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Spartans are superior to ninjas.

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Started: 1/23/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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My argument is that spartans are better than ninjas. I'm still a little new to this myself, but also will give it my all. Round one is for acceptance and clarification on stance. Round two is for your arguments, and round three is for your rebutes and conclusions. My oppenent will try to prove that ninjas are better than my spartans, or me to prove otherwise.


Like Pro, for the most part I'm also new to debating. I will be defending the position that ninjas are superior to Spartans (so the burden of proof is equal). My arguments will begin next round.

Just some quick definitions.

Ninja- a person trained in ancient Japanese martial arts and employed especially for espionage and assassinations.

Superior- of higher rank, quality, or importance

Spartan- a warrior from ancient Sparta

Definitions come from Merriam Webster's dictionary online. I hand it over to Pro to make his case.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Con for wanting to debate with me. And sorry to take so long before writing back, couldn't get back to a computer. The only one i can get to is at school, alternative school. I will be explaining how eficient their armor is, their weapons list, how they fight, where they are form as well. I expect my opponent to do the same.

Sparta was one of the most efficient and strongest of the Leading Greek city states in its time. The Spartans were highly organised and their land based army was almost untouchable, both in its battle skills and it's mastery of warfare tactics and fighting. At a young age the soon to be Spartan warrior would be taken from their home, this was usually at around six or seven years old. The young Spartan's would then be trained with battle as their primary purpose in
life, trained to be ready for any war or fight. Additionally it is both alleged that they were taught to read and write and also conflicting stories say that they weren't, but regardless it would have been a tough upbringing, allegedly encouraged to steal, but not to be caught, the young Spartans would be provided with basic food and clothing needed to survive but nothing more.
When the young Spartans reached twelve, their training would be increased dramatically with more discipline and training introduced. Extra work and tasks were often delegated to the young Spartans of this age. Later when they had matured at age twenty, they were considered by the state to be full warriors and deemed ready to join the Spartan army.
Once the Spartan warrior joined the army they would become almost brothers with the group of men who they trained with. They were recognized as one of the Spartan's, called ‘Hoplites' and now they were forbidden to work in any monetary fashion. When the Spartan reached thirty years old, they would be given a plot of land and this would be farmed for the Spartan warrior by one of the state slaves. The produce grown from the land would allow the Spartan to eat and survive for the rest of his life.

Weapons and armour of the Spartan Army
Like a lot of amides, the equipment of the Spartan warriors has had variations and changes throughout the periods they existed. The most well known of these looks would undoubtedly be the Persian war outfit made famous by the graphic novel 300. While Spartans were great fighters this would mean body armour would not be as essential as with other warriors, but regardless of this they did not skimp. The Spartan warriors armour did change over time but they would usually have a chest plate to protect themselves from melee attacks to their torsos, bronze cuirasses, Leg greaves and a helmet most typically in the Corinthian style.
Weaponry would consist of a spear know as a Dory, which was very large and rather unwieldy, the Spartans however were more skilled at using than their opponents were with lesser weapons. The Spartan warriors would also carry short sword which was used for stabbing when in close quarters. For defence they would carry a hoplite shield known as an Aspis, this would big enough for them to carry a wounded comrade in and would require great strength to use effectively in the battle, fortunately the Spartans always possessed this.

To be very clear the armor that they had only covered the front of their bodies, not the back. But that was not much of an issue for the spartan warriors for they never retreated. Either that or you would have to get around them somehow. Their bronze armor shields were very large in size, when used properlly in defense, covers most of the body. The spartan shield doubled as deffensive and an offensive item in battle. When used on a straight forward attack(such as an outward swing) would without a doubt knock the enemy flat on their back. Making them open for attack. Or to be used as a direct side swing using the edge to strike at the head of the enemy. The spartan shield generates the same power in movement as the same as a car crash. The spartan's Corinthian style helmet has a viewing range of about 1-2 inches. Making it difficult to see, and the enemy, the ninja, A vary small striking area.

