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Skyrim is better than Fallout 3.

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Started: 4/4/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe Skyrim is better than Fallout 3.
First round is acceptance only.
Good luck to my opponent.


I except.
good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


After countless hours of examining both Skyrim and Fallout 3, I have come to the conclusion that Skyrim is the better game for several reasons.

These reasons include:

1. Skyrim is more customizable

Both Skyrim and Fallout are role playing games. One of the main goals of role playing games is to make the player feel as if they are in the game hence “role playing”. Skyrim does a much better job in allowing the player to make a character of their liking from the very beginning of the game, character creation. Skyrim offers the player 10 races to choose from including elven races, cat like Khajiit, and reptile like Argonians. Each race gives your character a unique skill and a different skill set. Fallout 3 only offers 4 races. Also, Skyrim has a lot of characteristics that alter the appearance of the character in a very detailed way. In Fallout, these characteristics are generalized and not as detailed.

The customization does not end with the appearance of the character. The player often has a unique way of playing their game. In Skyrim, you usually fall under the categories of: mage, warrior, thief, assassin, or war-mage. What you are labeled as is determined by what weapon or form of attack you use. In Fallout, however, you are, for the most part, limited to melee weapons and ranged weapons. As you can see, Skyrim is far superior to Fallout 3 when it comes to customization.

2. Skyrim has better graphics

Although graphics do not matter to a lot of gamers, good graphics do allow the player to feel as if they are really in the game. As I said in my last argument, this is important to the players of role playing games. With this in mind, I would like to point out that the graphics in Skyrim are much better than the graphics in Fallout 3.

3. Skyrim has a better leveling system

In Skyrim, leveling is done when experience points are gained in a certain skill like archery or enchanting. Once enough experience points are possessed, a skill level is increased. Every time a skill level is increased, the character’s level becomes closer to the next level. When the character’s increases, the player is given a perk which can be used anytime and makes a character better at a skill in some way. In Fallout, experience points are given when a character completes a quest or kills an enemy. When enough experience points are acquired, the player levels up. When leveling up, the player has a set number of points to add to a certain skill. Sometimes, the player is given a perk which must be used immediately.

The main reason the leveling is better in Skyrim is the fact that you can use a perk at anytime. This is helpful to the player because it allows you to wait until you are a high enough level in a skill to unlock a perk that you want. Leveling is also better in Skyrim because it is closer to real life. Skyrim would be like practicing a lot of archery and becoming amazing at archery. Fallout would be more like going on a lot of adventures and one day saying, “I think I’ll be an expert in archery, now.”

4. Skyrim has more attacks

In Fallout, you are limited to ranged weapons and melee weapons. In Skyrim, you also have magic and dragon shouts. This adds to the diversity a character can have. This is what allows Skyrim to have more ways to play.

5. Skyrim is more popular

Skyrim is much more popular than Fallout 3. Skyrim has about 7.12 million sales [1] while Fallout 3 only has about 4.02 million sales (including the game of the year edition) [2] If a game has more sales than another, then the game with more sales is better. My opponent agrees with this fact.

As I was researching my opponent, I saw that he had agreed with the question “Is Call of Duty better than Battlefield?” [3] Because this is similar to our current debate, I wanted to see what his reasons were. I would now like to share with you his opinion. “Overall yes. Call of Duty is a bigger (hence better) franchise. Call of Duty is the most popular videogame franchise of all time. Everyone knows about Call of Duty, but some people do not know about Battlefield. I do prefer Battlefield to Call of Duty, but statistically speaking, Call of Duty is a better franchise. Not statistically speaking, it's just all opinion. If you get more in depth with your games and like strategy, then Battlefield is for you. If you like straight up playing, and fast paced gaming, then the Call of Duty franchise is for you. Commercial products are all about sales and if C.O.D has more sales, then it is better.” [3] Because Skyrim is more popular than Fallout 3, my opponent is contradicting his own beliefs when he says Fallout 3 is better.

These are only some of the reasons why Skyrim is better and they are not in any particular order.





All information about gameplay comes from personal experience playing the games or Bethesda’s official game guides.



