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Single-gendered classrooms

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Started: 5/12/2015 Category: Education
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R1 acceptance


Single gender classrooms would be taking Woman's Rights and throwing it out the window, if you were to take a group of children and tell them that the boys will be in one classroom, and the girls will be in the other then, you would have girls and boys feeling insecure and that the other side is superior to them making them feel even more insecure. Genders should be taken together so that, boys will learn to get along with girls and girls will get along with boys.
Debate Round No. 1


C1. Single-sex institutions are bad for the emotional health of males.

Men always say that they do not understand women, perhaps because they were sent to single sex schools. Research has proved that boys who went to single sex schools as opposed to mixed schools are more likely to get divorced and suffer from depression in their 40. This is proof that we should school our children in mixed schools in order to give them the best bill of emotional health. Dr. Diana Leonard, who presented the findings, concluded that ‘Boys learn better when they are with girls and they actually learn to get on better’.

C2. Single-sex schools are manifestations of patriarchal societies

Single-sex schools are a throwback to the patriarchal society of the past; in many historical cultures, only men were allowed an education of any sort. To perpetuate this is to remind women of their past subservience and to continue to hold them from full social inclusion. In India, where the colonial yoke of British rule remains, the national average for the difference in male-female literacy is 16.7%, with some districts as high as 28%. Single-sex schools discourage female education and make it increasingly difficult for parents to find room for girls in the limited co-educational schools. A push for single-sex education therefore is ‘predicated on outdated, moronic, and destructive gender stereotypes’.

C3. Children need to be exposed to the opposite sex in preparation for later life

The formative years of children are the best time to expose them to the company of the other gender, in order that they may learn each other’s’ behaviour and be better prepared for adult life. The number of subjects benefiting from single-sex discussion is so small that this could easily be organised within a co-educational system. Furthermore, even if girls naturally perform better in an environment without boys, they need to learn how to perform just as well with boys. Dr. Alan Smithers, a respected British schools expert, declared in a 2006 report that ‘distraction by boys was a myth’ and that ‘half a century of research has not shown any dramatic or consistent advantages for single-sex education for boys or girls’.


Garner, R. ‘Why single-sex schools are bad for your health’. The Independent, 1 December 2009.
Asthana, A. ‘Single-sex schools ‘no benefit to girls’’. The Guardian, 25 June 2006.


macybizarre forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


In my last speech i would like to say my opponet was confuse and now has forfeited but anyway single-gendered classrooms are horrible for socializing you only get to see the opposite sex for maybe 2-3 minutes in middle school and high school in elementary your without then for 7 hours thats gonna hurt you later in life you wont know what to do.


macybizarre forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DanMGTOW 3 years ago
some of the best schools that have segregated classrooms
it is much easier to focus on the subject at hand when you're not distracted
sexual tension is one of the biggest distractions for a teenager / young adult
women are still segregated from most professional sports
if men perform better when they compete against men
and women perform better when they compete against women
then why shouldn't both be given the best chance to perform?
Posted by brad1999 3 years ago
it's alright opponet you have round 2
Posted by CommunistDog 3 years ago
Well.... how about this is about who can make the better con argument?
Posted by Nac 3 years ago
Could you please elaborate on your points, Pro?
Posted by macybizarre 3 years ago
I completely mistook this and thought I was supporting not having them. Oh my, do I feel stupid? Ha Ha
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