These spartans are no pushovers in war. They are fearless, honorable, and they never take loss as an acceptable option. They are heavily armored, however the ninja is not. The spartan was trained at a very young age, close to the ninjas I presume. The spartan was trained to be a brute in war, a juggernaut if you will.

I will wait for my opponents response.


As stated earlier, this round will be for arguments (I will respond to Pro’s arguments in the next round).
I will outline a few arguments in favor of a ninja’s superiority over a Spartan (namely, qualities that a ninja has or excels in that the Spartan does not and how that may translate in a battle).

Let’s suppose a ninja and a Spartan (via some awesome time machine) were to fight in combat (just the two of them, no allies). Could the ninja match the Spartan blow for blow strike for strike? Probably not considering the Spartan’s impenetrable armor and weaponry (although, historically there have been ninjas who utilized armor and still retained some of their stealth), but a ninja’s stealth and keen sense of the environment nonetheless allow him to better adapt.

The Disguise

Ninjas are well trained in the art of “invisibility or espionage” (1). Their secrecy and adaptability in being undetected has been compared to “magical powers” (2). Aside from their agility, ninjas were also adept at disguising themselves as the common people (monks, scholars, merchants, etc.) in such a way that a Spartan (who is unfamiliar with Japanese history and customs) may not even see the ninja coming if the location were say Feudal Japan (3). In a brief moment the Spartan may leave his guard down may be all the time the ninja needs. If both were to battle in the Spartan’s homecourt, this argument may be moot but there are other options the ninja has. The Spartan warrior, however, will stick out virtually everywhere he goes. A Spartan could probably not disguise himself if he interprets it as a sign of cowardice.

Where’d he go?

Let’s suppose the Spartan and the ninja were in some neutral environment (where neither has special knowledge of the cultural settings), the ninja has a better chance in interacting with his surroundings perhaps by camouflaging around any trees, bushes, etc. (4).


The ninja has also been trained in patience and mastery of his movements (following a rhythm of walking, breathing, etc. which reflects Buddhist philosophy in some ways). Every step he takes is calculated to put him ahead of his opponent or target. A ninja would not be brash enough to take on an opponent head on if he sees that opponent is a more physically imposing.

Imaginative Arsenal and Strategy

Creative Weapon Uses

A ninja has various techniques to use in his disposable during battle. The Spartan’s weapons were primarily meant for going to war; however, the weapon arsenal for ninjas consisted of a wide range of weapons for different scenarios. For instance, a ninja could use a staff made of hollow bamboo (which may seem useless in a fight against someone like a Samurai or Spartan), but if the ninja is accurate, he could send a hidden poison dart through staff to hit an exposed area on his opponent (5). The ninja also possesses a fukiya (a blow gun/dart shooter object) used for long range combat in case it would be difficult to engage enemies up close, and as you might expect the darts of a ninja’s arsenal can be dipped in paralytic poisons (6). If the Spartan loses site of the ninja, and the ninja manages to hide, the Spartan could be at the mercy of the ninja’s creative use of weapons.

The ninja also incorporates weapons together in the example of the naginata and jutte (where a staff has a blade attached in one end), which in a sense parallels a spear in the Spartan (7). The weapons and combinations for a ninja are quite extensive. If the Spartan is brute force, the ninja is cleverness and cunning.

Back Up Plan

Suppose an enemy cornered a ninja (samurai or Spartan in our case), the ninja’s escape techniques were excellent. For instance, ninja’s could carry metsubishi which is a powder that when thrown in an opponent’s face (even if there was a small opening for the eyes) could temporarily blind them for the kill or escape (8). If the ninja was clever enough, he could even incorporate the powder into his weapons (for instance placing them on his katana and waiting for the opponent to strike dispersing the powder everywhere).

In short, the ninja’s creative use of hidden weapons and poisoned darts, blades, etc. are an advantage the Spartan or any opponent may not realize the ninja has. If the ninja and the Spartan exemplify braun vs. brain, the ninja will probably come out to be the superior.

I now leave it to Pro to present his rebuttals and conclusion in the next round.

