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Specific faith schools should be banned.

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Started: 4/24/2012 Category: Society
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I'm not saying that religion shouldn't be taught in schools, but any schools that only allow children of a certain faith should be banned.

First round for acceptance... my opponent will be for faith schools and against their banning.


I accept and want to clarify with Pro that all faith-exclusive school are private, and that no government in any Western Liberal Government funds schools that only allow children of certain faiths to enter
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks to my opponent for accepting. You are indeed correct that faith schools, those in the Western world anyway, are all privately funded. But that is not my issue here.

My argument is a very simple one, but one that I feel demands some questioning.... It's ok for schools to teach students about religion. But it is wrong to teach them religion. Meaning that an overview of different religions and how different people have different beliefs is fine. But teaching any student, even in the Middle Eastern countries, that a certain religion is "right" is completely unacceptable and should be banned.


Mate you need to make arguments to support your resolution and you haven't done that. I'll start us off.

Unless the religion they are learning is inherently bad then this resolution falls

This is for a few reasons. Since the child is going to be indoctirnated with the faith at home, religious education at school only complements this thing. This argument is based on the assertion that any religious school is focused around either Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Any child coming from a household that is religious enough to want to send them to a religious private school will be overwhelemed with religious influence no matter what, but i believe that religious influence is a good thing.

Specific faith schools don't turn kids into slobering mindless robots

If a child is going to be brain washed then that will happen before they even start going to school. But these faith schools allow children to recieve a much more nuanced approach to their religion, done by many proffesers, instead of whatever their parents want them to believe. These schools give children who come from strictly religious households a wider look at their faith.

And I ask my opponent to not just write his debate in one paragraph, and to label all his arguments and rebuttals (just a hunch)
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your advice, but I'll debate any way I want to.

Let me ask you something. Do you think that in a Christian only school, the students would be taught that God designed and created the universe?

I think it's reasonable to assume that this is the case. Now, can you tell me why they should be allowed to teach that? That is not fact. That is opinion. School is for teaching facts.

But school is also a very special time in a child's life when they can mix with other children. Children from different backgrounds, races and faiths. This is an opportunity that is denied to students of a faith school.

One final point, if it's ok with your incredible standard of debating.

Do you think it's fair that in the USA and UK, Islamic faith schools are allowed to be built, pretty much unchallenged, due to concerns of political correctness? But I wonder how far someone would get when trying to create a Christian school in a country like Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan?


Mate, I suggested format for you, not me.

You've dropped both my arguments. If you want to post your opinion there's forums for that, in a debate you need to clearly outline what you are talking about and tell us when you are dealing with what your opponent says.

If you want me to deal with your rhetorical questions then read my arguments, they talk about how faith schools help a child who has over-the-top religious parents.

You've brought two actual arguments in your last speech.

"But school is also a very special time in a child's life when they can mix with other children. Children from different backgrounds, races and faiths. This is an opportunity that is denied to students of a faith school."

This is not true. At a faith school they still meet children with varying backgrounds and races....just because you are Antarctican doesn't mean you can't be a Christian or a Muslim. But you're right in the sense that a kid at a faith school doesn't get to meet children from other religions, that's what extracurricular activities are for. There is enough diversity in a faith school that the kid will grow up wary of many demographs, pursuing friendships with kids of other religions can happen in their spare time.

" That is not fact. That is opinion. School is for teaching facts."

So English, parenting, native studies, drama, art, music, and band, should be outlawed? Everything taught in school except math is an opinion and an interpretation....oh wait even math isn't just fact, Einsteins theories are being proven incorrect to this day...
Debate Round No. 3


There's a big difference between teaching music and drama and teaching kids that the world was created in 6 days. Even you will have to admit that, I think. Music, Drama, Maths and English are subjects with real world applications, but teaching that Jesus turned some water into wine is laughable. How could that (wrong) information help in a child's later life? It's incredibly obvious to someone with any basic scientific knowledge that this is impossible.

In Muslim schools, I'm fairly certain that students will be taught that whatever it says it the Quran is right and everything else is wrong.

I'm simply making the point that schools should teach the same things to everyone. It's not right for certain fundamental principals to go ignored and certain falsities to be taught as facts.

I'd also like to add, that you are incredibly rude. I'm trying to question a really sensitive issue here, but you seem more concerned with correcting my debating technique.


Alright so there's nothing left for me to say.

I'm sorry for my disgusting behaviour, who am I, as the person who has to analyse what you say and discuss it, tell you how to be more coherent when you are failing miserably at communicating any sort of idea to me.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by outwoodacademyportland 4 years ago
I completely disagree with faith schools. I think they are wrong because it removes freedom from people and they do not teach about evolution and other scientific ideas.
Posted by zang 6 years ago
The whole teaching facts is pretty much invalid when it comes to science. my point being is that science is constantly changing whereas it was a "fact" that earth was flat this was later disproven.
Posted by dan564891 6 years ago
That's the whole point of the debate... to try and determine whether or not it matters.
Posted by martianshark 6 years ago
I still don't see why it matters. If a religion wants a school for their religion only, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to. But I since don't have very many arguments besides that, and I don't know much about UK law, I'm not going to accept.
Posted by ConservativePolitico 6 years ago
They're private institutions so they can do that if they want.
Posted by thejmanjman 6 years ago
I agree. So I cannot debate.
Posted by dan564891 6 years ago
It does exist. I can only speak for schools I have seen here in the UK but it does exist all over the world. Muslim only school, Roman Catholic schools, Jewish schools.... my whole argument is that religion should be separated from not only government, but also education. Education is for facts only, not for beliefs.
Posted by martianshark 6 years ago
Does that even exist? As far as I know, most faiths are happy to accept people outside of their faith in hopes that they will eventually convert. Also, why would anyone care? If someone isn't part of that religion, they wouldn't want to join that school anyway.
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