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Silent Lunches are the Worst things to Happen

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Started: 9/7/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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My oppent will be arguing that silent lunches are the worst thing in history.
NO cussin'
Round 1 is acceptance only
If any of these rules are violated then all 7 points go to the opponet


If I am correct, my opponent will be saying that silent lunches are good. Here are some extra rules that I would like to apply.

A. If you are providing info from another source, you must state it.
B. You can say that the opposite opinion is wrong, but you can not say that the information is false unless you have proof.
C. Finally, have fun

My opponent will go first.
Debate Round No. 1


I will begin with worse things that Schools have to offer.
public spankings
long lunch lines
cold lunches (temp)
cold lunches in general
Liberal agenda

Now on to the fact that silent lunches are good.
In military camp I had to eat Pi style. Since I can't find it, it's sitting strait up, left hand on your knee, using one hand to eat, eyes and head strait to the front, and no talking. This helped a lot since we were on a time limit it had us eating faster so we could start our daily PT at Wentsworth. I schools silent lunches get students out of the lunch line faster so I can go to the debate room and get started on my homework.


I think that Uniforms are good because it is easier to be in a even group, and there are less ways to become mean and/or bullied.

Public spankings are, at least in my opinion, not common in most schools, and if performed, the performer should be in trouble.

Detention is not that bad unless they make you stay for two hours writing the same sentence over and over.

Long Lunch lines are not a problem, because you will get your meal sometime during the lunch.

I personally don't care what temperature my lunch is. Most of the time, our lunches are cold, but they are cooked.

I do not know what the other two examples are, so I won't say anything about them.

This is how silent lunches are the worst:

A. Silent lunches conserve bad energy. Most students talk during lunch because there is barely any other time to talk. If this energy is conserved, it can cause a rowdier next period and barely anything gets done. I have learned this lesson because people who are cooperative and quiet before lunch turn chatty and and uncooperative when silent lunch is exposed.
B. Silent lunches bore you. Silent lunches is where you eat, and then you have nothing to do afterwards because you can't talk. In my school, if you bring in anything except a packed lunch if you don't buy, you get a weekful of detentions.
C. Finally, most people want to communicate with their friends. what perfect way then somewhere where a huge group of people can eat. Most the time, the only time that you can communicate is in school. Only best friends can catch up after school.

Your turn opponent.
Debate Round No. 2


Uniforms- are a horrid dress code, Why you may ask? It stomps out creativity in children young and it is a violation of the freedom of speech, because what you wear describes what you feel inside. I've had to wear uniforms at a privite school of Most Pure Heart of Mary in Topeka, KS.

Public Spankings- They aren't common in Pulbic schools, but in MPH (most pure heart) if someone acted up or questioned the church then they got spanked and I have viewed several.

Dention- My opponet consceeds that this is bad.

Lunch Temp.- this horrible due to the long lunch lines by the time I get to eat my food it's cold!

Liberal agenda- It's how nice the teachers are now. It bad, because trobble makers can get away with almost anything.

ROTC PT (Reserve Officer Training Corps, Physical Training)- The reason this is bad is, because it's during school and you have to run 5 miles and comeback to school and due the rest of the school day all smelly and sweaty.

A. Silent lunches conserve good energy by the fact that children will get done quicker and they'll be able to due homework and when you finish your silent lunch you can still talk in the halls. So weigh the Pros and Cons.
Pros- You get homework done and you can still talk in the hallways
Con- no talking during lunch

B. Lunches aren't for talking they're for talking, otherwise they'd be called talk time. My response to your second arguement here is that obvisouly you aren't being very sneaky then, because I always bring me a little snack and I have never got caught.

C. I already adressed this and if you want more time to communicate with your friends well then call your friends and have a sleepover or movie night or something.

In Conclusion
The Pros, as I explained, out weigh the cons. I have also explained and shown how that schools have other things that are worse then silent lunches. Do not let my opponet bring up any new arguements except PT and Liberal agenda.


Last argument:

A. In my school, you are not allowed to bring anything in the lunch room other than a bagged lunch. If you do, you get a detention
B. I think that Silent Lunches are not the only punishment and silent lunches should be a last resort because it causes the most rebellion (assigned seats, lunches in classrooms, ect.)
C. Last argument of this debate, most people would appreciate to talk in the lunchroom and have another time to talk with kids.

Good luck everyone and vote for the best winner!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bossyburrito 5 years ago
Didn't Imabench just do this...
Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
Public speaking is fun
Posted by darkkermit 5 years ago
I would've picked the holocaust and slavery up there, for worst things to happen in history, but public speaking and cold lunches come to a close second.
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Reasons for voting decision: Arguments were a bit shallow from both sides and the debate seemed rather incomplete to tell the truth. The argument that won the debate for Con though was Pro's admittance that public spankings were in fact worse. Attempting to refute the point by saying it isn't common doesn't sidestep the actual point though. Pro would have done well to argue from a specific value standard by which school lunches would be the worst.