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Some Christians have given the relgion bad name due to being pushy and degrading non-believers

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Started: 8/12/2016 Category: Religion
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Christians have been given a bad name due to the overzealous. There has been a tendency to push the religion down non-believers throats and to degrade and reprimand those who are not followers (with more and more fervor given the further the person is from believing or the worse of a person they are).

The con side will be arguing that being pushy, threatening eternal damnation, and degrading/calling out the faults of non-believers (the worse the person, the worse the behavior) is the correct approach. (as it seems to be what a lot of those in the mainstream choose to do)


I would argue that Christianity is in essence, pushy. It teaches people the seven deadly sins, (which are not possible to avoid I might add). This example is one of many that the bible provides and teaches to impressionable people. The bible itself says that people who do not accept God before their death will go to hell. If the bible encourages these people to think this way, can you really blame it on the people themselves?
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that's too narrow of a view. Christianity shows both sides of how to live. Treat others as you would treat yourself (ideally meaning treat others well). The seven deadly sins are not meant to be avoided. We're human and we WILL sin. This is the entire reason Jesus needed to die on the cross. We, by merit, can not be perfect, so Jesus gave us this gift to get into Heaven. He was never pushy. It was always about love.

Lastly, the note on going to hell. Hell is not a lake of fire in my mind, but is the eternal absence of being in the presence of God, which would be terrible. It's unfortunate that happens, but God did give us free will. It's our choice and the Bible just informs us of the final outcome based on our beliefs.

It says no where to be pushy. Love others and show them the way. Nothing more.


Christianity has sparked several devastating wars in the past all on the premise of belief, most notable of the wars, were The Thirty Years war, French Wars of Religion, and Second Sudanese Civil War, all three ranging the death counts in the millions. Not only has Religion caused millions of deaths, but has also set us far technologically back. All of this belief has shaped our world in a terrible way, and again, though people started the wars, they started the wars on the premise of belief. This is the definition of pushy.
Debate Round No. 2


The church has sparked some of these wars. I have my fair share of issues with the church (a lot of them fall under the category of what i'm arguing for). I agree this is the definition of pushy. That's what I'm arguing for as stated in the original post.

The message needs to be simple. Love and the truth. The simple truth being we're not good enough (none of us) by merit alone to get into Heaven. Jesus gave us this gift. Believe in him and you are saved. Everything else is lesser. We should treat each other well and encourage the non-believers by the merits of the religion. Not condemn the non-believers and kill in God's name. Terrible things. Unnecessary things. That was not how Jesus operated, nor should we.

I feel we might agree.


Though I agree with you, that was not the context of the argument. It was that Christianity in essence is Pushy, and in your last argument, you admitted it was. These strong beliefs pushed on people in this harsh a manner will directly lead to those individuals being pushy. Christians don't put a bad name on it. It is the religion that teaches them to be that way.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by canis 2 years ago
I have seen other and newer translations of the christian book...Another book.
Posted by Just-Call-Me-PK 2 years ago
You mean books not book. It is the words of God misinterpreted and misjudged by millions, as your comments show.
Posted by TheOneAndOnlySinner 2 years ago
The book speaks for the religion of Christianity and the rules and lessons it must abide by, which many people do.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
the book speaks for itself
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