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Space colonization should be spearheaded by the private sector

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Started: 2/21/2015 Category: Science
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SPACE COLONIZATION- the permanent human habitation off planet Earth. This comes to include orbital habitations and those on all planetary bodies not Earth.
PRIVATE SECTOR-an organization is it is a- non-governmental agency that is not a nonprofit or philanthropist project; company or corporation that is based on the premise of repaying their investors and growing to expand in some way
My personal theory that space colonization should be led by the private sector is backed on historical evidence and current events. Companies must make a return on investment, therefore they must make their funding go further than a government which may just burn through funding and request more via taxes. For example, India was colonized by the British East India Trade Company, not the British government. This is because the government would have to answer to public opinion regarding the reason they (the government) went to the new place to begin with. However, a privately owned company merely answers to its investors, as they provide funding and expect a return on their investments. A government does not have to make a return on investment to its investors, the taxpayers of that country. For example, the United States of America is the owners of a massive national debt, it the range of 15 to 20 trillion dollars. This is not an economically sound principle, and it should be repaid before sending men and women to places other than Earth and supporting them. This is best left to the private sector, which would expect to make a profit from there venture and therefore as profitable as possible.


Any new technology has steep development costs. Often there is uncertainty that there will be any payoff at all, much less a payoff that justifies the costs. However, sometimes things must be done. Aircraft carriers must be built, fusion power must be developed, and so on. For this reason government often foots the bill in developing technology, and appropriately so. There does come a point where private industry can be more agile in development and you bet your paycheck that the second there is profit to be made there will be plenty of greedy players trying to make it. In fact, even before it is wise to do so.

In the case of space colonization we are nearing that point. There are private space tourism launches, but its going to be quite a while before we have colonization. The reason for this is that while there are plenty of wealthy people who want to go into space, only an idiot would be up for permanent relocation (imprisonment) to mars or much of anywhere, and idiots don't have money. If you want proof just look at the cross eyed fools that are volunteering for the NASA mars colonization. Probably there will be some early funding by wealthy elderly individuals that want to go up and siphon life force off the captives.

More to the point NO ONE should fund colonization. Humanity is a marginally sociopathic species in the second lowest possible stage of civilization (civilization is defined by social customs not by technology). More than that the people pulling the strings in our "civilization" are to use a technical term . . . "freaking nuts".

No intelligent human nor any intelligent alien wants humanity colonizing anything at this point. In fact if we are being watched by intelligent alien life, attempting to colonize another planet could likely trigger our extinction.
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Posted by themoongirl 2 years ago
I would accept, but you kind of confused me with all those big words. But heck no, we already ruined our own planet, isn't that enough??? Do we have to go and ruin another's???
Posted by WillRiley 2 years ago
I have been saying this in response to government funded space programs for a while.
Posted by TBR 2 years ago
Are you a serious member? Are you willing to debate this? You have set one round, that is only a statement. I suggest that if you want a debate, you think about this.

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