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Smoking should be illegal, its killing too many people!

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Started: 11/15/2013 Category: Health
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I feel that too many people have died from the disgusting habit that is smoking. I feel that the government has found that they are losing the battle with smokers and for their own good should make smoking illegal.


I appreciate your opinion, but I highly disagree with this statement. I believe that the government have already done a lot to stop smokers from being around those who do not smoke, and to hide the advertisement of cigarettes to influence those who don't.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for joining my debate,
I agree that the government has done a lot to stop people smoking around non-smokers; however this does nothing to help people who are already smoking. Smoking has been proven to cause serious damage to a person"s health and although, it does not cause a person"s death it seriously increases a person"s chance of experience heart failure and/or lung cancer.
According to each year around 42,800 deaths in the UK were caused by smoking-related cancers. Of these 30,600 were from cardiovascular disease and a massive 29,100 from Emphysema and other chronic lung diseases. This is a staggering amount of people who died needlessly from a smoking. There are at least 400 toxic compounds in cigarettes and although not all of them cause massive health problems, smoking too many can cause quite serious health effects. The most deadly of these substances are tar, carbon monoxide ad nicotine.
What I would like to see is laws and regulations against smoking to encourage people to quit; I feel that the substance should be classified as an illegal drug. I do not think people should go to prison for smoking however: stores should stop selling cigarettes; clinics should do more to support people who need to stop smoking; and people should be more educated about the dangers of smoking.
In my opinion you can ask anyone you like and they will know someone who has died from a smoking related illness or will know of someone who has been affected by smoking. And this can happen to everyone. I just feel that the risk is too great for the government to not take serious action.


Yes, the stop of advertisement and smoking in public places does not help the smokers directly. BUT, if someone who smokes wishes to stop there are multiple schemes out there to help them. For example the NHS have FREE quit kits available for people who wish to stop smoking ( which has been developed by experts smokers and ex-smokers and has actually been found incredibly effective ( see this link for videos.)

Now yes, smoking can cause cancer and death for a person but so can multiple other factors which are also legal. For instance "Of all the deaths in the UK that were linked to excess weight, about 66 per cent were down to obesity, and 33 per cent to being overweight." ( Also being obese increases your risk of developing a number of serious and potentially life-threatening diseases, such as:
"type 2 diabetes
"heart disease
"some types of cancer, such as breast cancer and colon cancer
In addition, obesity can damage your quality of life and can often trigger depression( So does this mean that in turn we should also make junk food illegal and only allow people to eat healthy foods?

Additionally caffeine and aspatame causes migraines, illness, and can even poison people. So does this mean we should ban and make Coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and other caffeine based products illegal?

Furthermore if we were to follow your wishes and classify tobacco as an illegal drug then we would have the same issues there were during the alcohol prohibition where people actually drank more. Additionally we know with the likes of other illegal drugs such as cannabis the fact that it is illegal stops no one. In fact due to it being disproved and against the law it gives people a sense of rebelling and due to it being easy to get hold of up to 6.9% of 16-59 year olds reported using cannabis show in The Crime Survey for England and Wales 2011/12 (

Finally, your last point is an incredibly vast generalisation. As personally I have never know someone to die from a "smoking related illness" so that isn't everyone.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all I feel that relating the risks of obesity to the risks of smoking is irrelevant to our debate. First of all smoking regularly can cause serious and permanent damage to a person"s health; even is a person would to quit smoking then, if they had been smoking long enough, they would still experience some minor effects of when they passed smoked. Some even still get cravings after years and years of not smoking. Whereas obesity can be tackled by losing weight, this will actually improve the health of the person and would reduce further the chance of the person having any serious health issues. Secondly smoking is an addictive habit, and although you could argue that over eating is an addictive habit in some cases it is not nearly as common and is a cytological addiction; which is a lot easier to overcome and when the habit is finally broken the chance of relapse is reduced. This is because in my opinion there are so many more benefits to losing weight then there is quitting smoking. Whereas cigarettes are addictive because of the chemical compounds of the cigarettes, this makes the habit a lot harder to break and makes the reasons for smoking very, very different form the reasons of overeating.
Furthermore I feel that you should not generalise that all people who smoke will want to go against the law and "rebel" in order to get cigarettes. In2009 21% of adults smoked according to the " health and social care information centre" I feel that I am right in thinking that these people are mostly law abiding people and would prefer to quit smoking than disobey the law. I understand your argument about school children as in 2010 around a quarter of secondary school children say that they have tried smoking at least once but only 5% say they regular smokers. Surly even those 5% would be put off further by smoking being illegal. (
Coffee tea agreed do contain caffeine which is an addictive substance but here are the dangers of coffee (information taken from
"High consumption over a long period of time can increase your blood pressure.
"People with caffeine sensitivity and high blood pressure should avoid caffeinated drinks.
"If you are pregnant you should decrease your caffeine consumption.
"If you drink too much caffeine then it can make you shaky and give you a headache.
"If you have too much caffeine at the end of the day then you may have trouble sleeping.
I agree that coffee does have some side effect but not nearly as life changing and dangerous as cigarettes, I have my cup of coffee every morning and always feel fine.
If we move away from the effects smoking has on just the people smoking and the people around the smoker and focus on the slightly wider picture you might find that the amount of people smoking is having a greater effect on the entire planet than you might think. People smoke on average 6,000,000 cigarettes a day, which is a lot of paper and a lot of trees being cut down for paper that can never be recycled. Cigarette buds litter the streets and it takes around 5 years for one cigarette bud to break down. These two facts alone will give you an idea about just how damaging cigarettes are to the environment without even calculating how many toxic gases are given off when people smoke.
It is estimated that each cigarette will take around 5-8 minutes off your life, in my opinion that alone is worth thinking about.

Con forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DudeStop 3 years ago
Perhaps we should just discourage it as much as possible so no future children will be hurt.
Posted by TetsuRiken 3 years ago
IDK if my mom would of tried Cigs if they were banded back 25 years ago and she wants to quit but nothing works. She had some pills that gave her migraines paches didn't do anything so it's just better if she has cigs and besides the only way the government would ban cigs is if 99% of Americans didn't smoke because then they would get little money from them sense they put taxes on the cigs .
Posted by Sherl0cked 3 years ago
That's perfectly reasonable and I'm sorry she's had such a hard time trying to quite smoking. However, if smoking was illegal would she have started smoking in the first place. And does she feel that she would have saved money and hassle if she hadn't have started smoking? If you she still disagrees then that's fine and a perfectly reasonable lifestyle choice in today's society. However I feel that smoking is a dying habit and would benefit many people if it stopped compleatly.
Posted by TetsuRiken 3 years ago
My mom smokes and every time she has tried to stop smoking she gets migranes and is mean as sh!t and shed find a way to get cigs anyway.
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