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Sparta is better (Ancient Greece) than Athens

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Started: 10/15/2015 Category: Education
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in Athens, women need to follow rules of their husbands or their father. They couldn't have the property from the family. In Sparta, women had many rights that other Athenian women did not have. In Sparta women were stronger and they chose their husband, own big buisnesses or much more. They could also join the army. In Athens women did chores at home, but in Sparta the women can do anything as their family battled. Also the army here is strongest in Greece. the oligarchy governments are experienced-- the Athens one could not substain their city state at war. moreover, the Athens are too overpopulated, girls had no freedom, and may not have enough resources.


Athnes was a demacrocy that gave us many cultural advances. Sparta was a state that relied solely on slavery. Spartan society was made up of two classes, soldiers and slaves. One historian noted that you wouldn't be able tell how powerful sparta was by looking at it because it was so small and simple. This is because literly the only thing they were good as a city at was war. Other then helping fight the persians and bringing down athens, sparta had little influence on history. They were simply a society that conquered and enslaved rival populations to sustain themselves. Not only were all men soldiers, weak infants were left outside to die. In closing sparta was a militaristic slave state that didn't have any real affect on western culture at all, unlike athens.
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