's hard to type like this) would not talk to a grave.


So you are saying that you do agree with me?

You are saying that you would feel a deep emotion, which could be interpreted as you would be sad if your mother died.

I only said it was a reoccurring mental image. I didn't say that you'd be actually singing to a grave. That would be weird.

Please do not think that my friend is being lazy because of her lame argument (sorry, emorose). Her hand really is hurt and she's sick today as well. She's seeing a doctor, and I don't think I'm making a very good argument either.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Motoko 6 years ago
hold on,
You know very little, if anything about this song and what it means.
"Here's a lullaby now close your eyes," -- Walter Sullivan from Silent Hill 4: The Room, where this song is from, would visit room 301 because he believed it to be his mother. Google will explain the rest.

"It was always you that I despised." -- Walter was a serial killer, perhaps other than his need to 'awaken' his mother, perhaps he also hated the townspeople.

But there also might have been the possibility that Walter's mother hated HIM and killed herself in room 301, and the first line is from Walter, the next two from his 'mother', and the last one, again, from him.
This is just a possibility, though. A lot of things can be said about this song. but hopefully this clears up what exactly it might possibly be about.
Posted by Emorose 8 years ago
lol btw, I actually have given serious thought to her death.....but umm. I'll tell you the plan later.
That only really started 1-2 months ago.
Posted by faraecho 8 years ago
i think that's a lie. no one can no one better than one's self! so therefore tori should decide althouh i think she would agree wih rosebecause my opinion involves her deth.
Posted by chihiro 8 years ago
You would've won anyway.Only you know your mother better than faraecho.It was kind of like a one sided fist interesting nonetheless.btw,sorry it took so long for me to answer your request.I haven't been on in a while -_-'
Posted by Emorose 8 years ago
Well whatever. I only heard the song because YOU told me it was about my mother's death. And this interested me. Because she ISN'T DEAD YET!!!!!!!
So basically, I don't know everything about that. So whatever.
Posted by faraecho 8 years ago
NO NO NO NO!! THE GROUP ISN'T CALLED SILENT HILL!!!! THERE IS NO SUCH GROUP!!!! THE SONG IS FROM THE VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK YOU RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she's right, it really doesn't have anything to do with the game. it's just a cool song. and btw im the one argueing that the song is about her mother dying and crap.
Posted by Emorose 8 years ago
I am emorose. My mother is the parent I live with.

I say that the song refers to me leaving.
She says it's about me killing my mother.

There is a link to the song. The song is called Room of an Angel, and it's by a group called Silent Hill.

And before anyone comments, I really doubt it has ANYTHING to do with the videogame.
Posted by trendem 8 years ago
Wait, what? Who's emorose? Who's her mother? Where's the song from? I am not even clear about what exactly each debater is arguing for... both of their positions seem the same.
Posted by Emorose 8 years ago
lmao, maybe a little too late but anyway THIS DEBATE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VIDEO GAME!
Posted by Emorose 8 years ago
lol should have thought this out. I'm not sure how to debate the last round quite yet.
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