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Spanking your children

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Started: 3/24/2016 Category: People
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Spanking is NOT a form of discipline, rather a form of punishment and should not be implicated upon children as it is more harmful than beneficial.
1. It teaches children that violence is the proper method to get their way
2. It causes children to be fearful
3. It teaches children that it is okay to react out of anger, as well as aggressive behaviours

The more appropriate means to discipline a child would be delivering a response as opposed to a reaction. Giving a child rationale regarding their wrong behaviours will teach the proper lesson that is originally intended to be taught.

Being hit as a child could imply many negative and harmful messages to the child that will effect them into adulthood whether it is conscious or subconscious.


Spanking children should be a last resort of discipline, but it is not necessarily a wrong thing to do. Aggressive forms of discipline have been used for years, and normally it is effective. When used appropriately, spanking can teach kids that not everyone in life is going to sit down to have a nice talk about what you did wrong. Children also learn that when you break a rule there are severe measures that go way beyond getting a stern talking to and less TV time. Not only that...forms of aggressive punishment methods are all around us. A few examples are the death penalty and torture in interrogation. Both use "more violent" methods as their last resort. Though not as sever spanking a child isn't as cruel and uncommon as many say it is.
Debate Round No. 1


If you're working and one of your co-workers does something they were not supposed to, are you going to hit them?
If you're in class and one of your peers makes a comment that upsets you, can you walk across the room and hit them?
If you can't hit other human beings, what makes it okay to hit developing children?
Needless to say, does a child ever do something so wrong to the point where they deserve to be physically harmed? Children are constantly learning and ALWAYS curious. The things they do are out of curiosity, imagination, and for fun. If a child doesn't see anything wrong with their actions as they are being delivered, how will they understand why it is wrong when they punishment is being hit.
Aggressive punishments are seemingly becoming illegal, apart from jail systems. Furthermore, the corruption of jails simply create the 'revolving door syndrome', seldom do they learn their lesson as the conditions of the punishment creates massive limitations to learning and reconciliation.
Often times if a child 'misbehaves' and gets hit, the child will do it again to test their caregiver because children feed off of the reaction, which is exactly what a spanking is. The children unlikely recognize and understand why they are being hit, which causes them to do it again as they don't learn the lesson of why they should not have done what they did. Similarly to the revolving door syndrome; inmates are often locked up for years at a time and are not taught how to live or cope outside of jail, so once they do, the trauma remains and they commit another crime and end up back in a jail cell.
Aggression does not teach lessons, it teaches violence and anger.


In real life we obviously can not hit others just because of an emotional outburst. However, if one of your employees are not doing any work and dramatically hurting the business, what are you gonna do? Have a nice talk with Most likely you would fire them because that is the highest level punishment. As kids they can't be put in jail or fired, so their highest severity of punishment would be spanking.

Instead of teaching violence, it teaches if you break the most important rule- you get the highest punishment. Spanking doesn't show violence, or lead to commit crimes at all. I for one had parents who would spank me when I got to out of control. And every time I got a spanking, I never broke that rule again. Personally I have never gotten in trouble for inappropriate use of violence. However, your theory that using violence teaches others to use violence is somewhat false.

A child that has a father that abuses him and his mother physically reacts completely different. The child in many cases develops a need to protect instead of hurt. In no way am I condoning abuse, only offering a new perspective.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by jglass841 2 years ago
Though i agree with con, Pro makes an interesting point about abuse. Many children that are physically abused develop a tendency to protect others. I see evidence of this in my own life. Great argument on both sides, but i do not have voting privileges yet.
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