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Space Colonization, entirely stupid.

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Started: 7/23/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I move, to prove that space colonization is stupid.

It is unfeasible, unethical, unpractical, unreasonable, and foreseeably unattainable.

challenge me.


There was a time when we thought that building a "COMPUTER" or a "MOBILE PHONE" is a waste of time or stupid. But it happened...

Good Luck.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponents acceptance round included a fraudulent quote, he pulled out his arse to be spunky. Ironic, that his profile indicates he can't stand up in this debate at all, much less against a contributor. But as he accepted, he agreed that:

He is PRO - Space Colonization, is NOT entirely stupid.
and must defend that claim avidly, competently, coherently, logically, and formally regarding the context of the debate.

Although personal contributions, are never contributions to a debate, they are soliloquies, I hope you can counter each portion of debate content I provide full heartedly. Remember, you can forfeit, By accepting defeat. - You are not obligated to defend a belief you do not have confidence in - and doing so is bigotry, if you do not feel you can competently contribute content to the debate.

Unfeasible : with the expense, verses pay off. The resources are better spent elsewhere. Poverty, war, crime, impractical technologies, environmental issues.

Unethical: the confined space would factually, according to research in human development and psycho analysis, trauma (sea sickness, senile old people, jealousy, Hope, dreams). The children raised there would have social injustice, and be subject to bigotry, dis-cultural lifestyles, pre-arrange marriage, and illogical lifestyles (slaves).

unpractical: earth, even if desolate and sunless, is a much richer source of minerals, food, living space and security than any space craft we can make. It is also, unreasonable to spend our time given politics, resourcing space for what we have much easier to attain here (minerals and development).

unreasonable: ^^^ Including what was stated. The technology we have now is so pure, compared tot he foreseeable future that, investing in space travel now would be entirely wasted, irrelevant progress. The entire expedition and effort would be made monotonous, scandalous embezzling in the proceeding decades. Waiting is the only logical answer to being curious in space exploration .

Unattainable: there is nothing out there we've seen worth going for, and our technology is not sufficient, and There is no evidence we have Factually made any progress as of yet & that the space progress you imagine actually occurred at all.

To prove you actually read this argument, You are required to summaries each of these points in your round two argument, or you forfeit. (demonstrate acknowledgement for the arguments put forth.)


Before I start to put forth my arguments let me be very clear.
The intention of accepting this debate was solely to debate on the topic of "Space Colonization" and not about my personal attributes or personality regarding what I post.
You stating that "he can't stand up in this debate at all" clearly says that I have a "GIVE UP" nature and the fact that you tried to degrade me in the starting of your argument is itself a sign of your weakness because a good debater will never do that and always appreciate the points of his or her opponent, but in no circumstance would he ever mock. That is your 1st weakness.
"Ironic, that his profile indicates that he can't stand up". Number 1: Never under-estimate anyone based on an incomplete profile and Number 2: The fact that you did not give any examples from my profile clearly states the fact that you Might or Might not even have been on my profile page because you lack evidence on the above argument.
Now, I shall put forth my arguments:

Unfeasible: Tell me a time where Poverty, war, crime, environmental issues etc etc has NOT existed. These issues will always remain and they are never going to stop because we all will always have differences.
So that does not mean that we should stop our space exploration or any developmental projects and start funding to a cause where there might be NO END and NO RESULT just because we cannot put our differences aside. How stupid is that.
Moreover, there are people donating for all these causes of Poverty, war, crime etc. But still reaps no result. Might as well keep focusing on innovations because "INNOVATIONS" and discovery like Space Exploration is the only thing that keeps our world "GOING." But that also does not mean that we shall not donate to these cause. We SHOULD but also we must focus on Space Exploration and other projects too. We have to BALANCE it all.

Unethical: HELLO, Wake up! Injustice, bigotry, dis-cultural lifestyles (atheist), pre-arrange marriage, illogical lifestyle (slaves). They still EXIST in 2016. How do you think that space exploration would make it any different?
Don't forget we humans are made of dreams, hope, sicknesses, jealousy. This is what makes us Humans and irrespective of time and technology or discoveries, we will always have these feelings of differences and sicknesses.

