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Racial profiling.


Honestly just trying to find points for my essay. Why racial profiling is good for society. We obviously know the cons. Also how it can benefit us....

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The United States ought to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18.


So in round 1, both sides will simply be stating their opening position no attacks brought upon by either sides to allow for even rebuttals/attack rounds. So I will be Pro, I strictly believe that the United States should lower the drinking age from 21 to 18. This is partly due to the fact that 18 years of age is already considered to be an "adult" in the American society. This entails; right to vote, right to smoke, tried as an adult in court of law, jury duty, and much more. This being sai...

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Semi Auto Handguns are more dangerous than AR15s


With all of the talk about banning AR15s to stop school shootings, I argue that semi automatic handguns are more dangerous than AR15s in this matter. Semiautomatic handguns are easier to conceal, fire at the same rate as an AR15, and have hollowpoint rounds that maximize damage on impact. AR15s are long range rifles that are nearly impossible to conceal and are not meant for close range targets....

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Hunting is good for the economy and the environment


Hunting is very beneficial for economy and environment. Hunting has created approximately 700,000 new jobs and helps stabilize the animal population, so it doesn"t grow out of control. Hunters pay millions of dollars in taxes for their rifles, ammunition and licenses. Which benefits the economy. That money goes to land conservation and hunting and fishing programmes The Bible says that we are allowed to eat animals on many occasions so why would we stop hunting if God allows it and gives us perm...

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Feminism is cancer of contemporary society


I believe, that gender equality is truly a noble goal, but feminism is not it. Feminism perpetuates sexism. If it was really about equality, it would not focus on women or men, but gender equality. Sadly, it does not. And we are all paying for it. "Feminists" just haven't figured it out yet, because they're usually too busy screaming about the inequalities they have to invent to remain relevant in some parallel universe. Feminism's original goal, equality, is not something I disagree with. But t...

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Can gender equality in the workplace be achieved?


To start with, I should say, that according to Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there should be no discrimination on the basis of gender. Nevertheless, in most countries men occupy most of the prestigious and powerful positions. Also in many companies there is such thing as gender wage gap and "glass ceiling". While in the United States and a number of other countries, women now surpass men in educational achievement. The reason why there is gender inequality in workplace can lie in histor...

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Water is not wet!


Water in no way is wet. If you disagree then please debate me. I'm looking forward to whoever accepts my debate and good luck...

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D. Trump's travel ban. Is it a necessary measure or a hasty decision?


First af all, the main point of this prohibition is that D. Trump signed an order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days and suspending all refugee entry. The measure, which also banned Syrian refugees indefinitely, prompted protests and multiple legal challenges. And the issue, that I want to raise here is: Is it a necessary measure or a hasty decision? In this debate I'm going to defend an opinion that Trump's decision is deliberate and might be. To start with, a...

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legally there should only be two genders male and female


if someone can claim they are a female and they are transgender then does that allow them to use a women's restroom? that will leave children exposed to pedophiles who are saying that they too are female but really they are perverted and want to spy on little kids. you were born with one gender you can either impregnate or get impregnated there's no other gender and you cant become the other....

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America Belongs To White People


Welcome to the debate! I am glad to be here. I and my opponent will be debating whether or not America belongs to white people. Specifically, I will be debating that it does not. My opponent's (Pro) task will be to create a superior opposing argument. They will be allowed to say whatever they want as long as it relates to the topic. We ask that readers and voters behave in a civilized, polite manner. If you vote on the topic, remember to vote based on the strength of our arguments ONLY....

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