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Socialism is not Compatible with American Values

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Started: 10/4/2016 Category: Politics
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In this debate, the compatibility of socialism with American values will be explored.


R1 Acceptance Only
R2 Opening Arguments
R3 Rebuttals
R4 Rebuttals and Finalization


Socialism: noun
a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole (

American Values is a tricky one, but here is so far the best link I have found relating to the core fundamentals to our country (


1 No forfeits
2 Citations should be included
3 No new arguments in the final speeches
4 No trolling
5 Proper conduct
6 Follow debate structure properly
7 Violation of rules merits a loss


Time is set for replies in 72 hours. If there are special circumstances put it in the comments.


I accept this argument. As the Contender, I will be arguing that socialism is compatible with American values, and that it is possible for the United States to be socialist without going against their values. Do note that I am not arguing for the merits of socialism, just that it's possible in the US.
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Posted by ThinkBig 1 year ago
Con can win the debate by showing how socialism fits at least one or more of those values.
Posted by NestorTheZizek 1 year ago
A lot of the points on the US Values link are actually incredibly socialist
Posted by Sound_Reason 1 year ago
Thank you, that one is kind of tricky to define.
Posted by n7 1 year ago
Define american values. Otherwise you could just claim capitalism is an american value and Con's position is untenable.
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