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Sony Take Responsibility for your Actions

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Started: 12/21/2014 Category: News
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I don't understand why Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton decided make a movie Threatening the life of North Korea Leader Kim Jong- Un thinking that it would funny.

First of all its against the law to threaten the life of another human being especially Kim Jong- Un the leader of another country that the United States does not have a good relationship with.

I don't condone the that course of action Kim Jong - Un has taken to retaliate but what would you do if your life was threaten.

Sony Entertainment has turned a bad situation into a worse situation.

Not only have they damaged their name but lets look at the big picture they have put the lives of the people in the United States and world wide in jeopardy and Lord knows what else.

At this point to try to defuse the situation Mr. Michael Lynton I really do think a public apologize is due to people of United States for putting our lives in jeopardy and Kim Jong-Un for making a disrectful movie threatening his life

Mr. Michael Lynton stop pointing the finger at all the wrong people and take responsibility for your wrong doing.


As a private movie company, Sony has the ability to make any movie of its choosing. It is not bound by any government department's decision to produce a movie. It should not have to apologize for how it made others feel.
During WWII, Looney Tunes had a string of cartoons directly satirizing and deriding our Japanese enemies. They lightened the mood at a time when Americans were scared. Japan was an enemy that was not easily beat and this was a scary thought for many Americans. Since we could not defeat them, the solution was to make fun of them. This solution is quite immature, but allowed an outlet for powerless Americans.
We are not at open war with the North Koreans, but they still pose a great threat to our society and wellbeing. Sony was doing the same thing for us as the Looney Tunes cartoons did for America.
In our media, we have derided the Germans and Japanese during WWII, the Russians during the Cold War, and Middle Eastern terrorists. North Koreans are the new enemy we need to deride in order to boost our morale and mentally "defeat" our enemies. Our defiant nature as humans and as citizens of this country create a want for that genre of entertainment.
Sony does not need to apologize to America for the threats of the North Koreans. They were doing their job as entertainers by creating a film they knew would be liked by the people. They were trying to help Americans feel better during this time of crisis.
Debate Round No. 1


WWII really yes the United States WAS at war with the Japan, This is 2014 the United States is not at war with North Korea so what right did Sony have to make that movie threaten and make fun of Kim Jong-Un

So what would happen if Kim Jong- Um made a comedy movie about killing the President Barrack Obama or those police officers in New York , Ferguson Missouri Trevon Martin in Sanford FL that took innocent lives or a famous record artist produced a record promoting violence. would they have that same right.

The point is the situation is getting worse day by day even though you think Sony don't owe North Korea or the People Of The United States an apologize what does he have to loose.


"The Interview" was meant to be a comedy. It was not meant to threaten anyone's life but to provide entertainment for its viewers. It is not an actual threat, but a mindless joke meant to be humorous.
If you have ever listened to rap music, plenty of songs have had "body counts" of at least 5 people. Searching for "Barack Obama parodies" leads to a countless amount of videos. Their lives were not threatened in any way. There are a number of books, for example, "Whiny Little Bitch: The Excuse-Filled Presidency of Barack Obama," which is available on amazon with mostly positive reviews. The commenters or the writer of the book were not publicly condemned by the President.
If Americans truly believed in freedom of the speech and press, a war would not be started over a piece of film. The populus would be angered but we would not retaliate in the same manner as the North Koreans. If those values previously mentioned were ones America truly believed in, then those rights should be extended by the US internationally. We as Americans have the right to produce a wide variety of media.
Sony does not have to apologize for using the rights granted to us as Americans. The North Koreans are already at a a point where "sorry" is invaluable. Randomly apologizing would not be seen as genuine and therefore we would be as useless as not saying anything at all.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Adam2isback 2 years ago
Agreed with the two below me. He's just a punk who can't take the truth.
Posted by Figeon 2 years ago
I agree Rubikx. And last I checked Con, Americans have the freedom of speech. Sony can do whatever they want within the law.
Posted by Rubikx 2 years ago
They didn't threaten his life by making that movie. Its a comedy, not a documentary or secret plan by the government. Admittedly it wasn't the brightest idea, but it is in no way a threat to his life.
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