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Smoking in public should be illegal

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Started: 7/16/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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Smoking should not be illegal in public places.(ec) Smokers should be able to smoke, but away from the "non-smoker." If a smoker wishes to smoke in a area that isn't around public places, they should be permitted.(s) Smokers cannot be subject to only smoke in their homes.(s) The smoker is not bothering anyone if they aren't around others. (s)


Smoking should be illegal in public places. (ec) Second hand smoke is very dangerous for people who are non smokers. (s) The effects that second hand smoke has on a person are endless, breathing problems, cancer, heart disease, and headaches (s) K- Smoking in public places will bother people that t is around because of the traveling of the smoke. The smell and effects of the smoke will still continue to linger even if it is away from other smokers. Smokers should choose to smoke in the comfort of their home or their car, not in public places. (c).
Debate Round No. 1


Banning smoking in public places is considered nothing but social engineering and to outcast those who smoke.(ec) This is considered discrimination and as stated in the fourteenth amendment.(s) Listed as discrimination as the Equal Protection Clause.(s) Going against any amendment is pretty much re writing history and this is very difficult to do hence the reason for pushing smokers away from public buildings and not completely making it illegal.

K- Non-smokers do not really get "secondhand smoke" There is no proven evidence to provide such statistics that second hand smoke causes the effects listed above. People used to smoke inside buildings, hospitals, airlines and no such evidence can still be provided.



Smoking in general is very bad for your health, but then to put someone else in the same place you are and to smoke in front of them is wrong (ec). It would be very difficult to change how things have been and to prevent any smoker from smoking in a public place, but then again it would be more beneficial to do this than anything else. (ri) Smokers are already know to litter more than anything else. It would cut down a lot on littering and at the same time prevent people from breathing in second hand smoke. (s).

K- Non smokers are said to have been sick from second hand smoke. It is said that people who are around smokers are twice as likely to die from heat disease than any other person. (ec). Times were very different when people were allowed to smoke in restaurants and inside other buildings. Now everyone's health is at risk and that is why smoking is banned inside buildings. (s) Therefore I think it should be banned in all public places. (c)
Debate Round No. 2


Back in the 1920's the federal government attempted to ban alcohol supporting it as destructive to the individual.(ec) This only lasted a decade until it became repealed.(i) The ban had proven as ineffective and had given rise to gangsters working an underground business.(s) So not only did it create angry people it added to illegal procedures. (s)
Another reason why smoking should not be banned is because the government is ultimately telling people what to do and when to do it. It is actually a little scary to understand what will come next? Will fast food be banned because it causes people to gain weight and lead to obesity or the fact that heart disease is the 2nd killer in America. It will only give the government more control to tell citizens how to live.

K- Considering that smoking in general is bad for your health, it should be left up to the smoker, fast food eater.


K-The government wouldn't necessarily be telling citizens what to do and when to do it. It would simply be preventing other people from being made sick from second hand smoke. This is wrong and should be banned. (c)

I think alcohol has a very different effect on people than smoking cigarettes do.(ri)ultimately smoking has bad effects on people and it should be banned in public areas. If people would like to smoke they should do it in their own homes and away from the general public to keep them away from health harms. (ri)
Debate Round No. 3
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