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Some factors should not be considered to why a fandom is 'bad'.

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Started: 12/7/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 7 months ago Status: Debating Period
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This is a pretty iffy thing to debate over however after the recent of events of people claiming that the 'Cuphead' fandom has already been deemed 'bad' or 'ruined', I decided to make my voice clear on why some factors should not be considered to why a fandom is bad. I want a professional debate, no internet arguments or stuff like that. Once I get challenged, I'll start in Round 2.


May I start by saying I am strongly aff, but will still take on this topic negatively. I personally don't see why fanbases are taken to such an extreme personal level where the individual feels the need to claim their fandom 'good' and others 'bad.'
Regardless, a fandom should be looked upon as a whole and not a network of smaller communities labeled as one.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my challenge. Let me begin.

Seeing everything as a whole is a true fact, and if the whole thing has an actual, true factor to why a fandom should be labeled 'bad', then it can be 'bad'. Anyways, I am going to spit out every factor I have saved here and I'll see what you can say. Here we go.

1. Porn/Rule34 - Now maybe we can all agree that this is the major factor to these people on why a fandom is considered ruined. They say that this is ruining the innocence of a game is the major reason to why this fandom is ruined. As a counter-argument, have you noticed that quite literally every other fandom has a lot of porn/Rule 34 within it? The only games/shows I've seen so far that has the "oh there's porn, it's bad" argument is Undertale, Five Night's at Freddy's, Cuphead, Rick and Morty, and Jeff the Killer. What're the similarities here? They are all incredibly popular. This is why Rule 34 is made of it so quickly, it's just that popular. However, fandoms not declared bad but still has a bunch of porn are literally EVERYWHERE. I don't see people saying Night in the Woods, Batman, Robots, Steven Universe, etc. being considered back because there's porn of it. If a fandom is bad because it has porn of it, then every fandom is bad, but you just don't consider it because it's not "mainstream" or in your face.

2. The Little Kids/Arguments - This is probably the second biggest contributing factor to why a fandom is bad. They say that the kids who make vocal opinions about it, compare something else to it, insult people not liking it, or other examples are stupid, toxic, and annoying. As a young teen, I can understand. Kids are kind of dumb and are pretty wild, like theater kids. And yes, insulting people who do not like it is out of line and is not professional behavior, however just because this is common doesn't mean it should be taken into consideration. It's... really easy to be ignored. Very easily, just simply block any contact with that person. However, I will agree that if this kid or person gets their friends or group to harass and/or threaten you for having a different, that is very, very wrong and I am ashamed to be in a fandom that has situations like these. In fact, I have no counter-argument about this, it's a minor example of another argument I'll be making soon. Either way, age shouldn't be considered of their potential to do something in the fandom, like sing, create, etc. They have much potential if they have the right amount of training.

3.1. A true example of why a fandom should be hated is if someone has been killed over it. Do you remember the infamous Slenderman story, where two girls nearly/actually murder their friend to 'worship Slenderman'? That is mine and probably many people's true factors to why the Slenderman's fandom is bad: someone was murdered over it. As of my knowledge, the fandoms considered bad because of harassment or insults and such is a minor/no reason to why a fandom is hated; it should be if someone died/was killed over it.

4. Just Bad - While the big majority of the fandom had created a lot of great things like artworks, songs, stories, or hell, even Original Characters if you're lucky enough, the small minority is creating some... questionable to low-quality creations. If we take out the Rule 34 part of these creations, I'm talking about the creations that are generally low quality. I understand this won't give a good rap to a fandom, but it legitimately is too small of a minority to even be considered. The reason you might be finding a lot of these is that you're looking too deep to see where the 'cringe' is at. If you don't want that to ruin you from a fandom, don't purposely find these low-quality songs/artworks. If you are a huge fan of a game/show/character/etc..., DON'T 'RUIN' IT FOR YOU PURPOSELY!

5. Hatedom - This is not an actual factor, but we do need to talk about the hatedom. A hatedom is what usually is a community that doesn't like the game. And in smaller things, this is understandable and totally normal to have. But in these big ones, the majority of the hatedom only hates the game because of the fandom. This is the one that personally pisses me off the most. The creation did absolutely nothing wrong, the fandom (in your opinion) did. The fandom shouldn't even be considered a factor in why you hate the creation! If there's a lot of things wrong with the creation where you hate it just from that, then that is reasonable and okay. But if you are taking the fandom, especially the 'bad' minority of it as a factor to why the game itself sucks, it makes you seem 'butt hurt'.

These are the factors that should not be considered why a fandom is bad.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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