(2) Ibid
(4) Ibid from (1)
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Debate Round No. 2


That was a very good response Con. But you are forgetting some of the ninjas weaponry, he may be under equiped.

"The Spartan's weapons were primarily meant for going to war; however, the weapon arsenal for ninjas consisted of a wide range of weapons for different scenarios."

However for the spartans, this is not true. The spartans also utalized archers in war for any "sneak" kills. But the spartan usually just went in with a sword and shield, thought to be a much more honerable death to the enemy. This negates Con's sentance.

"If the Spartan is brute force, the ninja is cleverness and cunning."

Again this is not true. The spartan's were intelligent like in the paragraph above the first quote to Con. In war you can not simply "bumrush" your enemy, you will be killed almost instantly. The spartans devised plans, ways to get around their opponents in order to accomplish a surprise attack or "flank them."

Now for my argument.

If these two were to fight in battle, such as con depicted. "Via some awsome time machine." Not only does the ninja's stealth, and battle plans, and weapons make quite the difference. The spartan's tolerence for pain, his own battle plans, and armor that will give Con's ninja a bit of a problem. You see, the ninja's and spartan's are most likley matched in their intelligence. Mind you all that spartan's are not simple brutes or war, and neither are the ninjas. Now my opponent stated in his response that the ninjas have hidden weapons, well so does the spartan.
The Kopis – The Nasty Spartan Weapon. As an alternative to the xiphos some Spartans selected the dreaded Kopis as their secondary weapon. This was a vicious hacking weapon in the form of a thick, curved iron sword. Warriors would use this weapon more as an axe then a sword, inflicting nasty wounds compared to the cleaner holes made by the spear and xiphos. This weapon was seen as the quintessential "bad guys" weapon in ancient Greece. Athenian art frequently depicted Spartan warriors with this weapon for that reason.

Spartans were warriors, ninjas were assasins. Toe to toe the spartan would win, whereas the ninja had no armor while the spartan had bronze plating and a shield. Spartans also trained in martial arts since they were young, (forgot to mention that.) and trained in the art of killing. Who would win in an assassination battle? well the ninja, but one on one, spartan. Besides that, one of the weapons my opponent has forgotten are the most asociated with the ninjas. The throwing star, or shuriken. If that one ninja was about to attack head on with those throwing stars, the spartan would notice the rear back and ready his shield. Which incidentally, covers most of his body. And on another note once these two connect in any way, (physically) the spartan would either shield bash him, dazing him for a quick kill. Or using his trusty Kopis to gravely injure the ninja, reducing his strength, agility, and to become disoriented by the blood loss.

So in conclusion the spartan has superior strength and armor. Not to forget evenly matched in intelligence, and possibly weapons. The spartan wins.

I now leave Con to make his rebuttles and conclusions. Vote Pro?


First, I’d like to thank Con for his well thought out rebuttals to my arguments. In fairness of the debate, I will not respond to Con’s rebuttals because he will not have an opportunity to respond and really just gives me an extra round of rebuttals. I will only respond to his arguments in the previous round (2nd round) and offer my concluding arguments.

Objections to the armor argument

One of Pro’s arguments consists of the protection of the Spartan’s armor. As he cites, the Spartans wore a Corinthian style helmet, but it is important to know the limits of this protection; namely, does it leave even a little exposure to the neck area and eyes? Of course Spartans didn’t have the benefit of eye protection that would completely seal them, which means something like metsubishi powder is within range of momentarily stunning the Spartan if he corners a ninja.

One of glaring disadvantages the Spartan has is the lack of protection on the back. Although Pro reassures us that the Spartan’s shielding can account for this, I would argue that this poses a threat to the Spartan because he has the burden of wielding the shield quickly to his back before a hidden enemy like the ninja can attack with some sort of projectile like a poison dart. As I mentioned in my arguments, ninjas have a fukiya or blow gun, which is very silent. The Spartan in order to protect his exposed back region must be aware that if he somehow even hears the dart coming he can still react quickly enough to protect himself. Can the Spartan act quickly enough within that small window of time (from hearing the dart coming to turning to cover his back with that heavy shield)?

