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Atheist will be totally okay if someone from their family is in safe incestious relationship


The only moral compas of atheis is the golden rule which implicate that as long as the action did not harm the others then nothing wrong with if an atheis member of family want to have safe sexual relationship with the other member of the immifiate family the nothing wrong with it and they would not be ashamed of it or digust by it.......

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President Duterte's plans for the Philippines are justified.


The recent administration under Presidente Duterte has become the best in History. Being a Filipino myself, I am all for the President's plan. National peace and order are very important because it can take a country to its economic peak. I know that I would not have the best country with total peace at all, but I will have it here in the Philippines. People who oppose the President's plan which for them is for the loss and fall of my country do n...

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Women's safety


If we talk about women's safety..what is our society doing about it? The rapist just do their work anywhere anyhow and the society just watches them and walk away..! Is this is what our society care's of women's? Is this what we get by living and taking birth in an Indian society? Why we still can't say that womens are safe in India? Why there's no strict laws against the rapist? Wht society isn't cared about women's issues? Can we get any answers about these questions?...

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Should All The Shriner's Child Patients Die The Most Painful Death?


First here is the proven theory, Shriner's Necrophiliac Society. "First, let's say we interview a Shriner's hospital child patient, or Alec, for example, you'll ask him "what do you think is cute and can help you do anything you want it to?" Alec responds "A dog or a puppy" and you respond "what would a dog or a puppy do for you?" Then, he responds "fetch me a ball or help me get to where I want to be" then you'll argue and prove that disability isn't even a thing, like saying "If you were real...

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Is compulsory sterilization acceptable in situations where offspring will suffer substantially?


Most people would agree that reducing the amount of suffering in the world would be the right thing to do, provided we were in a position to do so. Therefore it is acceptable to sterilize people, even if it goes against their will, if it is extremely likely that their children will suffer exponentially in impoverished, war-torn, and just generally oppressive environments which prevent intellectual growth and an adequate quality of life. The potential offspring's suffering, will almost undoub...

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white people are stupid


white people are so dumb! its been scientifically proven that the average white persons brain is 6x smaller than any other race. also theyre really rude. all whites ive ever met are just like their sweet trumpimple president! they also tend to think the earth is a spherical shape, but chrstoff columbus said it is FLAT....

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Male Genital Mutilation


The resolution is that Male Genital Mutilation (affectionately called 'circumcision' is immoral and should be a capital crime. ...

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LGBT Civil Rights


I believe those that identify as LGBT should be given the same civil rights as non LGBT people. You present your argument first....

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The boy scouts should only allow boys


I will argue that the boy scouts should avoid allowing girls in because of the name and the purpose. Con will prove that they should continue to allow girls in there (and yes, girls are allowed there now.) Rules: 1) No trolling 2) No insults/curse matches 3) No ad hominem 4) Try to collect reputable sources Rounds: 1) Acceptance 2) Opinion 3) Rebuttals 4) Defence...

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Would You Become A Sell Out? :'Everyone Has a Price'.


Much like how the devil tried to tempt Jesus, I want to know... Would you rather spend your entire life fighting your demons, trying to make a life for yourself? , or take money and 'sell your soul' in return for worldly pleasures so to speak. There are many pros and cons to both, that's why it's such an interesting moral dilemma. To make things interesting, I'll let my opponent take first choice, (s)he can either defend selling out or defend integrity. And i will just argue with you for...

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