Okay first of all, Fallout is just as customizable as fallout is when it comes to facial construction of your character. You may not be aware (because you may not have created that many accounts) that you may customize every facial detail, instead of using the 'factory setting' faces if you will. Fallout may not have as many races, but in the the setting of this game, it lies in the not so distant future. In Skirim, this lies in the far past, with more of a magical sort of theme. Fallout does not have this magical theme, so you have to remember that you can not argue against something that we do not see as a necessary theme in our game. Skirim sticks to a fantasy, and medieval gaming experience. While Fallout's gameplay is modern and more appealing to the majority of a crowd. For example, my sister plays fallout and understands it, she is only 12, also my father plays it and is 45. They may not understand skirim's complex background. For skirim you generally need a nerdy background for all the dark elves and what not.
Fallout gives you a chance to really play the game with their leveling system. In skirim your character will be doing the same skills day after day depending on what his race is or particular skill set is. In fallout you can master the game in a sort of way. You can beat the game with any mix of skills, but in different ways depending on them. (this is especially true in New Vegas)
In my opinion, the least aspect to argue about would be graphics, therefore i will not argue about them.
Debate Round No. 2


First, I would like to point out that the correct spelling is Skyrim. Also, this debate only includes Fallout 3. Not the entire fallout series.

Con completely dismisses my argument: Skyrim has better graphics. I believe this is ill-advised considering graphics are a big part of the game. Although gameplay is more important than graphics, I speak for myself and many others when I say better graphics are appreciated. It’s harder to be immersed in a game if the graphics are bad.

Con says, “Fallout is just as customizable as fallout (asuming he meant Skyrim) is when it comes to facial construction of your character.” It may be true that Skyrim and Fallout 3 have the same number of ‘sliders’ used to modify your face, however, in Skyrim you can still modify more detailed facial structures. Allow me to explain with the example of skin tone. In Fallout 3, there are several ‘sliders’ that determine the skin tone of your character. In Skyrim, there is only one, but you can still achieve the same skin tones that are in Fallout 3. Basically, a lot of sliders in Fallout achieve the same result as fewer sliders in Skyrim. There is roughly the same number of sliders in both games, so it makes sense that Skyrim’s facial construction is more detailed than that of Fallout 3. Also, the better graphics in Skyrim obviously make your character more detailed.

I am not sure I completely understand Con’s view on leveling, but I would still like to point something out. Con says, “In skirim your character will be doing the same skills day after day depending on what his race is or particular skill set is.” This is not entirely true. You can choose to do any skill you want to do. In fact, achieving mastery in all skills is the only way to reach the maximum level. Your race only gives a slight advantage in some skills. This does not mean you are limited only to the skills your race excels at.

My opponent claims, “Fallout's gameplay is modern and more appealing to the majority of a crowd. For example, my sister plays fallout and understands it, she is only 12, also my father plays it and is 45. They may not understand skirim's complex background.” I am assuming that my opponent is trying to make the argument: More people can understand Fallout and this makes it better. If this is the case, then I have to disagree. While trying to introduce one of my friends to the world of video games, I showed her Skyrim. She had no trouble understanding the game even though she knew nothing about the previous games in the Elder Scrolls series. Bethesda does a good job of explaining everything you need to know about the game through dialogue with non-playable characters. I do agree Skyrim has a more complex backstory. This actually brings me to my next argument, though.

6. Skyrim has a better story

Although knowing the story is not necessarily necessary, I still think a good story makes for a good game. The main quest line in Fallout 3 is about finding your dad (who had recently escaped from vault 101) and purifying water in the Capital Wasteland. The main quest line in Skyrim is about dealing with the dragon menace, Killing Alduin (the leader of the dragons), and saving the world. In my opinion, Skyrim’s main story is a little more exciting and better than that of Fallout 3.

Also, the history of Skyrim is much more detailed, especially if you play all faction quest lines.

7. Character relations in Skyrim are better

This may not be important to some people, but you can become more immersed in a game if it is more lifelike and relations are obviously part of life. In Fallout 3, your contact with other characters is limited to dialogue and companions. However, in Skyrim, in addition to what’s available in Fallout, you have housecarls, stewards, a spouse, and children. Stewards and children are only available in the Hearthfire DLC, though.

