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Single-sex schools should be more common.

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Started: 3/4/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Information:
Round 1: Arguments stated
Round 2: Rebuttals
Round 3: Closing (No new information)

1. No new information in Round 3.
2. Follow structure.
3. No attacks (ex. You A**HOLE).
(Any infraction involving these rules will result in all 7-points being given to me)

Notes: I am NOT stating that ALL SCHOOLS should be converted into single sex schools.
I believe single-sex schools should be more common, this is because in single-sex schools sexual relationships will be less likely to develop, there will be less distractions, and there will be less reasoning for impressing friends and other students, thus creating an environment less distracting for the students improving productivity, efficiency, and focus.
To explain my first point, it will be less likely for sexual relationships to develop, this point's meaning is that serious relationships will be less-likely to develop until college lessening the amount of distractions and drama in a student's life. It also helps to prevent students from having children, and overall sexual intercourse, at young ages because of the homosexual minority in the world.
To support my second point, there will less distractions, I will state that students will be less likely to be seduced or distracted by other students' clothing and actions that are of a different sex.
To support my third point, there will be less reasoning for impressing friends, thus helping to eliminate class clowns, troublemakers, and disruptions overall. This is because most immature or inappropriate behavior can be rooted to impressing students of the other sex.


Thanks to my opponent for an interesting topic. Let me now present my opening argument.

Schooling or schools deals with the concept of education. Education can be defined according to Merriam Webster as either
(a) the action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college, or university.
(b) the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university.(1)

One of the most important skills a person can acquire is social interaction skills.(2) These skills result in behavior that is beneficial not only for the individual but the group/society as a whole. Learning/acquiring this skill requires interaction with both both males and females, as such single sex schools are not beneficial to the learning of social interaction skills as in effect you are isolating the students from another sex.

The one benefit flouted by same sex school proponents is that it leads to improved grades for the students. However, this benefit does not hold up to scrutiny as has been seen in a report in Science magazine which showed the benefits of same-sex schooling are overblown and in fact do not lead to higher grades.(3)

This argument above encompass all the major arguments made for same-sex schooling.(4) For these reasons, I believe that same-sex schooling is a detriment to students and should not be more common.

I hand the debate over to my opponent for rebuttals.

Debate Round No. 1


I must say I am impressed by your argument, however the statement,"One of the most important skills a person can acquire is social interaction skills" is borderline off-topic. This is because we are talking purely about education standards and test score improvement, and although your statement relates back to school into the fact that social skills are mainly developed in schools and that both male and female students are needed for these skills to develop which, in fact, does relate back to school. However, relating back to the topic of single sex schools increasing test scores and improving grades an Australian study of 270,000 students found that students of both sexes performed significantly higher on standardized tests (1). Also, social interaction skills can be built outside of school and therefore cannot be used as a valid point because of the ability for the students to interact as much as they want in the hours outside of schools. Also, the detrimental effects of single-sex schooling (Sexism and stereotyping) are definitely outweighed by the benefits (increase in grades and standardized test scores) which is proven in an article on, where the statement appears,"students of the opposite sex can be a distraction."(2) This statement tells us that single sex schooling can remove the factor of distraction of the other sex, and using logic we can figure out that less distraction leads to more focus, and then focus leads to a higher rate of efficiency and productivity.

I will now give my opponent the debate to state rebuttals.



Thanks to my opponent for some interesting rebuttals which I am eager to engage in the final round of the debate.

My opponent states that single-sex schools should be more common as sexual relationships will be less likely to develop. My opponent has yet to define why this is a bad thing, as sex is a very natural process and beneficial in the total development of a person not only mentally but also physically.(1) In the same way, any social interaction with the same or opposite sex is healthy.(2) However, by isolating a person from a segment of society that they will one day be forced to work with is not beneficial. We have to ask the question how will a person cope with working with the opposite sex when they have not even been able to interact with them.

My opponent states that students will be less distracted if surrounded by only males or females. However, how does this correlate to real life where only 1/3 of the day is spent in school. Surely then after school when the student is exposed to the opposite sex the distraction will be even greater as they have not been exposed to it and so its not natural. Additionally, my opponent has said same-sex schools will improve efficiency, productivity and grades but has supplied no evidence for this in his opening argument. I note this has been done in the second round, but to stick to the rules I will not engage that now. In contrast in my opening argument I have provided evidence that improved grades are not observed in same-sex schools. In fact the authors of this study say that the data that suggests same sex schools provide better grades is all flawed.(3) My opponent needs to prove why this data is not flawed to make this argument work to their benefit.

One last comment, my opponent has also mentioned homosexuality been a minority in the world. I do not agree with this statement, as sexuality can be best explained by a spectrum and so to say homosexuality is a minority ignores the fact that straight is also a minority.(4) Regardless, if we take homosexuality to be a minority this means that homosexual students will be negatively influenced according to my opponents arguments. A such we can argue that same-sex schools benefits as pointed out by my opponent are in fact discriminatory towards homosexuals and are thus should not be more common.

I hand the debate back to my opponent for their closing statements.

Debate Round No. 2


I must say thank you to my opponent for an interesting round as for rebuttals as I begin the final round.

Overall, single-sex schooling has been proven to increase the state testing scores of students that attend these schools (refer to my rebuttal) and although social skills will not be developed in school I have previously stated that the students attending these single sex schools can develop these skills outside of school. The main points I had brought up in the first round were that the single sex schools reduced the distractions in schools, lowered sexual relationships to develop, and lowered the amount of disruptions in class. I have supported these points using both logical and tested evidence.

I will now turn the debate over to my opponent to complete the final round of this debate and progress us to the voting period.


Firstly I would again like to thank my opponent for an interesting and fun debate.

In conclusion my opponent has again stated that single-sex schools lead to improved grades of the students. However, my opponent has failed to prove this. As I pointed out in round two my opponent needs to show that the data given supporting same-sex schooling is valid, when it has been criticized for not been accurate. (1) By not showing these studies are valid my opponent fails in their burden of proof. Additionally, all we got as proof from my opponent is a webpage which cites academic studies which have been shown to consist of flawed data. (1) Also, and this is important "why should we trust a webpage that is selling a same-sex schooling model, would they not have a bias?"(2)

My opponent again has stated that same-sex schooling leads to disruption and lowered sexual relationships. However no proof has been provided for this. Additionally, as I have pointed out, there is nothing wrong with sexual relationships as it is beneficial to mental and physical health.

I would also like to point out that my opponent has dropped the homosexuality discrimination argument, the sex benefits arguments as well as the societal norm argument.

These arguments show that same-sex schooling is not beneficial as my opponent claims.

With that I hand the debate over to the voters.


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Pfalcon1318 3 years ago
You're going to have to come up with better points to defend your position. All of your points seem to be based in opinions and stereotypes.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's arguments relied heavily upon distractions which may occur from opposite sex in schools like sexual relationship which may occur between them. Con brought up the benefits of co-education schools like better social interaction skills. Thus both sides arguments were equally better. Source however goes to Con for better sourcing to back up his arguments.