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Skyrim deserves to win the next Ultimate Game of the Year

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Started: 12/5/2011 Category: Technology
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Firstly, I would just like to state that this is my first debate, so bear with me. I personally own Skyrim, and I have been playing it from day 1. It is a rich and immersing game, and in my opinion it highly deserves to win the next Game of the Year. I have played other contenders for this title, such as Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. However, I have found these games to be too similar to their predecessors, and indeed to each other, and this is why I think that Skyrim should win the next Game of the year.


I am very glad at the chance to debate this topic, this being my first debate also. I would like to instead suggest other games which could win Game of the Year which you have ignored, and to point out some points of what Skyrim lacks.

I agree that Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 do not deserve the game of the year, as their gameplay may have become somewhat stale. But I believe you have left out some of the other main contenders for Game of the Year.

The possible games which could beat out The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would be as listed:
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (which I will be focusing on during this debate, and which I also personally own).
Batman: Arkham City
Portal 2

Each game has it's own respective positives, in which I will go into more detail as you build your argument in the next round.

Thank you once again for debating with me.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, I would like to thank you for accepting my debate.

I will first start by analysing your choices for game of the year. I shall start with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. I agree that this is a good game, however, I must say that in my opinion it is just that. Good. it is not anything exceptional, nor does it seem to be a world away from other games (for example, it seems to be a bit of Grand Theft Auto, and perhaps a bit of Assassins Creed.) It is also exclusive to the PS3, which means it is missing out on millions of potential customers who only own a Xbox 360.

The Legend of Zelda is strictly a Wii only game, and I think that this puts it at a major disadvantage to win the Game of the Year title. It is quite safe to say that the Wii is the least popular of the 3 main consoles (Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii), and this might lead to a lack of consumer demand. I think the game might win some award next year, but i doubt that it will be the ultimate game of the year. I also think that this series has being playing it "safe" for the past few titles, and the games do not seem to be very different from each other.

Batman: Arkham City is, in my opinion, the strongest opposition. It is, I agree, and very strong game, with a great many good qualities. I however, think that it is far too much like Assassins Creed. In fact, many of my friends who own the game say that you should not by both the latest Batman game ad the latest Assassins Creed. I have played the new Batman game, and I must say that I agree with this point.

Portal 2 is a great game, and I had endless hours of fun playing this game with a friend when i went on holiday with them. This game however won the 2011 Golden Joystick Ultimate Game award, and may, many people did not entirely agree with this decision. It is therefore very unlikely that this game will win it two years running, especially since its award was so contested.

I will await your reply with anticipation.


To begin I wish to analyze Skyrim as a game, and mention some of it's faults. Skyrim is the 5th game in the Elder Scrolls series, made by Bethesda. The game preceded by Oblivion is known as one of the most immersive RPG experiences that is out there. It has terrific graphics, and hours upon hours of gameplay. However its' faults are distinctive.

Because the graphics are so rich, and high detailed, the loading times can become borderline ridiculous, found mostly in the console versions of the game. By testimony of a friend who owns the game for Xbox 360, the game took 30 seconds to load when entering a house. There have been several other accounts of lag and slowness within the console versions of the game, taking long times to open menus and to save. However it is to be noted that these problems are not present on PC versions of the game.

Another issue with Skyrim are with the patches. Being the RPG it is, Bethesda updates the game to try to fix bugs periodically, however with the most recent patch of the PS3 version, Patch 1.2, which meant to fix issues of lag and freezing has created even more difficulties. Magic Resistance is completely broken, and issues of saving lag, and freezing merely when walking are still present.

Skyrim was meant to improve the formula that was so successful in Oblivion, and in many ways it did. However in others it was a letdown. For example character animation, as I was watching a friend play, I noticed that movement in some ways could be very spastic and jerky, and his character would wig out a little bit. Another letdown would be melee combat in the console versions. In versions other than the PC version the control of melee attacks using weapons is not as precise as it should be, which ends up being much less precise than it would be with a mouse.

My main complaint with Skyrim are mainly these technical errors, and the fact that though it is meant to be released on several platforms, it runs best without error on the computer, where the console players are suddenly out of what would otherwise be a very fluid experience.

So back to the games, this time i'll concentrate on Skyward Sword and Arkham City

