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Social Memedia is better than ifunny

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Started: 5/14/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Social Memedia is a growing meme app in which you can view hilarious memes, pictures, and videos, in order to brighten peoples day. Ifunny is full of inappropriate user submitting people, when half of the entries are good. It has its benefits, of course. It allows people to share their own memes to the Ifunny featuring committee where they put the best user submitted pictures on the top featured. The sad thing is, most are not even funny. When you're going through collective, how often do you think, "Wow, this one's good." Answer: Never. Users always wait for the featured which only happen twice a day. Social Memedia has hilarious photos and pics that they find online, or create themselves, limiting the opportunities for Kiks and stupid attempts at making people laugh. Social Memedia has more memes for every user. Top memes daily, top memes monthly, top memes ever, sports memes, music memes, celebrity memes, all in one meme app! The pictures in the app are always funny and authentic, to ensure laughs. What also sets this app apart from Ifunny, is the 'Memesaging' section of the app. This section allows users to send memes they make in the app to their friends. All you need to do is take a screen shot and send and you're done. It definitely sets Social Memedia aside from Ifunny. Overall, Social Memedia is a great app to view funny memes and pictures everyday and share them with your friends. It is a great app and should pass Ifunny in the next few years.


Social Memedia sucks.
Debate Round No. 1


No it doesn't.


My opponent's previous statement "No it doesn't" is a false statement. According to my sources "it" does indeed.

I would also like to point out that wether "it" does or does not, the statement has no relevance to the subject, and does not aid my opponents argument that Social Memedia is better than iFunny.

This being said I would now like to point out some grammatical errors of my opponent.
-In my opponents first argument he states the following "When you're going through collective, how often do you think, 'Wow, this one's good." I'm not an english teacher, but I do believe that is a question and should be appropriately followed with a question mark.
-Throughout my opponents entire argument he mentions something called "Ifunny", I am not aware of what this is, but I am assuming my opponent is referring to the popular application "iFunny". Which, according to the application itself, is indeed spelt iFunny. How can you expect that my opponent is giving a reliable argument, if he can not even properly spell the name of what he is arguing about. Considering the continuous misspelling of the name, I am assuming that my opponent truly believes that he was correctly spelling it, in which case PROVES that he has done little or even NO research whatsoever on this topic.

Now on to my argument.
Before taking on this argument I had never heard of a "Social Memedia" before. After doing a little bit of digging, I found that it is like, iFunny, and application. One that is not only is it hard to access, but of far less quality than iFunny. Also, it is incompatible with any iOS, Android, or other smartphone devices, making it even more difficult to access, and possibly less convenient for people who do not wish to carry a large computer with them. My opponent also stated that Social Memedia has more memes than iFunny. This is a false statement. Not only does Social Memedia contain far, far, far less memes than iFunny, but every single meme that can be found on Social Memedia, had already been posted on iFunny, even previous to Social Memedia's existence. Which shows that Social Memedia is not original, but leeching off iFunny for its material. This shows that not only is iFunny just as good as Social Memedia, but far superior, especially considering it contains at least 1000x the amount of memes as Social Memedia (Which, if anything, is HUGE understatement).
Debate Round No. 2


First, I would like to say how my opponent did NOT do research on the topic because I was sitting right next to him as he was working on it. Secondly, I would like to point out that Social Memedia is easy to access via a mobile device, because it is an app, and is compatible with mobile devices. Social Memedia also has professional meme experts and not monkeys running the app. The points my opponent has made about Social Memedia only running on computers is completely false. Also, my opponent talks about the amount of memes quite a lot. The amount of memes does not matter. It's the thought that counts, which I think was a quote from a very poor family that can't afford their kids Christmas presents. Thus, Social Memedia was born! Sorry I get weird when I'm hungry. Don't worry, I ate a Snickers, I'm all good now. My opponent may need to eat a Snickers too after that bogus link he just blindly put up there. Anywho the memes on Social Memedia provide a funny oasis of memes each day, while on iFunny is full of drama, reposts, and unhappy users. Users on Social Memedia have a 90% good app rating. For those who are not that good at math, that is very good. My opponent also argues that I do not know the application iFunny, simply because I spelled it wrong. Ladies and gentlemen of the voters, if my opponent cannot point out viable arguments to the topic, he simply does not know a lot about the two applications being presented. One more argument my opponent had was that Social Memedia was not compatible with iOS. It indeed is, going back to my previous statement, that it is compatible with all devices, including every smartphone, tablet, computer on the market. I would like to close my argument by saying that, no matter how many grammatical errors I have, the fact that Social Memedia is much better than iFunny, will always remain true.


In my opponent's previous argument he stated that "Users on Social Memedia have a 90% good app rating." I am unaware of a place he could have possibly received that statistic, because not only has no one visited Social Memedia in the past two months, but after countless seconds of research (research that my opponent claims I have not done), I found not a single rating, or review, on the application. In conclusion, my opponent made a false statement, which he probably wrote before he consumed his snicker bar. On second thought, who's to say that he even ate a snickers bar? How are we to know if he's had one in awhile? He could have very possibly not been himself this entire debate, which is quite literally the only explanation I can think of, to why anybody could ever think that Social Memedia is better than iFunny.

He also said that it is compatible with handheld devices, I'm not even going to go into that, I'm just going to say that it isn't.

Because of the lack of statistics I decided to conduct a survey of my own. Participants included teens ages 12-19, which is the target audience of Social Memedia.

The following are the results of my survey.

Question: Have you heard of Social Memedia?
Results: 0/56 (0%) say that they have.
Some responses: "No, that sounds really stupid", "What kind of dumb name is Social Memedia?", Have YOU ever heard of personal space?"

Question: Would you agree that iFunny is superior to Social Memedia (After a brief introduction to both applications)
Results: 78/78 (100%) Agree that iFunny is superior to Social Memedia
Some responses: "iFunny is where it's at!", "Can Geico save you 15% or more on car insurance?", "If I say yes, will you leave?"

Considering the results of my survey, I have concluded that iFunny is far more supreme than Social Memedia, and that Social Memedia more than likely sucks things that even I would not put in my mouth. So.. yeah.. I'm gonna stop it there because I woke up in the middle of the night to finish this.

Social Memedia sucks.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by sizzlyj 4 years ago
I win.
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Reasons for voting decision: I don't normally vote for Trolls but Pro used opinions, while Con humored me. (I have also never heard of ifunny)