Of course there is a huge “If” component in this. That Corinthian helmet may protect the Spartan but this helmet (depending on how heavy , dense, the size, etc.) can put the Spartan’s senses at a disadvantage. Would the Spartan even be able to hear the ninja’s projectiles coming if they are behind him where he is most exposed?

Objection to the Spartan’s mentality

Pro notes early on that the reason a Spartan didn’t have much back armor was because they never retreated. Although this seems admirable and honorable, can this philosophy be its own downfall against the ninja? The ninjas did operate, at least historically, on certain honor codes; however, they were also very pragmatic. A parallel to the Spartan in Feudal Japan may have been the samurai and ninjas often defeated them while stealing their weaponry, namely carbon-steel swords which could penetrate the thickest of armor at the time(1). Like the Samurai, Spartan’s acted on a code of honor engrained into them since their tough childhood. The ninjas however have been linked with “guerrilla” warfare techniques inspired by Sun Tzu’s Art of War(2). The Spartan lifestyle may limit itself to the virtues of what a good warrior can be while the ninja thrives on deception, putting oneself in the best possible position even if a few rules have to be bent along the way.

Concluding Remarks

Although the Spartan and the ninja were perfect for what their task was, the ninja possesses more skills (espionage, stealth, trained in various deadly martial arts, among other skills) that Spartan either doesn’t have or doesn’t have as well developed as the ninja. Fundamentally, they differ in their approach to combat (the Spartan will live and die by honor, but the ninja will do whatever it takes to come out on top).

Although the Spartan strikes fear into most of his enemies, it seems like the ninja would be a formidable foe and even superior to the Spartan.

I thank Pro for proposing this creative debate and had much fun participating it. I hope to debate you again in the future. Thank you to those who took the time to read this debate.



Debate Round No. 3
13 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by douglascody000 6 years ago
Ninjas are all around the better fighter well done.
Posted by THEBOMB 6 years ago
Deadliest warrior is so inaccurate its not even funny.....they miss so much obvious stuff such as ohhh there are around 40 kinds of samauri and 20 kinds of ninja and ohh how ninja's would never engage the Spartan the way they portray....
Posted by insertname90 6 years ago
true true but the Spartan beat not only the ninja but the samurai too does anyone watch deadliest warrior?
Posted by THEBOMB 6 years ago
Some of this debate is inaccurate. A ninja would never engage a Spartan head on. They instead would use their skills in assassination to kill the Spartan before they even got close. And if it came to a battle, ninja's had been fighting one of the worlds greatest warriors, the Samurai, for centuries. Ninja's were assassins (for the most part) and guerrilla warriors meaning they would assassinate the Spartan. Never fighting where the Spartan would have any advantage.
Posted by DevonNetzley 6 years ago
thats cool, whats it like in japan?
Posted by jayden2016 6 years ago
Honestly guys ninjas are way cooler than Spartans, and therefor superior... i also lived in japan for 2 years so i would know.
Posted by THEBOMB 6 years ago
This is a pretty good debate...I'll give some errr tips after the debate's over.
Posted by DevonNetzley 6 years ago
i'll see what went wrong, and yes any tips is a great thing.
Posted by Skyhook 6 years ago
Also, if any veteran debators wanna leave advice or tips after the debate, that would be much appreciated.
Posted by Skyhook 6 years ago
Hey, could you also re-link your first source maybe in the comments. I can't seem to open it up (maybe it's my computer but I just wanted to make sure it worked).
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Vote Placed by THEBOMB 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro failed to uphold their BOP. They had to prove Spartans were superior than ninja's meaning in all cases. So Spartan > Ninja. Con successfully proved that a ninja is equal to (in most cases) if not better than a Spartan (in other cases).
Vote Placed by Buckethead31594 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I think Deadliest Warrior already gave ample evidence to prove the resolution. Nonetheless, as a Ninja, I can safely affirm that Con's arguments hold water. As for sources, Con wins hands-down. Good job to both sides for a fun debate.
Vote Placed by bcresmer 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I have always liked ninjas, and the spartans have the disadvantage of heavy armour