Skyward Sword while as you said is a strictly Wii only game it is in my opinion just as good or better than Skyrim. I would argue that the Wii is not the least popular of the 3 main consoles because worldwide the Wii has outsold both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, this is also true in the U.S. itself. While Skyward Sword did not sell as many copies as Skyrim may have, it is the fastest selling Zelda game to this day.
Skyward Sword takes the idea of motion gaming to the next level. Nearly every action your character performs is meticulously performed through the player's motion. This is revolutionary especially in the field of combat. If you swing diagonally, your character swings diagonally at the exact same angle you do, if you stab, your character stabs as well. This game is made from the bottom up for motion gaming. The difficulty level which was complained about after Wind Waker has been ramped up. Every creature and enemy you fight requires a type of strategy to overcome them. The most simple enemies of the prior games now block your attacks, requiring you to strike quickly using various tactics to trick them or simply acting faster than their guard. The items that Link (your character) uses are also controlled through the idea of motion gaming. The bow requires the player to draw back a hand to shoot, and the beetle is controlled through the tilting of the controller to explore vast areas. While I admit with the release of Twilight Princess the series had been considered to be playing it safe, this notion is broken by Skyward Sword. Though every Zelda game will entail traversing dungeons and collecting items, this is the same as the Elder Scrolls which each game would entail doing quests, and having a freedom about the world, using either melee weapons or magic casting. If this was not so, it would not be a proper game of that respective franchise. But like I said before Skyward Sword changes the series. Travel occurs upon a bird, and puzzles within the overworld and dungeons are incredibly well designed rivaling even a game such as Portal 2, the art style has changed in the favor of an impressionistic style, and the soundtrack has become almost entirely orchestrated.
While some would argue that this seems very complex, the game includes tutorials which very effectively teach new players how the game works and slowly increases difficulty as the adventure continues. Some may also argue that the lack of voice acting within the game is a loss. However the amount the Zelda team has been able to communicate through mere music and facial expression is a monumental achievement in itself.

In accordance to Batman: Arkham City, though you say it is very similar to Assassins creed, which i concede to you, I believe that Arkham City is a better game than the newest Assassin's Creed game. Since Arkham City is a comic-book character based game, it appeals to all of the fans of Batman throughout the years. When playing the game you can feel like Batman, taking out enemies either stealthily or in a confrontational way. The voice acting is superb in this game, including Mark Hamill as Joker. Arkham City compared to Skyrim has a much better animation. Batman flows in incredibly smoothly, with attacks, actions, and combos being as fluid as imaginably possible. The atmosphere of the game also fits it perfectly, including a dark gritty atmosphere which fits the world of Batman perfectly. Arkham City is also possibly the best comic-book game ever.

I look forward to your response.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your reply.

I would like to start with addressing your points about Skyrim - mainly its faults. You say in your argument that, for example, the loading times are slow. However, the only long loading time that is anywhere neasr that long is when you first load up the game from the main menu. In my experience, it takes a maximum of 10 seconds to enter a house, and as you can play this game very easily for 3 or more hours without even looking at a clock, I don't really think these times affect the overall joy of the game. It also only takes about 3 seconds to save a game, so I don't know how anybody could say that it takes that long.

My next point is in reply to your comment about the patches. I do not have Xbox Live, so I have no way of getting patches for my game. I have not, however, had any problems with glitches, and the only known glitch that is very noticeable is when a giant whacks you with his club and you fly about 100 metres into the air. Other than that, I have not had any technical issues with the game.

I response to your comment about the character movement, I will concede that, when in 3rd person, and with weapons drawn (so it zooms out a little, allowing you to see more of the character) the character does look a little weird. As for the control of the weapons, I think that it is overall a very good experience to fight people. The combat feels very smooth, and I would say that even with weapons that are more "clumsy" eg. mace and shield, you can still feel that you are in the heat of the battle, particularly when in 1st person view. When a bow is used, then the aiming is very precise, so I have to say hat I disagree strongly with your statement.

All in all, I think that the small, trivial issues of the game eg. loading times and small glitches, do not damage the enjoyment of the game.

Now I shall talk about the other two games you mentioned -
You say that Skyward Sword takes motion gaming to the next level, but I would have to disagree. I personally own a Wii, and whilst i agree that the Motion Control is a fantastic feature, I never feel as if I am actually there. For instance, I have a laugh playing Wii Sports, but I would much rather go out and play tennis than sit in my room swinging a remote around. I suppose what i am trying to say is that even with the Motion Control, Skyward Sword never gives you the same thrills and sense of enrolment as Skyrim does. You say that the enemies and difficulty have been ramped up, but you can change the difficulty settings on any game.

Batman: Arkham City, is as you admitted, too much like Assassins Creed, and as I said in my previous round, it does not step far enough from he Assassins Creed series. This is the main reson why I don;t think it should win the next Ultimate Game of the Year.

You also say that The Elder Scrolls Series follows the same path for every game - "doing quests, and having a freedom about the world, using melee weapons or magic casting." I disagree very strongly with this. Surely the whole point of "having a freedom about the world" is so that the player can do whatever they want. For instance, I could think of perhaps 50 or more different ways to play Skyrim. You also say that you use magic or melee, but it is so much more subtle like that. You could choose to use Two Handed Weapons, or perhaps a shield and dagger combo. There are also so many different magic skills that you have to take them all into consideration. Then, of course, you could choose to be an Elven Hunter, using a bow and dagger. Or perhaps a sneaky Khajiit thief, using your pick pocketing and lock picking skills.

So, although you make many fine points in your debate, I really cannot see why Skyrim does not deserve to win the next Ultimate Game of the Year Award. Thank you very much for agreeing to debate this topic with me.


