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Single Gender School

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Started: 10/9/2012 Category: Education
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Today, everyone knows what is the Single Gender School. There are arguments for and against SGS. I also against the SGS, because one of the most important reason that if students are accustom with the same gender and they spend much time with single gender,it will be difficult to them to accustom to another gender.


Research suggest's that boys and girls learn in different ways. Research shows that a girl's brain is different from a boy's brain. Therefore, coeducation will not work for every child. Recently public schools have begun to experiment with single sex classes, and, in some cases, single sex schools suggesting a good response to single sex education.

The Research

Perhaps the most revealing research on single sex versus coeducation is Single-Sex Versus Coeducational Schooling. This study was commissioned by the federal Department of Education and was released in 2005. Basically it seemed to conclude that there is not enough evidence to suggest single sex education is better than coeducation or vice-versa.

Another national study from UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies claims to show that girls from single sex schools have an edge over their coed peers.

Some children thrive in a single sex school. Why? For one thing, the social pressures can be gentler. Your child can grow at his own pace. This often is a good thing for boys as they mature later than girls.

Boys And Girls Learn Differently. If they are both able to learn in their own styles they will have a far superior education then they ever could have had if they went to a coed school.
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Posted by Shabnam 5 years ago
I disagree with you, it is not so difficult to accustom with another gender, because there are many girls who are the students of SGS and they have many friends who are boys and they accustom to them very well.
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