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Skepsikyma is the most articulate member on ddo

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Started: 10/9/2016 Category: Arts
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance only.


acceptance only
Debate Round No. 1


I will argue that the user known as YYW is a far more articulate user.

YYW's use of language is so rich and powerful, he can make intellectual discussion occur anywhere he chooses, even on subjects or forums that normally devolve into flame wars (e.g. Donald Trump, the Religion Forum) [1] [2]. His typing skills are so admired, approximately ten people have attempted to emulate it as of May 6, 2016, and we can only assume that number's gotten higher [3].

Of course, anyone can say that everyone's trying to copy them, but can it be proven? Well, yes, actually. With regard to thread titles, YYW's influence can clearly be seen in the user thett3 approximately 6 months ago [4] [5]. As for longer posts, YYW's eloquence can be seen injecting itself into users - whether consciously or subconsciously - like a measles vaccines injects babies with autism. One such user, in fact, is Skepsikyma himself.

According to a recent study, some of YYW's most frequently uttered word of all time is "because". In just two posts, posted within hours of each other, we saw Skep say "because" FOUR times [7] [8]. Coincidence? Not very likely.

It is clear that any reputation Skep has gathered for his so-called articulateness is mere byproduct of his attempts at copying YYW.




YYW himself, who, as we know, is always objectively correct, said, in a live hangout (so it is known that it was not an imposter) that one could "make the argument" that Skepsikyma is, in fact, the most articulate person on DDO based on his posts in the "DDO Needs to be a Safe Space" thread (example: [1]).

Quality Over Quantity:

YYW has over 35,000 posts [2]. However, he has never been elected to DDO office. In fact, the closest he has gotten to being a serious political force was when he attempted to convince people that he had the power to hold a referendum on the presidency. We know that the referendum was a fraud.

Skepsikyma, with just over 8,000 posts [3], has won a legitimate DDO election and is currently DDO President [4].

It took YYW 35,000 posts to fail to remotely matter. Skepsikyma managed to actually matter, and he did it with 27,000 fewer posts.

It is obvious that his posts must have a great deal of concentrated truth - after all, DDO members only elect those with the greatest degree of elegance and grace in language to the position of president. This is the definition of being articulate.

I await my opponent's predictably inarticulate response.

[4] Airmax1227 unjustly removed the Official Election Voting Thread. The results, however, are widely accepted.
Debate Round No. 2


Rebuttal 1: Testimony

While it is true YYW said that, this was only because he did not understand the nature of Skepsikyma's opponent's verbal talents. But if we're taking this route, let's address Skep's thoughts. In the thread that spawned this debate, in which bossy claimed Skep to be the most articulate member [1], Skep's response was deleted. Fortunately, I had it screenshotted, and we can clearly see that Skep very inarticulately denied that he is the most articulate person on DDO [2].

Rebuttal 2: Quality Over Quantity

The idea that official positions are worth anything, if ever taken seriously, lost all credibility during the 12th and 13th elections [3], when a known incompetent coward won. Also, I have on word from an objective source of truth that YYW's referendum was "the official thread" [4].

In conclusion, Shab has neglected to bring forth anything even close to proof that Skep is a greater wordsmith than YYW, and his only citations are a single post from Skep, a broken profile link, Skep's profile, and a "deleted" thread that no one screenshotted. In fact, no such thread is even POSSIBLE, considering the presidency was abolished [5].




My opponent is insinuating that there are things which YYW does not understand.

This is objectively false.

With this in mind, I have created an easy-to-understand chart, which even someone with as limited a mind as my opponent should be able to follow:


This is an irrelevant point and should be ignored. No one values this point.

In conclusion, YYW has proven that Skepsikyma is the most articulate member on DDO. This is a fact.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Unstobbaple 10 months ago
Excellent premise for a debate here. Skep is very articulate but 'most' is always a trigger word for me. It's hilarious that shab argued for YYW... who then voted against him XD.
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