So in conclusion,


Thank you for responding,

In this round i'd like to address some of your points and then make my conclusion.

To start most of these problems with Skyrim are found with in the Playstation 3 version of the game. It seems as though Bethesda did not properly port the game to Playstation 3, my point of lag and freezing is based on mostly that version of the game, as from what I've heard is the version which is filled with many bugs, and as I said the most recent patch has broken the mechanic of magic resistance, making intensive magic players have to suffer this resistance. Though this may be fixed in the next patch, it is not currently to my knowledge. I have also heard of loading times being long on Xbox 360 however I suspect this is not as frequent as the PS3 version.

I agree that combat is generally fine especially with the bow, and with magic spells. However when you are using melee weapons (swords, maces, daggers) the aiming could be better. I do not disagree that the heat of the battle is lost, just that it could be more precise. But saying that it is "overall a very good experience to fight people" is what could edge out the top spot for game of the year.

Your argument that the fighting is not merely magic or melee is not true. At its' basis it is weapon and magic based combat, though there are these subtleties that you mentioned, still at its' roots it is melee and magic combat.

In accordance to your Skyward Sword thoughts, I have several things to say.
I would argue that the experience of playing an adventure game such as Skyward Sword is completely different than that of the experience of Wii Sports. Of course you would rather go out and play tennis because Wii Sports is a sports game, with honestly horrid motion controls, relying only on timing. You can not fairly compare a game such as Skyward Sword with the game that comes with everyone's Wii. It seems that you refuse to believe that the Wii has games that are worthwhile, and just as hardcore and good quality as any game on a different system. Skyward Sword utilizes the Wii Motion Plus peripheral for the Wii Remote to literally make every movement you make 1-1 with your actual movements. If you play badly, it is your fault. Aiming with the bow is exact, swordplay is exact, and every motion is exact, which is an area where I believe Skyward Sword wins over Skyrim. The thrills in Skyward Sword are completely as good, or better than Skyrim. I believe that one of the most hyped parts of Skyrim were the dragons. However after watching people fight dragons, it seems to be a let down compared to expectations. The first boss of the game is the recurring villain, which literally plays with you, stopping your sword in between his fingers. A sense of urgency overcomes the player as the story progresses, which I believe is not really present in Skyrim. The sense of the main story line is not urgent, as there is so much to do. Many players will go off on their own tangents instead, finding the side quests more interesting. My point would be that Skyrim's main quest and storyline is not engaging to many players. The fourth boss entails fighting a giant automaton, which you ultimately defeat with your whip and slashing at it with it's own giant appendages. I would argue that Skyward Sword gives you a sense of enrollment in the character of Link, as the set hero, as Skyrim allows you to pick your own fate.
A point about Skyward Sword i'd like to stress is that you can not change the difficulty settings on this game. There is no Easy, Medium, or Hard mode. There are extra hints for puzzles you may employ, but the difficulty of fights can not be dialed down.
I can say from first hand experience, that at one point I played 8 hours of Skyward Sword in one day (probably not healthy), and barely realized any time had passed. I realize that this is so with Skyrim as well, however I believe that Skyward Sword rivals this ability of time passing.

I'd also like to say that Skyward Sword is a beautiful game. It literally looks like something straight out of an impressionistic painting. The art style really adds to the mood of the game, which is a great mix of wit and urgency.

It is hard to describe the experience of Skyward Sword if you have not played it. It far surpassed my expectations, and lived up to the expectations of the sometimes rabid Zelda fan base. The motion controls make you have a feeling that you never want to play a Zelda game again without them, which immerses you in the game arguably more than Skyrim. The experience of Wii Motion plus vs. the normal Wii remote is drastically different. If you ever wish to experience this I suggest you try to play this game, which employs motion controls absolutely perfectly.

In accordance to Arkham City, I do not think that being too much like Assassin's Creed is a bad thing. They are not set in the same place, only manners of stealth and movement are similar to Assassin's Creed, and if Arkham City is a fundementally better game than the newest Assassin's Creed than there should not be a problem of it being a contender for Game of the Year. I don't really understand your argument that because it is not far enough from the Assassin's Creed series that it should be out of the running.

Though you have many good points, and I do not disagree that Skyrim is one of the best games of the year, I believe that it should not win Game of The Year.

Afternote: (What a year for gaming eh? Might have mentioned Dark Souls too, but didn't know enough about it personally, heard it was amazing)
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: "All in all, I think that the small, trivial issues of the game eg. loading times and small glitches, do not damage the enjoyment of the game." - oh trust me it does and as a Skyrim player it bothers the s*** out of me. COn had good arguments despite Pro's decent arguments, good debate
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Reasons for voting decision: The three games discussed - Skyrim, Skyward Sword, and Arkham City - are widely acknowledged as masterpieces. If we are to accurately judge their chances of being named game of the year, we need some facts; figures on sales, official reviews, trends of past winners, gameplay footage, etc. This debate focused instead on disagreements over admittedly minor glitches and preferences. This was not enough to make a decision. Tie vote for me.