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Sodahead is elitist, and I'll go a step further and say they should be stripped of their money

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Started: 10/22/2013 Category: Science
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Now, this is this is the site.
I have to say it is elitist. Now maybe this is personal bias. But they are very bigoted in their views. If you say something that goes against their views, they get moderators against you. It is pretty much the same as Yahoo Answers. Very elitist. The only good thing is that some people let you email them. Other than that. Sodahead is very elitist. They don't listen to your views. It's as if those people are cranky stubborn members who think their way is the way. Very puritan views. Waste of time. Don't use this site.


By agreeing to the terms of service, mods are fully allowed to do whatever they want to you in an event if they see it nessacary, if you don't agree with this, you should leave the website. On the other hand, because they are a biased group doesnt mean their money should be stripped, they are legally allowed to have whatever opinion they want.

Really this is just another low quality debate with no point to exist.
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Posted by devin.cooper64 3 years ago
apply my argument to users, same argument.
Posted by Adam2 3 years ago
Was talking about users.
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Reasons for voting decision: This is a compound resolution, so both aspects 1) elitist, and 2) stripped of money, must be proven. CON gave a trivial reason why they shouldn't be stripped of money whereas PRO totally ignored that aspect of his resolution, so arguments. S&G as well. Finally, conduct for a one round debate.