8. More people think Skyrim is better

I would like to take a quote from my opponent’s opinion again. “Not statistically speaking, it's just all opinion.” [3] (Located in my previous argument.) With this in mind, I would like you to look at these three internet polls concerning Skyrim vs. Fallout. [4] [5] [6] As you can see, more people think Skyrim is better than Fallout 3. This sort of makes Con, yet again, contradict himself when saying Fallout 3 is better.

These are some reasons why Skyrim is better. If you prefer one game to another, please vote unbiased.





Vote Pro!



sovietsalesman39 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bazinga390 5 years ago
round* not debate
Posted by bazinga390 5 years ago
It says you forfeited the debate because you failed to post your argument within the deadline.
Posted by sovietsalesman39 5 years ago
I did not forfeit this round. it says i did.

On these "polls" did you consider that the voting was done on an exclusive website or the fact that a majority of players did not vote? If one did take a survey, it would have to be done around the country (or world) and must not be over the internet. You believe that Skyrim is better just because a few people got on a secluded website and voted, for this you are wrong.
Posted by Paulh 5 years ago
C- Facial construction is better in fallout. you claim that skyrim allows for the sam facial structures with less bars but this is just plain not true. fallout let's you screw with every aspect of the face. i havew made countless characters(over 30) and not a single one has had the exact same face (only looking at a single race right now) meanwhile in skyrim i was forced to reuse a face after 20-something.
Posted by Paulh 5 years ago
A- Fallout's leveling system is better because you don't choose when you level up. in actuality you do not choose to grow and master this perk at any moment, you practice and you grow at the moment when you have learned enough. skyrim allows you to wait to pick perks/level. a person can choose to not level up (keeping enemies at low levels) until they've mastered every skill and then gain massively in health, stamina, and magika e while choosing ay combination of perks instead of showing a little foresight and being careful about their choices.

B- Fallout has way more combat options. if you wish to say it's "melee or ranged" then its the same for skyrim. just as skyrim has two-handed, magic, one handed, ranged, and unarmed; fallout has bladed melee & blunt melee (it actually affects damage to some creatures), explosives, pistol ranged & rifle ranged (rate of fire, damage, accuracy, movement speed affected), big guns, Energy Weapons, and unarmed. and not to mention the shear variety of weapons in those categories. and if you wish to notice only the seperate weapon categories by skills pay attention to this list

1. One-handed
2. Two-handed
3. Archery
4. Destruction
5. Illusion
6. Conjuration
with some supplemental skills not directly fighting related (armor/healing/stealth, all of which on can fight while using none of them) and also noting that one is unable to improve his unarmed fighting ability without the use of magic items.

Fallout 3
1. Small Guns
2. Big guns
3. Explosives
4. Melee
5. Energy Weapons
6. Unarmed
with many supplemental skills and natural weapon bonuses (inherent in the weapon itself) which the player doesn't have to add. take note as this shows that they have the exact same amount of fighting styles and fallout allows customization of the all too important Unarmed fighting style, which has been completely neglected in skyrim.
Posted by Irishgolfer737 5 years ago
Dude Enclave he is not being a grammar Nazi he is just being a well rounded debater and lastly Skyrim is way better then Fallout 3
Posted by bazinga390 5 years ago
I'm not sure why my last argument is irrelevant. Can you explain in greater detail?
Posted by BurningSnoMan 5 years ago
You can't exactly say that more people like skyrim since this a 1 on 1 debate. End of last post by bazinga is irrelevant
Posted by enclave101 5 years ago
you mad??? are you not swish enough to win this argument???
Posted by bazinga390 5 years ago
I was correct about the identity of enclave101. He is a friend of mine and is attempting to get a rise from me. In order to keep this from becoming a comment fight, although they can be funny, I will cease communication with enclave101 via comments.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by enclave101 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Even though I love both Skyrim and Fallout 3. Pro had more convincing arguments than Con. Such as the fact that in Skyrim you must train to be great at certain things. But what Pro fogot to point out and what i'm upset with that con didn't bring up is that there is way more glitches in skyrim which allows you to level up quicker. But in al; great job to both of you.