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Solar Energy Pros and Cons

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Started: 3/9/2016 Category: Technology
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This debate will discuss the perks and flaws of solar energy.
#1: The first round is for acceptance.
#2: The second round will shortly discuss the qualities of solar energy.
#3: The third round will revolve around the reasons that make solar panels and efficient or inefficient energy source.

This debate will be short and will aim at being easy to understand for non-professionals and people who are not familiar with energy or solar power at all. It will be a short expose of the reasons one should or should not consider investing in a solar power system.

References are strongly recommended to allow others to get additional information about the topics discussed in this debate.

Let the debate begin!


Thanks for challenging me to this debate, Scott.

I will debate against solar energy and the use of solar panels in the households and commercial buildings.

I'm excited to get this debate started.
Debate Round No. 1


Clean Energy Source:

Solar panels are not a standard energy source and as such, they have one really important feature that differentiates them from the rest of the energy systems commonly used today.
Solar panels are completely eco-friendly and once they are installed, they do no harm to their surroundings.

Renewable Energy:

The energy extracted from solar rays is absolutely renewable and possess no dangers of exiration in the next 6,5 billion years. Unlike the other types of dangerous fuels that humanity consumes on a regular basis, the solar enery can be utilized for nature-friendly projects that involve food production, heating and even industial purposes while delivering a fully green solution for manufacturers and large factories.

Remote Power:

In order to power up a remote area of the world, we need to plant generators and install wire systems that could spread thousands of miles across uncharted territories. The price for such project would be enormous, not to mention the fee for maintenance.
The use of solar energy allows the placement of independent panels without the installation of serious wiring. The benefits of applying the use of solar energy have already been adapted in space stations. Same can be done for households and commercial buildings where green roofs can be combined with solar power equipment for the creation of untimate Eco-frineldy urbanisation.




Initial Installation Cost:

The price of solar panels is a big drawback that makes most families reconsider their choice and get back to conventional energy sources. The cost of a single, high-quality solar panel can go up to $1000 and large household usually require two or three panels to be able to sustain their home on a daily basis.

Limited Production:

Solar panels generally produce power during the day and don't function during the night. This limits the production with nabout 50% which also raises the power costs per day. It is also debated whether or not bad weather delivers little to no energy at all. This created the need of a second energy source that could work as a backup plan for extreme cases.

Constant Maintenance:

In order to function properly, solar panels need to be as clean as possible. This energy source is extremely sensitive to pollution and could require frequent cleaning in dry regions such as Sydney and other Australian cities which are often affected by dust storms. The cleaning of solar panels and the general maintenance of the power system are a downside and a challenge that not many property owners are willing to take.

Debate Round No. 2


scottbimmer forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3
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