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Social Media Time restrictions for 18 and under

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Started: 8/15/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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A radical new bill has been proposed in Congress that would limit the amount of time young people could spend on social networking sites and apps. The bill would require users under the age of 18 to have a common login across all social media apps and websites. Using this common login, one would be limited to a single hour of social media use per day. After the hour is used up, individuals will not longer be able to use social media until the next 24-hour window. Is this a violation of our Constitutional rights? Is social media a form of free speech?


No,this is not violation of our constitutional rights. Yes,social media is a form of a free speech and it is a good platform of those speaker who really wanted to put their own thoughts in front of all people .In today's days our young generation spend their crucial time on social media like chatting with their friends for long hours. In today's days online crime is spreading over internet and many young people is trapped in their web's.According to doctors while sitting for long hours in front of computers without taking break causes a many health problems like computer vision syndrome , sleep disorders, obesity & stress disorders . by this new bill which has been proposed in congress our young generation will be safe .they will not able to use social media for long hours .So they can utilize their crucial time by studying and spent their time with family also . and they can play outdoor games which is beneficial for their health . In other word we can say that it will be benefited for our society because young generation is our coming future of our nation and society .
Lastly I would say that this bill is beneficial for young generation along with our society and nation.
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Posted by Mr_Riley 2 years ago
I personally do not think it will be passed and am very against, it that's quite controlling.
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