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Speed bumps should be installed in the sky to slow down planes.

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Started: 12/7/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Whenever I attach paper wings onto my bicycle through the use of cellotape and start flying into the air, I always find that I almost get hit by a speeding plane. Despite the fact that I have let go of at least five balloons designed to look like a road sign that says "20" on it over the years, these pesky planes still seem to not have got the message.

Air traffic is a much bigger problem than regular traffic for two very important reasons. The first is that you can't just stop in the sky because if you do, you fall down. The second is that the people who are rich enough to travel in the air are much posher, ergo their lives are much (x3) important.

But it's not just speeding planes that annoy me whilst I'm in the air. These are the over things that wind me up:

- Birds that dive in hoping to snatch some of the snacks that I hide in my helmet
- Clouds in general
- The Sun (sometimes when I get lost and find myself in the face of the sun, it can get a bit hot)
- Balloons people let go of (every balloon that someone in the world lets go of eventually pops in my face)

Seeing as my trips usually last over half a day, when you consider how many active planes there are at one time [1] and how many of them are likely to be speeding (100%), you can't really help but be on my side.

Thank you.




1) As planes fly through the air, they touch nothing solid during flight. Ergo, they cannot go over a speed "bump" making the resolution meaningless as it is something that cannot be done.

2) Air traffic is strictly controlled by air corridors which regulate planes to certain lanes during flight. Since air traffic is so tightly regulated by air traffic controllers speeding is not a problem and therefore does not require speed bumps. If you are in an air corridor without permission you do not have the right of way and cannot complain about dangerous air traffic.

3) Pro gives no concrete reasons or methods as to why or how these speed bumps should be installed or used.

4) The sheer volume of airspace makes any type of "speed bump" nearly inconceivable as a plane could fly around, over, under etc any type of obstacle they encounter. Perks of flying.

Therefore, speed bumps for planes are both unneeded, stupid, and impossible.

Vote Con and put a stop to such foolish debates.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello, Con! Thank you for joining me in this debate.

Refutations and salutations

Part 1: The salutations

Hello, Con!

Part 2: The refutations

1) Planes can go over a speed bump. If you put them at the right height the plane is supposed to be at so the plane gently skims over them, they should work. Making them go at the right height is very important as when I'm not in flight with my bicycle, I'm on the ground like any other animal on Earth and quite often a plane will be going so low it will hit me. Usually whilst I'm in the workplace.

i get hit on the noggin. ow!

Either that, it goes so high that it drifts off into space never to be seen again. So, the speed bumps will ensure that planes are flying at the right height because the planes will look out for them and make sure to go over them.

2) But I'm not just talking about me, I'm saving birds and clouds too!

3) That's an easy one. There's lots of ways to install them:

i. Attach a long pole near to the top of the eiffel tower and put a speed bump on top of said pole. (This isn't the best way)

ii. Coat each speed bump with a fine layer of Osmium (the toughest metal known to man) [1] (this will happen beforehand in every method), and fit every speed bump with an interior motor, viable to contact wirelessly and send surges of energy. This will be a renewable energy source, something like solar or wind (this step will also happen beforehand in every method). This should be possible since scientists have been able (since 2012) to teleport photons of light [2]. This, in essence, is what solar power is. So, we know exactly how they'll work, now all we need to do is know how to install them. A way to do this is attach a load of helium balloons to the speed bump in the place with the same x coordinate as the lpace where the speed bump needs to go. Then, through live satellite coverage, we alter the energy in such a way that leaves the speed bump stationary (this should be possible considering we can already extract energy from light) [3]. Here is a diagram to help explain:

'Speed Bumps for planes' diagram

4) What we do here is make not going over (the way a car goes over a speed bump, obviously) a speed bump in the air illegal, add a sensor in/around the speed bump and make a note of all flights currently active and the pilot on each plane (via computer), and then any plane who doesn't pass over the speed bump as it should will have its pilot punished for breaking the law.

Thank you.



ConservativePolitico forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by KingDebater 3 years ago
@vincitomniaveritas You're just jealous.
Posted by vincitomniaveritas 3 years ago
This is stupid... Firstly, the speed bumps are useless as (1) the planes could easily dodge them and (2) planes, unlike cars, do not have wheels, and therefore the bottom of the plane would be damaged, putting the lives of dozens of humans at risk. It'd also create a bumpy ride, which is not desirable on any level, and wouldn't even fulfil it's purpose of slowing the aircraft down.
Also, there is an (apparent) shortage of helium on this planet, and to use it for this would be a big waste (let alone the fact that helium balloons would not be reliable, helium <i> does </i> dry up).
This debate is seriously pathetic.
Posted by A_Flying_Toaster 3 years ago
This debate is just a stupid waste of time for everyone.
Posted by MadisonMichelle 3 years ago
There are plenty other well thought out debates. Better then this one. And your user name? No wonder you find it tasteful.
Posted by MassiveDump 3 years ago
@Madison this debate is actually quite tasteful compared to others. You ought to appreciate it.
Posted by OtakuJordan 3 years ago
The people on this site need to evolve a sense of humor.
Posted by eyeballsac 3 years ago
So how exactly is anyone supposed to participate?
Posted by A_Flying_Toaster 3 years ago
True that.
Posted by MadisonMichelle 3 years ago
How do you plan to put speed bumps in the air? Senseless debates like this ought to be banned.
Posted by A_Flying_Toaster 3 years ago
So you just silence other people because you know your argument is flawed?
It's nice that you are honest about it, at least.
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