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Social Media is anti-social

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Started: 12/10/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Social media actually destroys social lives of people instead what it claims. it causes an average person to become introvert


Thanks for making this debate! I have been looking to do one for a while now. Good luck. Now to begin.

The vast contribution of social media to society, in helping people socialize, vast outweighs the losses, of peoples lives being ruined. Social media has absolutely revolutionized communication, and allows people to socialize from distances where they would be unable able to socialize otherwise. The people whose lives have been ruined by "social media" are merely using this as a source to blame another entity other than themselves. Naturally, abuse of any product will lead to negative effects. People don't lose friendships because of social media, they lose friendships because of bad decisions they made. To blame social media for your problems experienced online, is attempting to avert blame from yourself. Its like saying the fruit industry is making people fat. Of course with abuse of the product, this is an inevitability, but with proper use, and good decisions, social media is truly one of mans greatest and most social inventions.

To reiterate, social media is social in the fact that it allows people to communicate from long distances in a very convenient manner. It helps you share what you want other people to see about you. It helps people obtain a social experience by making communication a lot easier.

If you think social media is anti social, maybe you are the true anti social.
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Posted by Alphamus 2 years ago
"If you think social media is anti social, maybe you are the true anti social."

Statement was uncalled for. However, I agree with Con that social media has made communicating with others much easier, but it also juxtaposes unrealistic standards on social relationships as certain qualities are magnified due to it. (eg. extroverts appear supremely popular and happy, while introverts appear depressed and lonely) In theory, it's not anti-social - but in practice, it is. Assuming there's more introverts than extroverts in the world, social media on average, for at least a plurality of the world - encourages anti-social behavior.
Posted by Creative.wind 2 years ago
Thank you for encouragement @Soulman4764 :)
Posted by Soulman4764 2 years ago
I would not oppose what is being said, because I have become very Introverted due to social media, and would have to agree that technology is detrimental to human living, though social media has its pro sides, the argument here is that it is also contradicts the truth of existence also, it is easily used to corrupt and blind people from what they should be doing, this is a lesson I have derived to myself, and I will only accept the full truth and nothing else. Hence I would give the Instigator a thumbs up to this debate.
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