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Spanking is not a good form of punishment for children

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Started: 11/18/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1 is acceptance
Rounds 2&3 are arguments and rebuttals
Round 4 is rebuttals and conclusion


I accept this debate!!! I do say gl hf
Debate Round No. 1


Children who are spanked when they are younger are more likely to spank their kids when they have their own later in life.

"According to Gershoff, spanking does not improve behavior, leads to aggression and other behavior problems like stealing and lying, makes it more likely children will have mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and could lead to learning problems at school." (1)

When we spank our children they often believe when they get older that it"s okay to do that because they grew up with it. We do not need to be teaching our kids that it is okay to spank people. They get to a vulnerable age where whatever they see they will do.

Spanking a child could also lead to child abuse. When somebody is so angry and can"t help themselves they might only want to lightly spank the child but could end up beating them harder and harder. I don"t know how many times I have heard on the news about a child getting beaten to death because the parent or sitter were hitting them until they were quiet.

There are different forms of punishment that would be better than a spanking. They could be; putting them in time out, taking away toys, taking away electronics. These are some of the ways that you can teach kids that what they did is not okay without having to hit them.

Often times when you spank a child they don"t even learn a lesson in the first place. All it"s get them is angry that they were hit. Then they will act out in fits of rage and can become violent themselves. Spanking teaches children to only behave when there is threat of physical harm. This is not a good way to teach children the difference between right and wrong.

"Those who experienced physical punishment were 59 percent more likely to have alcohol dependence, 41 percent more like to have depression and 24 percent more likely to have panic disorder, compared with those who received no physical punishments, the researchers said." (2)

Spanking is considered a physical form of punishment. If you look at the statement above these stats are appalling. This is all because they were spanked when they were kids. As I have stated before, there are many different ways to teach kids. Spanking should not be one of them.



Now on the way to my school today I was listening to the radio, and the show Mike and Mike was on. So I decided to listen to it and see what they were talking about, and the man they were talking about was Adrian Peterson. Now they were discussing how Adrian Peterson had abused his four year old son. You might be wondering why I brought this up.

People actually think physical abuse is spanking, but it's not. A simple hand slapping the son/daughter on the bottom is something that is trying to teach a lesson. Slapping, Punching and Kicking that is not spanking that is just abusive and he said he loved his son. Now if you love your son why would you beat him?

Now I think you should only be spanked till a certain age maybe around SIX years old. Now on the website they said SIX also because it helps in your later(if it is not abusing just a simple three lick thing or something of the simple NOT ABUSE thing) life. Like it has taught kids to make wiser decisions and it also helped in future school life with grades behavior and ect.

"That is to say, to such parents, discipline is often a dirty word. They tend to be overly permissive, set poor examples, be inconsistent in moral guidance and not teach responsibility. They are unlikely to view themselves as absolute authority figures but, rather, will treat the family as a democracy (without a constitution). They are more apt to want to be buddies than parents to their children." -Selwyn Duke.

Now why would I use that? Here let find another one for you to read people.

"Common sense tells us some other things as well. For one thing, we often hear that corporal punishment is damaging because it "teaches violence," a nonsensical assertion if ever there were one (I completely refute this notion here). It is ironic, too, given that those who promote this idea are generally evolutionists who believe man to simply be a highly evolved animal. After all, can you think of an animal that doesn"t at times use violence? Animals use it in defense of self and territory, to kill prey, to win females, and sometimes simply because they"re angry. Hey, even Bambi is guilty. I read a while back about a deer that attacked a man, impaling the fellow with his antlers. Yet, evolutionists would have us believe that somehow, magically, man is the only "animal" who ended up with the Gandhi gene while "evolving" in this violent world." -Selwyn Duke.

I got one more I promise I'm not plagiarizing I'm quoting and also putting where I found. Now by the US government that is not plagiarism.

"Of course, in reality, as even cursory observation of babies and toddlers informs, it"s more like the Attila the Hun gene. When they have tantrums, they will often lash out, hitting, biting, and pulling hair. Hey, they will cry and scream without that behavior being modeled for them, either. Despite this, some would have us believe that parents can control these often violent, disagreeable little creatures without occasional recourse to physical action themselves. These experts tell us that if you have to resort to such a tactic, there is something wrong with your parenting ability. This is an interesting theory. If it is valid, we can save ourselves a heck of a lot of money." -Selwyn Duke.

Links of where I looked.
Debate Round No. 2


"Physical abuse is physical force or violence that results in bodily injury, pain, or impairment."

I am pretty sure that when a parent spanks a child it is going to hurt then or cause them some sort of pain. By the definition above that would be considered physical abuse. No child deserved to be spanked, like I stated before there are other ways to discipline a child if need be.

I will agree that kids do need discipline but spanking is not the way to go about it.


"leads to aggression and other behavior problems like stealing and lying, makes it more likely children will have mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and could lead to learning problems at school."

Now I went to many websites to see what you meant by this and everyone said the same dang thing, and here is what I got:
"Much research has focused on the effects that severe child abuse can have on a person's mental well-being."
Now you said it was caused by spanking, but according to Dr. Jennifer Shu it is caused by severe child abuse.

There is a difference between child abuse and spanking. Child abuse is not spanking when you see child abuse there are bruises are even signs of blood or extreme pain. Spanking is not abuse when you spank it should be a couple licks, but if there are bruises after the spanking or blood it can be classified as physical abuse.

"I don"t know how many times I have heard on the news about a child getting beaten to death because the parent or sitter were hitting them until they were quiet."

Um well I will say this something is wrong with that person to abuse. Most people who abuse are people who were abused or something really bad happened in their life.

"there are many different ways to teach kids."
Yes there are different ways but it is also good to have physical punishment(spanking not abuse) until a certain age like 6. Its to teach discipline, but after that age you can use new tactics besides spanking like taking away stuff.

This has been a wonderful debate good luck friend!
Debate Round No. 3


Children bruise easily, so a spank could sometimes leave one. Besides the point I don't think spanking teaches kids a good lesson other than to be afraid of their parents.

Put kids in time out or take a toy away rather than spank them.

Think about this, when adults slap each other they can be stuck with an abuse charge, so why would it not be the same when a kid is slapped, even lightly?


First I would like to say if you bruise easily any age. That means your child or you has vitamin deficiency or signs of some type of cancer.

Also as I said before you can use other tactics to teach your children not to do bad things like taking away things but it is also good to have some type of physical punishment(not physical abuse).

Now this has been fun debating about this and good luck in the voting period!!!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by SCOTSKNIGHT12 2 years ago
sitaramusica without there consent most who are spanked are four and they most likely don't even know what consent means.
Posted by SitaraMusica 2 years ago
I support Pro on this. No one has the right to touch anyone without consent.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Spanking or ridlin. Those are the two choices. I chose spanking. And yes, my children spanked their kids. And they do not act out or act disrespectful.
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