Unpractical: Not sure what you mean by "SUNLESS" meaning No sun? If there was No sun, life on earth would not have been possible because plants use sunlight for photosynthesis. This means No Sun = No Plants = No Oxygen = No Humans. That's stupid. Moreover, earth is just a planet and there is a VAST VAST universe out there! So just IMAGINE if our EARTH solely has enough minerals to offer, HOW MUCH WILL THE UNIVERSE OFFER US? The whole reason of space exploration is WHAT WILL UNIVERSE OFFER US! You basically proved my point there mate. So thanks for that :)

Unreasonable: Waiting is the MOST stupid answer. Tell me this, what should we wait for? The Ascension of some kind and hence making us slaves? Is that what we wait for? Or we wait for a meteor that destroyed dinosaurs which might happen again and destroy humanity while we sit there and WAIT!. That's stupid and bizarre. Space exploration is never a waster of time simply because the More you Discover, The More you KNOW, and The more you KNOW, The more Powerful our RACE gets!
and the MORE chance we have for OUR SURVIVAL.

Unattainable: We haven't even got out of our Solar System YET and here you are concluding that there is nothing going out there that's WORTH for? Then you must stop assuming things.
Yes, I agree our technology is not sufficient, but that is what we have to work for and in time we will eventually have the technology for space travel. It's just a matter of time.
Speaking of progress: Check out Juno Misson to Jupiter, Mars Mission, Mars Mission 2020.

And above all that "SPACE EXPLORATION and SPACE COLONIZATION" will be FASCINATING. Common guys, don't you agree? Won't it be fascinating?

To my opponent,
Respect everyone irrespective of their comments and the fact of degrading me and trying your level best to make me FORFEIT clearly proves your incompetency as a good debater.
I am not trying to degrade you, all I am telling you is "Be Respectful" and make sure you don't repeat it.
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
21 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
would you like to challenge me, so that you can take point and control in the discussion?
I will be more civil, even if you choose to be unruly. But always regard the context and content of the debate, unbiasedly towards the ultimate truth, not how it was presented**
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
you know I wan only being brazen because you can't win this debate.
I chose a debate I couldn't lose.

PS. the moon is something like 380 000 km away. And travel at 10 000km an hour the pod landed, and then launched and reconnected to a shuttle hurling around the moon, about the side of a missile. according to the theory. The shuttle left the day prior, and they landed on the moon the next day, apparently.

You cannot present any evidence the mars landing was real, or that any satellites orbit the moon, or have been sent into space. SO you cannot present any of that as evidence. What cannot be supported as fact, cannot be used as an argument (that would be bigotry**).

But I will indeed invite you. I am glad to hear you want to have this debate.
It would have been really funny if you wanted to take credit for a win after, one missed comment. XD
Posted by brainFreeze 2 years ago
Well well..
I am not bigoted. I agree your point of views, because of which I said to "Balance it all"

Moreover, I am more than ready to accept another round of debate provided you don't forfeit a round by not posting an argument.

If you doubt that we will fail to find any resources of our use then you must search up what minerals are Mars made of and what does Moon contain.

And don't forget, you were the one who forfeited the round. I am not the one running here...

So cut the crap and give me a challenge
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
u haven't. u clearly just said u don't care about significant factors.

you were deliberately bigoted,
and I am sure that now,
because you are not obligated to accept a continued round,
that you will say you do so because I am brazen, presumptuous and blunt.

But none the less, my contributions proved my point. And your contributions were na"ve {saying that it is a fact that we will find USABLE resources in space} and Ignorance (literally saying you are choosing to deny the significance of the issues, because you don't care.).

could you actually, Stand Up in this debate? Or are you running with your tail between your legs? As I predicted.
Posted by brainFreeze 2 years ago
To be honest...

I had fun debating you.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
debates are not restrained to rounds. they are restrained to proof and conclusion.
i'll invite you to a continued board. write your round three.
Posted by brainFreeze 2 years ago
As to why you could not post any argument.

Sadly, this is over before I could pose my 3rd round. I had all my points ready :(

Next time.

Good luck for your future debates mate.
Posted by brainFreeze 2 years ago
This is not justified....
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
I am glad you do not disregard anything.
We will continue this debate, in "Space Colonization, entirely stupid. continued" afterwards, to ensure we get to the bottom of it.
you clearly did. You actually admitted it.

review the content was analysing for my round 3.
damn clock. wtf. lol
Posted by brainFreeze 2 years ago
And clearly the way you wrote the comment clearly tells me you haven't read my argument properly.

Or you haven't understood...
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